Testoboost Pro Reviews: Pro or Slut?? Results+Ingredients Breakdown!

Testoboost Pro Review:


The Good: Ooo tough call. Pretty bad. Some potentially good ingredients.

The Bad: Deceiving sales practices, a lack of many foundational testosterone ingredients. Proprietary concealed formula.

Overview: Male Testoboost Pro is somewhat shady, relying on outdated marketing, fake review sites, and promising the world — all from a supplement that is severely lacking in proven and accepted testosterone and libido supporters. However, there are some redeeming factors in play.


If you didn’t already know, the male body’s testosterone production starts to slow down when it reaches its 30’s. Before you know it, you’re waking up tired even after a full night’s rest, your sexual drive isn’t what it used to be, and your overall physical performance is slipping.Testosterone Booster For Ripped Muscles

The solution may seem easy enough: you need to restore your testosterone to a normal level by taking something that will encourage or facilitate just that. If steroids aren’t your thing, your only other option is finding an effective natural supplement that contains proven ingredients.

Now, these ingredients are out there, but they key is finding a supplement that not only has the right balance of ingredients, but the right dosage as well. This is where it goes wrong for many supplements. Its also important to mention that just because an ingredient boosts sex drive, it doesn’t automatically mean it’ll boost testosterone.

Male Testoboost Pro decided that they’d rather put together a few well-done websites that feature ripped dudes holding chains, looking tough, and women who just seem to fall from the sky and right into your bed. Throw in a few graphic charts and lofty promises of “being a SUPREME alpha-male and getting ripped,” and, well, you’ve already won the image battle.

Their main site does feature some good information about how testosterone works. They discuss why steroids are risky, and how natural supplements are intended to “restore” your testosterone levels, rather than boost them through the roof to some superhuman level, causing you to conquer everything in your path and smash the world to bits with just your rock hard pecs.

They then top that off with an enticing deal of paying only for shipping when you order your “free” bottle, only to end up still being charged around $80 in the fine print after a few weeks. Not the most wholesome marketing you’ll come across.False Marketing

But enough about that. Supplements are all about the ingredients, so let’s go over what they actually got right — and wrong.

What They Get Right

Although most of the ingredients in Male Testoboost Pro are rather ineffective, there are some worth mentioning.

Legit Ingredients

  • Saw Palmetto: This is one of the more widely accepted herbal treatments you’ll encounter, even though its results tend to be somewhat erratic. Saw Palmetto is most often prescribed to treat enlarged prostates, but it can sometimes also help boost sex drive and libido. Including it in a supplement isn’t the worst thing.
  • Horny Goat Weed: Yes, horny goat weed is a thing, and it actually works for increasing libido, and even erectile dysfunction. Male Testoboost Pro is 2/2 so far in the libido area.
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate: Boron has become increasingly popular as a natural testosterone support ingredient, and one that you’ll find in many reputable testosterone supplements.
Ingredients of Male Boost
  • Tongkat Ali: Testoboost Pro really harps on including this in their supplement, and they have good reason for doing so. Long used as a natural treatment for male infertility, tongkat ali is proving to be effective for testosterone support as well.
  • Nettle Root: See above.

What They Got Wrong

Besides their deceiving marketing and fake review sites, Testoboost Pro has some unproven ingredients as well. Wild yam root and sarsaparilla root have been studied with much scrutiny from the medical community, with non-existent or inconclusive results.

But the non-disclosure of ingredient amounts is the worst. Just because a supplement has an ingredient doesn’t mean it has an effective amount.

  • False Marketing
  • “Shady” Ingredients as wild yam root and sarsaparilla.
  • Big promises but lack of proven results
  • Confusing/deceiving payment policy


Dosage is fairly simple and easy; 1-2 pills before each workout. Hard to beat that.


Despite the long list of miscues, Testoboost Pro does have a few things going for it. Unfortunately, the lack of dosage amounts, and the confusing/deceiving payment policy really works against it. Although it may be worth checking out for yourself, there are plenty of other supplements out there that are much more upfront on all levels.

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