How to Lose Your Dad Bod- Fast, Belly Off!

What’s the best way to get rid of that Dad Bod??

The dad bod physique happens to a lot guys, and if you’re one of them then you’re probably wondering about how to lose your dad bod fast. In their 20s, plenty of guys try to maintain their strength and physique through workouts and sports, but that tends to change over time. Once they get into their 30s, they become softer and fudgier, and more fat appears as their muscles vanish.

For most guys, the fat is part of their being overweight, and some may even be obese. Others are called skinny fat, when they’re too slim and yet they don’t have the muscles to be strong and healthy. It’s not really a very attractive look, and it’s not all that healthy either. However, you can improve upon your physique if you really want to. In fact, if you don’t have a dad bod yet, then you can even do something to keep it from happening.

Dad Bod Prevention

If you’re still oaky with your body, then perhaps you can keep the dreaded dad bod from taking over. Here are a few quick tips on what to do.

  • You’re drinking a lot of beer. Beer has lots of calories that become fat in your belly. But even hard liquor is obviously not good for you either. If you have to drink, do so infrequently and very moderately. One major problem with booze is that you tend to end up with food cravings when you’re tipsy.
  • Devote enough time to workouts. You need to lift weights at least 3 times a week to maintain your muscles, and perhaps a bit of cardio can help. Just don’t overdo your cardio exercises, since it often results in losing muscle. Also exercise at the same time each day to help you get used to your workout habit.
  • Also keep on moving around. Lots of older guys tend to vegetate on the couch or their favorite La-Z-Boy Chair. Trying walking around more instead and schedule “stand up” breaks in your office every half hour. If you’re going up a building to the 4th floor, you may want to consider using the stairs instead of the elevator. Ride a bike to a local shop instead of driving.
  • You need proper nutrition. Talk to your doctor or do some proper research on what you need to eat and how many calories you have to consume each day. Aside from eating enough fruits and veggies, you need healthy fats too. Eat fresh food instead of processed crap.
  • Treat yourself to a single treat on your weekends. This can be a burger, a slice of pizza, a donut, or a beer. It’s great to take a break from your diet every now and then. Just don’t go overboard.
  • Not getting enough sleep is also a problem. Aside from the other health and safety issues, cutting your normal sleeping hours by just 30 minutes a day for a whole year can increase your risk of obesity by a whopping 17%.
  • Try to make sure you manage your stress properly. You can learn calming exercises during the day, and you can distress with a nice camping trip on the weekend. A massage can do wonders too. Being unable to manage your stress is just bad for your health, plus it tends to make you crave carbs and sugary confections.

Try to keep all these measures in mind and practice them diligently. If you already have a dad bod, these recommendations aren’t useless either. You can get back the proper body you ought to have, and then you can do these things to keep you from going back to your dad bod. In fact, some of these measures can help you even if you already have a dad bod.

You can practice them after a great jumpstarting diet, such as a diet devised by noted nutritionists like Brian Flatt. You can read any 2-Week Diet review and see that it works well enough.

Top Tips for Losing the Dad Bod Quickly

Some experts tend to recommend a rather high-handed approach to regaining your proper physique, but often they fail to acknowledge the reality of a person’s situation. It doesn’t really make sense to suggest hardcore workouts for busy dads, since it’s the lack of time in their schedule that’s one of the main causes of the problem.  Even stay at home dads have problems fitting their workouts into their busy schedules.

Instead, here are more realistic tips on how you can improve your dad bod:

  • Start with being more active. You should aim to be very active for 2.5 hours a week. That means exercising hard with weights and some hard sprinting for half an hour 5 times a week. You need to foster a healthy appreciation for an active lifestyle, so you can get out of the couch and the office chair more often.
  • Play more with your kids. Plenty of dads blame their kids for their lack of time to workout, but you can use their presence to actually be more active. Very young kids don’t need much to be amused, and you can always play with them. Run when they like to run in the park, and let them call you “horsy” when you’re on all fours and getting ridden.

As they get older, join them for games like baseball and basketball. Enjoy these times not just as workout moments, but also as bonding opportunities that can really forge a deeper relationship with your kids.

  • Never skip meals. Skipping a meal may seem like an obvious option since you keep yourself from consuming calories, but it’s not actually sensible. If you’re too busy, you still need to guard against missing a meal because of the lack of time. Skipping a meal can leave you feeling fatigued and unable to be active. When you get to your next meal, you’ll also tend to overcompensate by eating too much.
  • Breakfast is also another meal you don’t want to miss. You should have eggs, as protein is a good way to start the day. It’s been found that, taking both the active and the sedentary into consideration, you’ll do much better if you eat a lot for breakfast. The people who consume 22 to 55 percent of their total daily calories at breakfast gain only an average of 1.7 pounds over the span of 4 years. The ones who missed breakfast or consumed only up to 11% of their daily calorie intake during breakfast gained almost 3 times as many pounds.
  • Add some healthy snacks You may want to do this if you wish to keep your main meal portions small. You should prepare these healthy snacks on hand so you’re not tempted to eat something unhealthy like a donut or an Oreo. Snacks like whole grain crackers, a packet of nuts, carrot sticks, or a hardboiled egg. A snack like this can boost your energy quickly, keep you from getting too hungry for your next full meal, and perhaps even help with your blood sugar levels.
  • Don’t even think about finishing your kids’ leftovers. This is a tempting option since as a parent you often don’t want to see food wasted. You also don’t think that a little bit of macaroni and cheese, or a slice of pizza is all that bad. But these things can add up to an extra 100 calories to your daily diet. That may not seem all that much, until you realize that it can result in adding 10 pounds to your weight in a year.
  • Home-cooked meals are always best, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on eating out. Dining out with the family is a great way to share experiences, especially with kids. Just do it right.

This means you pass on the bread and butter, as those will add hundreds of calories right away. Instead of getting an entrée for yourself, share it with another person or get an appetizer instead. If you insist on dessert, share one with another person and limit yourself to 3 small bites.

  • Make sure you get enough sleep For the most part, this means getting within 7 to 8 hours a night. If you’re already used to sleeping late now, try to adjust your sleeping hour by 30 to 60 minutes earlier every few days until you can sleep by 10PM. That gives you enough time to sleep until 6AM.
  • Try to avoid alcohol too. The more realistic option is to limit your intake to 2 or 3 bottles on the weekends, and it should a low-cal beer as well. A single shot of whiskey is probably a better alternative too.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate as well. Water doesn’t have calories, and it helps you to exercise. You should also avoid water substitutes like soda and fruit juices, as these contain too much sugar.

As you can see, you don’t really need to expend superhuman efforts to change back from your dad bod physique. You just need to be mindful, and with a little bit of determination you can get rid of the excess fat you’ve managed to accumulate over the years!

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