Low Testosterone And ICD 9- Do You Need A Checkup?

Low Testosterone and ICD 9

If you are bodybuilding and not making very much progress, it could be because there is an underlying problem with the way your body works. No two people are the same. Our bodies all work in slightly different ways. Some people never get colds while others are rarely free of them.overweight-biker-non-copy

The same is true with muscle building. Some men will put muscle on easily others will have to work harder to do so. Many men find it easier to achieve results on one part of their body than another. Different progress rates are normal. However, if you are working hard and not making much progress we recommend that you have your testosterone levels checked.

There is no point in taking over the counter low testosterone supplements if you have an underlying health issue that is keeping your testosterone levels low. Boosters will help, but not enough to make a significant difference to your muscle building efforts.

Therefore, if you have the symptoms of low testosterone we recommend that you see your doctor. He or she can arrange a panel of tests for you. For information, the billable medical code for icd 9 low testosterone is 257.2.

If you do have low testosterone natural treatment options can be included in the mix of approaches used to tackle the issue. In addition, it is likely that you will be encouraged to make changes to your diet and lifestyle. You are likely to be prescribed an ISO-test pro-testosterone booster for a short period.

Why Treating Low Testosterone is Important

Low testosterone is an issue that is affecting more and more men and at a younger age. Yet few men are aware of the issue and how bad having low testosterone can be for their general health. In the long term, it can lead to depression, a slowing metabolism, heart problems and brittle bones.

For this reason, every man, not just bodybuilders, needs to understand the symptoms, and look out for them.

The Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Here are the symptoms you should be looking out for:

Difficulty getting an erection

A lack of libido

Feeling exhausted for no apparent reason

Difficulty putting on muscle

A tendency to put on weight faster than normal

If you have any of these symptoms, it really is worth having your testosterone levels checked. Once you have gotten your levels back to normal levels with prescription testosterone you can consider boosting your levels even more. However, if your testosterone levels are clinically low or you are on medication you should double check with your doctor before taking low testosterone natural remedies. This will ensure that there are no conflicts or heightened risk of side effects.

On this site, we cover the full range of low testosterone remedies. Our aim is to help you to find the best FDA approved testosterone supplements and use them safely to boost your body building efforts.

Tips for Finding and Buying the Best

Over the past decade, or so, progress has been made in the area of muscle building supplements. This is great because it means that there is plenty of choice. However, having so much choice can be confusing – what can you do?

Buy from a Reputable Firm

The first tip is to buy all of your supplements from well-established firms that have good reputations. If you do this, you will be able to avoid buying from those that make fake supplements. This approach will ensure that you will not end up taking products that contain very little active ingredients and may contain potentially dangerous fillers.

Do your Research before Buying

The better informed you are the better your chance of finding and buying the right testosterone booster for you. Which product is right for you is dependent on your age, current fitness levels and your muscle building goals.

There is plenty of good information out there. Much of it our researchers have found and included on this site, so this is a good starting point. However, you should also speak to other body builders about the supplements they use or have used.

Monitor the Effect of the Supplement

When adding a new supplement to your training routine it makes sense to monitor the impact it is having. That way you can be sure that the new supplement you are taking is having the desired effect.

You are probably already mapping your progress, so all you need to do is to note any changes that you can attribute to the testosterone-boosting supplement. If that particular booster is not giving you the desired results you can switch to another type.

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