Methyl Andro Review- Might “Insane Testosterone” Work for you?

Methyl Andro PMD Review:Testosterone is a man’s fuel. It gives us the drive we need to make it and compete in the world, maintain our strength, energy and vitality. When it comes to testosterone boosters, it’s important to pick a brand that is going to give us the results we desire without unwanted side effects…

Methyl Andro is a 4-in-1 proprietary blend that includes a very long list of T boosting ingredients, and claims to be an “Insane Testosterone Amplifier. It is part of a sports nutrition product line put out by Professional Muscular Development (PMD). The product line is put out by Omaha, Nebraska-based FitLife Brands; they’ve been in the game a long time and have a lot of products on the market for all kinds of different results.

Reviews and Results – Crazy Pricing? 

There isn’t a lot out there on the boards, or Amazon, or even the company’s website. In fact we couldn’t find one review of the product, good or bad. Many of the different websites that were carrying Methyl Andro are no longer even distributing it any longer.

Ben of TestosteroneJunkie says : “the most beastly part of this concoction is the hefty price tag of $119.99. That’s like paying $1000 for a inflatable dinghy full of holes.” adds that “if we do not know how much of each ingredient is in the mix, we have no idea just how effective ( if at all) this supplement could be…” and “at $119.99 for a month supply, it’s one of the most expensive t-boosters ever.”

Other than that, it appears the web has gone quite silent on this product. In fact, GNC doesn’t even appear to have it stocked on their website anymore. When you search for the product, you are redirected to Z-Test (also made by PMD). In fact PMD at one point had released Flex Stack, a combination of Methyl Andro and Z-Test, but now it seems to be replaced with Test600.

Under the Hood: Ingredients and Formula

Overall this product aims at increasing libido, boosting available testosterone in the body, and limiting estrogen production in the body. Methyl Andro is primarily built up of four of PMD’s proprietary blends: Andro TEST Blend, Neuro/Liver PROTECT Blend, Muscle GROWTH Blend, and Pro-Estro SUPPRESS Blend.

Antro Test blend is primarily made up of Fenugreek seed extract. This ingredient and the rest in the blend focus on improving hormone function and increasing libido. Fenugreek can be effective, but we prefer it to be combined with more key ingredients like zinc and D aspartic acid. 

Muscle GROWTH Blend is mostly made up of Tribulus Terrestris. Known to increase male libido and sexual performance. It is used as a main ingredient in a number of other testosterone boosting formulas on the market, but evidence has shown often that it is ineffective. The rest of the ingredients aren’t famous for increasing testosterone either, though there is some evidence that Avena Sativa can improve free testosterone.

Pro-Estro SUPPRESS Blend is quite a blend of almost 10 different ingredients, most of which have anti-estrogen effects on the body, and increase available testosterone.

Neuro/Liver PROTECT Blend is a mix of milk thistle, ginger root, Magnesium Aspartate and Trimethyl all show some evidence of increasing testosterone in the body.

Does Methyl Andro have side effects and risks? 

There are a lot of exotic ingredients in Methyl Andro, and they may also rely too much on ancient tradition, instead of laboratory testing.

Is it safe or not?

Methyl Andro is an “anabolic activator” that aims to boost testosterone availability in the body, block the production of estrogen, increase energy, and improve muscle building. Ingredients are in such low dosages, it is unlikely the above side effects will occur, making it pretty safe.

So what’s the Verdict?

Not Good:  Some ingredients are beneficial in helping the body to produce and absorb testosterone, and others have been shown to block estrogen and increase health and improve gains. Larger dosages of less ingredients would be better.

Lots of ingredients in the blend, but the amounts are so small, you may not see any benefits. The blend could be more efficient by using less ingredients and focusing on a small list that guarantees an increase testosterone.

The price tag is ridiculous! $119 is actually DOUBLE the price of an already premium priced booster on the market, and we didn’t find any reason that PMR’s blends had superior quality for ingredients, or any other factor to rationalize the extra cost. You really should try something better, or sane!

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