Metabolic Diet Testoboost Review – Too Much of the same Rubbish

Metabolic Diet Testoboost Review:

3 and a half out of 5

With hundreds of boosters on the market, sometimes products have similar names. In a few cases, they even have the same name! And that’s why we need to point out that the Testoboost by Metabolic Diet is different than Niwali’s Testoboost.

Testoboost Ingredients 

There is some similarities, such as that they’re both designed to boost testosterone levels naturally. The Metabolic Diet version also contains ingredients found in the Niwali version. These include longjack, deer antler extract, and zinc.

Clone wars:  The problem, however, is that its 5333mg of TestoBoost Formula, which contains the deer antler, saw palmetto, and stinging nettle ingredients, is a proprietary formula. That means it’s a secret formula, and so we don’t really know the precise dosage of these ingredients. So they can contain minuscule amounts just so they can boast of these ingredients. To many formulas have these “secret secret” sad qualities.

Also- velvet deer antler is very unreliable for most health benefits.

Testoboost Side Effects

One thing good about proprietary formuals that are weak – they usually have less side effects  ; p

We tested this for about 3 months- and honestly can’t be 100% sure, but if we had to guess we’d say this formula is low to zero risk.

Testoboost Results

We found this stuff does have some good effects – but it is likely underdosed in many respects. It has a BIG range of potentially good ingredients, but its highly unlike the dosages are strong or accurate.

For example: Its great that this has foundational testosterone ingredients like zinc and boron. But the zinc compound of “Optizinc” is low at 10mg -(actual zinc content is probably around 6mg)

And it has about 5.3 grams of undisclosed proprietary formula; with potentially good ingredients like L Carnitine (health support and recovery), Arginine (libido, circulation), Forskolin (weight loss, testosterone), Eurycoma Longjack (libido, stamina), and Suma sterone (strength, stamina). But L carnitine and arginine ALONE for example, are best dosed in several grams EACH, for each ingredient alone. Like we said, likely weak and under dosed.

Prices and Where to buy

Some online stores like carry this, but its not widely available (not on Amazon). Prices also tend to be a bit steep, round $60 with few or no bulk discounts from what we’ve seen.


Metabolic Diet Testoboost has some good effects, but we think you could do better.

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