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Hydroxycut is a famous brand in the weight loss industry, and they’re famous for the amount of caffeine contained in their supplements. These supplements are all designed to help with weight loss in 2 distinct ways: it gives more energy for workouts, and it boosts the metabolism so you consume more calories. This is done through various different Hydroxycut formulas, and in Hydroxycut Platinum the formula also includes lots of different vitamins and probiotics.

What is Hydroxycut Platinum?

Hydroxycut Platinum is a supplement that you take before breakfast and lunch every day. Each serving consists of 2 capsules, and it’s designed to boost your metabolism so you use up more calories than you consume. When that happens, your body burns up fat cells for needed energy and so you lose unwanted weight.

This supplement also provides you energy through its formidable caffeine content. With that much more energy, you can do more intense exercises, lift heavier weights, do more reps, and run for longer periods of time. These exercises can make your body use up calories, and again they can make the body burn fat cells for energy.

Its vitamins and probiotics can also help you keep healthy, but there’s another weight loss benefit. This can also suppress the appetite. Each serving is meant to be taken before major meals, and it can result on smaller portions and while you reduce your cravings for snacks in between meals.


The various expert reviews tend to say somewhat different things about Hydroxycut Platinum. The dietspotlight.com review likes the natural ingredients and the inclusion of vitamins and probiotics. However, it warns that the weight loss may be minimal while the caffeine can lead to side effects.

The review on consumerhealthdigest.com is also a bit ambivalent. It likes the rapid absorption of the ingredients, and that the ingredients do have some scientific backing to justify their inclusion. It’s not so pleased about the price either, although the review was written when it used to cost more.

The same guarded tone is noticeable in the dietpillswatchdog.com site. Yes, you may lose some weight and gain more energy at first, but this may not work in a long term basis. It also expressed concern about the high amounts of caffeine.


The overall tone of the reviews at Amazon.com(click to see buying options and reviews) isn’t quite as enthusiastic about Hydroxycut Platinum either, as the average rating is only 3.3 stars. Some like, but many others don’t.

  • It’s more than just a fat burner you get probiotics and vitamins all in one!” Eddie Luna, verified purchase, Amazon.com.
  • Took one pill as suggested until I knew my tolerance. Felt nauseous and cloudy all day.” Amazon customer, verified purchase.
  • I didn’t see any difference with these pills. Disappointed.” S. Ortiz, verified purchase, Amazon.com


The main ingredients offer both metabolism boosters as well as energy enhancers. The energy enhancers include a huge amount of caffeine, which can be terrible for the sensitive. It’s also a bit annoying for coffee drinkers too, since they may need to stop drinking coffee to keep from overdosing on caffeine.

It also uses several different proprietary blends without disclosing the exact amount for each ingredient. However, you do know how much of the vitamins and caffeine you get.

There’s also a very long list of vitamins, and this is very convenient if you’re usual diet may not be providing all the vitamins you need in essential levels. Then finally, you also have probiotics that help with various GI issues.

Where to Buy

The Hydroxycut.com site offers several links to seller sites, and they each have different prices to offer. The most expensive Hydroxycut Platinum is at Walgreeens.com, where a 60-capsule container goes for $39.99 each. In Walmart.com, the price is $29.98.

The best price is in Amazon.com(click here to see buying options on Amazon), where a 1-time purchase costs $20.82. If you subscribe for 5 containers, the price goes down to $19.78 each. You can even use a coupon to get the first container for just $17.78.


Often, the choice of weight loss supplement can become not so much about science but also about preference and personal beliefs. Do you think more vitamins and probiotics can help? The scientific community is still debating this issue. But if you’re convinced they can help you lose weight, then Hydroxycut Platinum is a convenient option compared to buying probiotics and vitamins separately.

However, you also must be sure that you can deal with the caffeine issue. A regular dose can already offer high amounts of caffeine, but the dosage for the other fat burner ingredients may not be enough. If that’s the case, then you can’t compensate by increasing the dosage because you also increase the caffeine to dangerous levels.

It’s quite evident that you probably have better options out there. There’s too much to risk when you take Hydroxycut Platinum, and for many people the potential benefits aren’t nearly enough.

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