Hydroxycut Max Buying Guide: Is It Really Great for Women?

Hydroxycut Max Buying Guide Review and Results:

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Lots of women can be rather annoyed that too many health supplements these days seem to be generically designed for just men. It’s as if only guys are the only ones who need to work out, but obviously that’s not true at all.

In fact, the more recent surveys have found that 40% of women are now obese, compared to 35% among men. That’s not even counting the adults who are also still overweight without being technically obese.

Since women have different bodies and needs, then should require different sort of supplements too. That’s one of the reasons why there’s a Hydroxycut Max—it’s made for women.

What’s Hydroxycut Max?

Hydroxycut Max is a fat burner that contains ingredients that help with weight loss. It provides greater energy to help people perform more strenuous workouts, so they can burn calories more efficiently when they exercise. It also enhances the metabolism, so that fat burning occurs even when a woman is sitting on a desk working.

The Hydroxycut brand is quite well known in the supplement industry, and it offers a long lineup of weight loss supplements with slightly different formulas. The Hydroxycut Max formula contains the same massive caffeine amount that’s found in the other Hydroxycut supplements. But this time, it contains ingredients that are friendlier for the female body.

This is in capsule form, and you need to ease into it. Different websites seem to have different consumption instructions, so you need to be careful. Your best bet is to play it safe, by starting with just a single capsule twice a day. Then after 3 days you can take 2 capsules twice a day.

It needs to be taken while you also do workouts and follow a diet plan. With this supplement, it’s even possible to double the rate of your fat burning.


The reviews are all over the place when it comes to the Hydroxycut Max. One blog entry by an actual overweight woman described in detail how it helped her. She reported that she did feel lots of energy, and she also didn’t feel as hungry as before. However, she did admit that she has only taken it for a week.

On the other hand, the review at thedietpilljudge.com site wasn’t as impressed. It noted that it does contain ingredients that are known to help with weight loss. But the label doesn’t show the exact amounts for many of these ingredients, so there’s no way of knowing if there’s enough of it to matter. The amount of the caffeine was also regarded as troubling.

The dietspotlight.com review was also rather unenthusiastic. It considered the side effects mild, but the review also doubted the scientific evidence that supported the inclusion of some of the ingredients. It also thought that the price was too high, though this may have been written before Hydroxycut Max became more affordable.


The Hydroxycut Max is very popular at sites like Amazon(click to see buying options and reviews) in terms of sales, but perhaps not in terms of customer satisfaction. The reviews were terrible, and its average rating is a measly 3.2 stars. There were many glowing reviews, but there seemed to be as many disappointed customers:

  • Lost 17 pounds on hydroxy cut in 30 days.” Destinee Weaver, Amazon.com.
  • This stuff is almost like drinking Cuban coffee. It sent me through the roof!” Peanut, verified purchase, Amazon.com.
  • I followed the directions, and they didn’t do anything for me.” Ashley, Amazon.com.
  • Gave my wife terrible headaches.” Eric L., verified purchase, Amazon.com.

The customers on CVS.com were similar, with as many praising as well as complaining.

  • I bought this product and I have seen good results so far. I had energy after just one pill.” Cjagger333, CVS.com.
  • I started taking this product and lost about 3 pounds but haven’t lost any since.” Anonymous123, CVS.com
  • Does not work for me. The 1st week seemed to be working bit by the second week it was as if my body was immune to it.” Chounky, CVS.com


The main female friendly ingredients here include iron and folic acid. However, another main weight loss active agent is the Robusta coffee extract, and that’s in addition to the 225 mg of caffeine. Obviously, at 2 servings per day you may feel jittery and nervous, and insomnia can also be a problem.

Where to Buy

You do have lots of options regarding the seller site you can buy this from. Please check the buying options on Amazon.com(click here to see buying options on Amazon). Here is the list of potential online sellers with the corresponding prices they offer:

  • com. $10.99
  • com. $22.94
  • com. $24.99
  • com. $29.99
  • com. $31.99


It’s nice that it contains female-friendly ingredients, but many doubt if it really does work for women for the long term. The possible side effects of the caffeine are also a bit worrisome. So the potential benefits are uncertain, while there’s a real risk of side effects. You may want a better alternative!

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