How to Increase Your Bench Press Max- Fast!

Fast ways to Increase your Bench Press Max? 

Some people still like to debate the relative importance of cardio workouts vs. resistance training, but for most experts it’s pretty much accepted that lifting weights is your best workout bet if you want to be healthy and strong. Among the many weightlifting exercise, the bench press offers numerous benefits and so it will certainly make a difference if you can find the best bench press workout that suits your fitness goals.

It will also help if you keep on improving your bench press max, and you can actually improve that dramatically with the right bench press program. In fact, while improving by 20 or 30 pounds is already great, it’s even possible for you to learn how to increase bench press by 50 pounds.

Why the Focus on the Bench Press?

The bench press is one of the exercises you need to keep doing in your weightlifting workout routine, because it’s just so effective in helping you build muscle. One of the reasons why people prefer it is that it is conveniently easy to track. It’s a measure of your utmost strength, and there’s no number of reps to monitor. You simply keep track of the maximum weight.

That’s why lots of people compare bench press maximums. It’s a relatively accurate assessment of your strength. If your max is greater than the other guy’s max, then you’re stronger than him. It’s that simple. That’s one of the reasons why in the gym, the pecking order when it comes to strength is based on the weight you can bench press. You don’t just have the muscles for show. You have demonstrable strength.

Of course, you don’t really focus on the bench press simply for the sake of bragging rights. Still, the rate of your bench press rate improvements tend to correspond to your strength that’s due to the greater muscle mass you’ve developed. If you can add 30 pounds to your personal bench press record, then you were probably able to pack in about 10 pounds of muscle into your frame.

So what are the real and more important reasons for this focus on the bench press? Here are some of the more reasonable arguments:

  1. It enables your body to produce greater muscle mass. Even if you need just a single reason to concentrate your efforts on the bench press, this is it. The bench press uses the human body’s instinctive tendency to adapt to challenging conditions. When you constantly increase the bench press weight even by just 5 pounds a week or so, the body compensates by building bigger muscles. It’s just a survival mechanism.
  2. You also stimulate the production and distribution of extremely useful hormones. These include the human growth hormone and the old standby testosterone. It’s always better to get these performance enhancers in the most natural forms, rather than as dangerous synthetic PEDs.
  3. An impressive bench press maximum weight attests to how in shape you really are. You’ll know just how strong you are, and that has a lot of bearing in many sports. It helps you to play football, hit homeruns in baseball, and box out opponents in basketball. In addition, this kind of strength really reduces the likelihood of getting injured.

Of course, even in regular daily tasks that kind of strength can be very useful. You’re able to carry your young kids with no trouble, and you can carry your wife too. Heavy furniture won’t be a problem when you’re moving things around, and carrying a couple of heavy suitcases won’t have you wishing you bought the ones with wheels.

  1. The bench press is also among the ultimate compound exercises. It’s like it uses just about every muscle you have. While it may seem like a simple upper body exercise, the fact that it activates the muscles in your chest, arms, shoulders, and back makes it inherently efficient in making you strong. You only need a single exercise to develop all those muscles.

But that’s not all—it involves your leg muscles too. So it’s actually more of a full body exercise than anything else.

All these reasons should convince you already that, whatever training you want to do, you need to include the bench press. It’s absolutely essential for muscle-building, and having bigger muscles helps greatly with boosting your metabolism and helping you burn fat.

Picking the Right Program

So how do you choose a workout? It’s not as if there are only one or two available workout programs out there that involve the bench press. But there are a few signs that will indicate that it’s a topnotch option.

  • It contains a proper pace of training that doesn’t go overboard into overtraining. The workouts shouldn’t last for more than an hour and it shouldn’t be a daily routine for the same targeted muscles. This means your muscles are given enough time to rest and recover so that they can actually go and rebuild into bigger muscles. It’s easy enough to fall into the trap of overtraining, and fitness experts recognize this mistake as the most commonly committed even by veteran lifters.
  • Proper rest is also necessary between sets. You need to know exactly how long you need to pause in between sets to maximize your results.
  • Before anything else, it should also offer a proper warm-up routine that will help keep your shoulders injury-free. Warm-ups are crucial for muscles and joints, as it’s like you’re getting them properly ready for your exertions. Without a proper warm-up, you’ll likely end up having pains and soreness that can cut your workout short and extend your recovery time.
  • The proper forms and techniques should also be properly explained and demonstrated for your exercises. The wrong form will not provide you with the best results, and what’s more it can get you hurt or injured.
  • Since the program will invariably include the bench press, it should include tips on doing it right. Lots of people commit many types of mistakes when doing the bench press, and all these mistakes should be pointed out so they can be avoided. The program should also clarify about the wrong forms, using the feet improperly, or holding the bar incorrectly.
  • In some exercises, you may need another person’s assistance. The program should clearly define and describe when a helper is needed and what they should do during those times.
  • The training routine you pick shouldn’t also remain the same for long. The human body adapts very well to stimuli and challenges, and the same exercises won’t give you as much improvement over time. You have to keep your muscles guessing. So while the bench press remains constant, the other accompanying exercises should vary. It may also make sense if the bench press isn’t done at the same point of the workout.
  • There may also be some mention of supplements. Unfortunately, many fitness trainers who offer both a recommended workout and a suggested supplement mention only the supplements to use that will make them money. The right program won’t require the use of supplements, and if they’re suggested they should be chosen because of actual personal experience of the trainer as well as compelling scientific evidence.
  • Your mindset during your workout isn’t irrelevant either. You need to learn about developing the right frame of mind while you exercise. That’s so you can really strive to increase the maximum number of pounds you can bench press. Sometimes even just believing in yourself can really help, and you also need to know how to gain the determination needed to bench press a weight you’ve never tried before.
  • Even your lifestyle habits should be discussed, since they can and will affect how you train and the results you get. At the very least you should get proper tips on nutrition. Your diet is of course important, and the wrong diet plan can wreck even the best workout programs. You should also try to get enough sleep each night to maintain your health and your strength. You may want to refrain from too much partying, as late nights and too much alcohol don’t exactly help you gain strength.


It’s true that you can go online and try to create some sort of workout for yourself that can help build you bigger muscles. You can and should even include the bench press as a permanent part of your routine.

But you’re probably better off with a comprehensive guide that covers multiple areas of resistance training. It must tell you what to do and clearly show you what you shouldn’t. With the right program, you can add a significant number of pounds very quickly.

When it comes to the bench press, you need to deal not just with physical limitations but with mental barriers too. Sometimes you fail because you don’t believe enough that you can succeed in improving. But choose the right bench press program and you can really improve your strength—and you get the bragging rights as well.

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