Mind Lab Pro is a Universal Nootropic: A Review

Mind Lab Pro Reviews and Results:


I have heard of Multi Lab Pro as an effective nootropic brain booster, and the buzz has become so loud that I just had to check it out finally. I did my research, and I found out that the manufacturer (Opti-Nutra) is based in the UK. So at least we know that it’s not made in a country where quality control is merely a “suggestion”. Also, there weren’t any news alerts or reports of serious side effects, so I thought it was safe to at least try out.

The Ingredients and Their Benefits

The first thing you need to know about Multi Lab Pro (MLP) is that it doesn’t contain any additives or stimulants. It only contains natural and plant-derived ingredients instead. This makes it safer and gentler, and it doesn’t cause side effects.

Next, you also need to keep in mind that it contains not just 1 active ingredient. It actually has 11 of them. What’s more, they all function and help in different ways. That’s why MLP is a universal nootropic. It’s a complete formula that boosts your cognitive function in just about every way possible.

Final, you may notice on the label that Opti-Nutra doesn’t believe in that “proprietary formula” system of not disclosing the actual dosage of each ingredient. Here you find out just much of each ingredient you get. Basically, for each 2-capsule serving you get a “good enough” dosage. With 4 capsules, the dosage is up to clinical range.

Here’s a quick look at the ingredients:

  1. It improves your mood and your sleep cycle. It helps to protect the blood vessel linings in your brain, along with the nerve fibers in the cells in your body and brain.
  2. This is a crucial factor in the synthesis of important neurotransmitters. Studies have shown that not having enough B12 can lead to bad moods and cognitive decline. Like B6, you may be deficient in B12.
  3. Citicoline. This improves your focus, learning, and memory. You’re also able to enhance your logical reasoning.
  4. Bacopa Monnieri. It boosts your recall, while it shortens the time you need to learn something. Your focus and alertness also improves.
  5. Lion’s Mane Mushroom. It’s probably the only known mushroom that’s able to support brain health. It allows for better memory formation, and it even helps regulate your cholesterol level and blood sugar.
  6. This optimizes your neuroreceptors and improves brain cell maintenance and repairs. It enhances your attention and memory, and boosts cognitive accuracy and processing speed.
  7. This is an antioxidant that protects your brain cells from stress, and it also protects the blood supply to your brain. This is designed to help fight off cognitive decline as you get older.
  8. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine. This is an amino acid that’s vital for the synthesis of important neurotransmitters. It helps your memory when you’re multi-tasking, so you’re not as confused about what to do at any moment. Also, it helps you to think more clearly when you’re tired, stressed out, or haven’t had enough sleep.
  9. L-Theanine. This boosts your alpha brain waves that are linked with mental relaxation and improved creativity. It boosts your focus and alertness to help you study, learn, and solve problems.
  10. Rhodiola Rosea. This enhances your mood by affecting the “feel good” chemicals in your brain. This also helps you think more clearly even when you’re stressed.
  11. This boosts the blood flow to your brain, so you get enough oxygen. This helps maintain your concentration and improve your memory.

What Are the Actual Effects?

Not even Mind Lab Pro can guarantee that it will affect everyone the same way. That’s just not possible; it’s a fact that medicines, supplements, and food will affect people differently. However, this has been designed to make sure that it will help a huge number of the people who take it.

When I first took this with 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast, there wasn’t really any dramatic improvement or change. That’s just natural. After all, it’s not a fast-acting drug like cocaine or marijuana (or even whiskey).

The effects and improvements are gradual, like how your hair grows longer every day. But just like when you turn and find out that your hair now reaches your shoulders, you may also find that your mind now works much better.

For me, it was not so much the abstract improvements like “enhanced memory” or “better focus”. It was actually more objective than that because I noticed that I was able to do more work in a day. I was able to get along more with people at work and at social events, and even my gym workouts improved too.

  • At work on days that’s reserved for paperwork, I noticed that I was able to complete more reports nowadays compared to what I was able to do before I took MLP.
  • When I had to do presentations for meetings, I was able to study and prepare for it better. I was calmer during the presentations, and I was able to answer questions without getting flustered. At special times like these, I just double the dose at 4 capsules so that I’m doubly confident.
  • It also helps at social gathering and parties. I was able to remember the names of people I’ve met before, and I’m better able to recall the names and faces of the new people I meet.
  • Also, I feel more relaxed during parties. I’m able to speak more fluently, without peppering my speech with words like “um” and “you know” when I’m mentally searching for the right words to use.
  • When I work out at the gym, I’m able to focus more on my exercises so that I can get a better form. I’m also more motivated and I don’t give up so easily on reps.
  • My basketball game has also improved, at least for the mental aspects of the game. I’m able to coordinate with the right plays with my teammates, and I make better decisions regarding my passes and my shot selection. Now it’s much clearer to me that I’m no Steph Curry, and 35-foot shots are definitely not in my arsenal!
  • Even my video game performance has improved. I’m just a casual gamer, but I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to “die” as quickly this time. Also, since I’m more relaxed I’m less prone to throw my controller in frustration!
  • I’ve also noticed that my coffee intake has lessened. Mind Lab Pro doesn’t contain any sort of stimulant, but I need my jot of caffeine in the morning. It’s not a problem taking MLP with my cup of java in the morning.

But I’ve noticed that in the office, I don’t really need more coffee during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon periods. These are usually the time when I need a pick-me-up, but now at these times I still feel alert. I only drink coffee after lunch, since a full meal tends to make me drowsy and the caffeine helps to wake me up.

  • I haven’t noticed side effects of any sort, but then I suppose that’s to be expected with MLP’s botanical and natural ingredients. They’re very gentle, unlike harsh synthetic chemicals that were made in a lab.
  • I cycle MLP, but many others don’t and they don’t report any negative aspects. As for me, I tend to follow directions so that there’s no aimless finger-pointing when something doesn’t work. I take it only during weekdays as it’s a lot more helpful at work, and I rest on weekends. This keeps me from building a tolerance to the supplement so that I’ll need to take more of it to get the full effects.

Mind Lab Pro does promise long term benefits such as helping to prevent the onset of age-related cognitive regression, but I’m not at that stage yet. But basically, this is now the only nootropic I take. There’s no need to stack it with other brain boosters because with its 11 ingredients and various cognitive benefits, Mind Lab Pro is effectively a stack of nootropics anyway.


Perhaps the only “negative” aspect of Mind Lab Pro is that you can only get it from their official website. You can’t buy it from Amazon, because the fellows at Opti-Nutra don’t want their product associated with the other “shady” supplements available at that site. It’s also not available from other sellers who may have wanted to offer it as a discount as a sort of marketing ploy. I guess Opti-Nutra wants to make sure you’re getting the real stuff, because other sellers may not be all that reputable.

But Mind Lab Pro is highly recommended. The price is reasonable, and more so when you take into account that for most people there’s no need to stack this with other brain boosters. It’s perfectly safe, and it really does work. You get a lot for your money, and your whole life improves when you’re able to think more clearly.

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