Jym Shred Buying Guide: What’s Beneath the Controversies?

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Jym Shred is one of the most popular supplements in the fat burner industry, and a huge part of its success is because of its creator Jim Stoppani. He’s one of the most famous names in the fitness industry, with a doctorate to back up his thousands of articles and his consultancy services for celebs like The Rock, Dr. Dre, and LL Cool J.

Lately, he has been mired in several controversies. One is about his claims regarding transparency in labeling, while another hullabaloo is the battle for the JYM brand. All these are distractions for those of us who want to lose weight, because the only thing that matters is: does Jym Shred work?

What is Jym Shred?

Jym Shred, (or in some cases also called Shred Jym), is basically a fat burner supplement. It works in 3 stages. First it helps in releasing the fat, then that fat is transported into the cellular power plants called the mitochondria. Then it also “burns” the fat, which means it’s converted into ATP which is the body’s main source of energy.

This is in capsule form, and it gives you a lot of energy so that you can work out more intensely. Then it also enhances your metabolism, so that you’re always burning off fat even when you’re done with your work out.


You won’t find a shortage of Jym Shred reviews when you go online, that’s for sure. However, they’re hardly unanimous in their conclusions. If you want a truly enthusiastic review, you may want to read the gushing write-up at Price Plow. It reports that the average grade for it from users is 9 out of 10, and it also says there’s “a ton of science backing it up”.

The highya.com review isn’t quite as impressed, though. It notes that there’s a “lack of strong clinical evidence showing that any of the ingredients contained in Shred JYM can help you lose weight”. On the other hand, it does acknowledge the high reputation of JYM products and of Jym Shred in particular.

There’s also a fairly comprehensive review on supplementreviews.com. It notes that it offers clinical doses without side effects, and it really boosted energy. On the other hand, the boost for the focus is iffy, and there’s really no appetite suppression. It’s also too expensive.


What’s somewhat disconcerting is that all these mostly positive reviews don’t quite match the tone of the reviews on Amazon.com(click to see buying options and reviews). There are almost as many negative as there are positive reviews here, so that the average rating is an embarrassing 3.6 stars.

Sure there are lots of rave reviews:

  • This is pretty much everything you need in a fat burner IN CLINICAL DOSES WITH A NON-PROPRIETARY LABEL!!!” – Supp God, verified purchase, Amazon.com
  • Works great! This is not a cure-all for weight loss but if you eat right and workout this is an excellent supplement.” Clay Stanley, verified purchase, Amazon.com
  • Love it! I can tell its working but it does not give me a shaky feeling at all.” Tracey Sullivan, verified purchase, Amazon.com

On the other hand, 5 of the 6 most recent gave it poor reviews:

  • This product should be pulled for false advertising.” Erika D, Amazon.com.
  • Didn’t work for me at all.” Amazon customer
  • I’ve got ocular migraines 30% of the time of taking this.” Amazon customer.


It contains just 6 ingredients, but it’s not just about the number of ingredients. It’s also about the dosage, and here the dosages are quite ample. There’s a freaking lot, and which is why each serving is 4 capsules. Then you’re supposed to take 2 to 3 servings per day, which means you can take as much as 12 capsules a day. It’s no wonder that each container has 240 capsules.

This comes with 500 mg of green tea, which contains caffeine. That’s in addition to the 200 mg of caffeine anhydrous per serving. That means potentially you’re taking in 600 mg of caffeine without even considering the caffeine from the green tea. That’s a lot!

Where to Buy

You can buy this from Bodybuilding.com website (which is the site that’s involved in the JYM brand legal case). A container of 240 capsules costs $35.46, though right now they’re offering a 10% discount.

It used to be available on Amazon(click here to see buying options on Amazon), but right now it’s currently unavailable.


There’s something quite reassuring when you buy supplements created by a guy with a doctorate from a real university, and who also trains with celebrities. However, it must be said that the rather low Amazon.com average rating for Jym Shred is a surprising disappointment. So will you trust the degree or will you trust the online reviews? That’s up to you, though perhaps there are alternatives that are both reputable and with great user reviews as well.

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