Mental Mojo Buying Guide: Is This the Brain Booster You Need?

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Mental Mojo Buying Guide:

Students, chess grandmasters, poker players, and people whose jobs involve less manual labor and more mental work all need help when it comes to boosting their brain power. When there’s a special exam or chess tournament, or a crucial work project to be done then a generic daily supplement just won’t do.

Of course, for many people a steaming cup of coffee is just what’s needed. But many are sensitive to caffeine and get jittery and sleepless instead. Besides, sometimes there’s a test or task that’s especially crucial and coffee just won’t cut it. For these cases, Mental Mojo may be the answer.

What is Mental Mojo?

Mental Mojo is a brain booster in powder form. It’s available in several fruity flavors, and you drink it when there’s a special need for greater brain power. It is not something you take daily to supplement your meals so you get nutrients that keep your brain healthy. Instead, this is a special drink that instantly gives you that cognitive edge you need when you’re studying, competing, or working on special projects at work.

It works by using ingredients that help your brain out in various ways. It improves various cognitive functions, like your focus, memory, mental endurance, and logical thinking. It also fights off stress and elevates your mood so you can think more clearly.


A personal review on gives it top marks. In fact, there’s even an A+ right there at the end. The reviewer marveled at the almost instantaneous clarity it brings when you drink the formula. He was able to focus better and ignore distractions, and even after an hour of drinking Mental Mojo he still felt creative and focused.

He also noted that his working memory improved, he was motivated for training, and he also felt better about upcoming busy schedules. He noted that the effect isn’t so much like the laser focus offered by coffee, but more like the relaxed state of mind that’s great for creativity. That’s why it can be very effective for various creative pursuits, including brainstorming and speaking.

On the other hand, the review at isn’t quite as impressed with it. That’s because the use of the proprietary blend means that you’re never sure that each ingredient comes in its optimal amount. If it’s not enough, then that particular ingredient is useless. But if there’s too much of a particular ingredient, it can cause side effects.


The user reviews on to see buying options and reviews) show an average rating of just 3.9 stars. However, that’s because 80% of the reviews give it 5-stars, while 11% (about 1 in 9) give it 1 star.

  • Mental Mojo is magic.” Lentil1, verified purchase,
  • Most of these positive reviews are pretty accurate—this stuff’s the real deal. It’s a bit cheaper than a Starbucks habit and doesn’t taste like liquid candy, but getting my mornings back makes it more than worth it.” Daniel Greenberg, verified purchase,
  • I did not notice any significant benefit from it. I get more effect from a Starbucks coffee.” Jim, verified purchase,


On the main Mental Mojo website, there are numerous studies cited that justifies the inclusion of each ingredient in the brain booster formula. These ingredients help improve cognitive functions, while it also fights off age-related cognitive decline. It also boosts your mood and relaxes you against stress.

However, you don’t know how much of each ingredient you get. It uses a secret proprietary blend, so you can only hope that you get enough of each ingredient.

Where to Buy

While it may be found in various online retail sites, its availability there isn’t always sure. In fact, as of this writing it’s unavailable on here to see buying options on Amazon). But it’s always available at the official Mental Mojo website.

You can buy a box with 10 “sticks” (sachets) of Mental Mojo for $29.99, regardless of whether you pick the Kiwi Strawberry or Fruit Punch flavor. However, the more you buy at one time, the price for each box goes down. Buy 2 and it is $49.98 which means each box costs $24.99. Buy 5, and price is $100 or $20 each.

It’s also available in monthly supplies of 3 boxes with 10 sticks each. Pick either flavor and the price is $27.49 per box. Get two monthly supplies for each month (which makes sense when you’re buying for two people) and the price is $45.99 per month. Supplies for 3 months at once cost just $59.99 a month.

You can also buy one box of each flavor per month, and this combo pack costs $45.99 a month. Get 2 combo packs per month and the cost is only $79.99 a month.


Mental Mojo does seem like a good bet, but it is still a gamble. You always trust to luck when you use a proprietary blend, because you can’t check for yourself if the amount for each ingredient is sufficient. If that sort of uncertainty isn’t your style, then you’re better off with a nootropic that clearly shows the dosage for each ingredient in the label.

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