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There’s no doubting the cat that comparatively speaking, Leptigen is expensive. That’s certainly an accurate description of the price whenever the price of a month’s supply goes past 3 figures.

But from a certain point of view, even an expensive supplement is a bargain compared to the medical cost of treating the conditions that can be caused by obesity. It’s also still a bargain when you compare it to the expense of liposuction surgery. But that’s only true if the supplement is effective for weight loss.

Now that’s the question for Leptigen. Does it really work?

What is Leptigen?

Leptigen is a weight loss supplement that uses a combination of caffeine, green tea extract, and a couple of proprietary blends. These ingredients are supposed to help your body burn calories by boosting your metabolism and by giving you more energy so you’re more active and your workouts are more intense.

Of course, it’s still a supplement, so that means you need a healthy diet without junk food and you drink 8 glasses of water a day. You’ll also need to exercise regularly. Depending on your diet and workout, it’s possible to see results in just one month.


There are plenty of reviews on Leptigen, though they all tend to say similar things. However, these reviews may have different focuses.

On consumerhealthdigest.com, the review lauds the combination of ingredients, and the notable lack of serious side effects. It also likes the clinical studies supporting the blends. However, it does note that it’s expensive, and it also warns sensitive people about the caffeine it contains.

The dietpillswatchdog.com review agrees that the ingredients are sound and the dosages are ample. But it also points out how expensive it is. In addition, they also report that they’ve received complaints from people who have tried out the “free trial” that’s very hard to get out of.

The womenshealthmag.com site cited a study that actually tested the Leptigen supplement. It involved obese women, and after 8 weeks the ones on Leptigen showed greater weight loss than the women on placebos. While some people who took Leptigen did show signs of side effects (nausea, headaches, GI issues), it was also shown that these side effects were also present among the placebo group.

It does say that the study only involved 30 women, and they were obese instead of just merely overweight. Also, it only ran for 8 weeks, so there’s no info on long-tern impact.
Finally, it mentioned the high price. You can’t overlook that!


Since it’s not for sale on other websites, you don’t really get to see objective reviews from customers. Please check reviews on Amazon.com(click to see buying options and reviews). There are plenty of testimonials on the Leptigen site, but of course there’s no guaranteeing the objectivity and authenticity of these “success stories”.

  • This is by far the best non-prescriptive product that I have taken. Leptigen lives up to all the claims that have been expressed by others.” Jan T, com
  • Leptigen curbs my cravings and I was a junk food addict. I have increased energy but do not have problems sleeping even if I take pills late. This product has elevated my metabolism like no other product I have tried. I am consistently losing weight every week since beginning the product.” Diane, Leptigen.com
  • What was surprising to me was it really reduced the craving to eat and did not have the usual jittering you would have expected with a supposed “diet” supplement.” Cheryl, Leptigen.com


Leptigen comes with only 4 main ingredients. There’s the caffeine and the green tea extract, plus the 2 proprietary blends. For the most part, there shouldn’t be any side effects since the caffeine amount is less than what you get in a single cup of coffee. However, if you’re sensitive to caffeine then your heart rate may increase and you may even get mild headaches. When that happens, you need to stop taking Leptigen.

The two proprietary blends are Meratrim and ChromeMate. Leptigen claims that in clinical studies these blends (and not just the separate ingredients) were proven to be very helpful in getting people to lose weight.

Where to Buy

This is only available at the official Leptigen website. It’s also darn expensive despite the free shipping option. There’s a priority shipping option as well, but that costs $9.87 extra. Please check the buying options on Amazon.com(click here to see buying options on Amazon).

The cheapest price per bottle is of you get a 90-day supply. You get 5 free gifts and the price per bottle is $89.95. The total cost is $269.85. For a 60-day supply, the total cost is $199.90. You also get 5 freebies and the price per bottle is $99.95 and $199.90 in total. The 5 freebies are also available when you just get a 1-month supply, though the price jumps to $109.95 per bottle.


Yes, it seems safe and you’ve got research to back up the claims. But you don’t have independent reviews from customers on sites like Amazon.com, and it’s super expensive. You may find a more affordable weight loss supplement than Leptigen that’s just as good—or even better.

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