Hydroxycut Hardcore Buying Guide: How Is It Different than the Others?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Buying Guide Review and Results:

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It’s hard enough to pick one fat burner among the many options in the supplement industry. The least these manufacturers can do is to give them distinct names so we can differentiate them more easily. So it’s annoying that not only are there many Hydroxycut supplements, but there are also many Hydroxycut Hardcore versions (such as Elite or Next Gen). This particular review is for the basic Hydroxycut Hardcore.

What Is Hydroxycut Hardcore?

Hydroxycut Hardcore is a rather stronger version of the basic Hydroxycut weight loss supplement. It contains not just 2 types of caffeine sources, but it also has yohimbe and other well-known supplement ingredients.

It’s supposed to help you lose weight through 2 basic means. First, it gives you an amazing amount of energy, so that you have the fuel you need to work out more intensely and for longer periods of time.

Second, the ingredients also boost your metabolism, so that your body uses up more calories even when you’re just sitting on your desk. To compensate for all the calories you use up more quickly, your body will have to burn fat cells for extra energy.

This, fortunately, is in capsule form. So you don’t have to worry about the taste and the mixability.


The Hardcore version was mentioned in a review of the Hydroxycut brand in Authoritynation.com. The review noted that in the Hardcore, several studies on the various main ingredients show that they can potentially help with weight loss.

However, they’re also concerned about the amount of caffeine that’s contained in the Hardcore and many of the other Hydroxycut products. They also remember the fact that several Hydroxycut supplements in the past were proved dangerous, although this was mainly for the older formulas.

The dietspotlight.com review has the same concerns about possible side effects. They also cast doubt about the real effectiveness of the ingredients in causing weight loss.


On the CVS site, there are a handful of reviews but they’re all very positive. However, the most recent reviews are all from 4 years ago because the price here is so high compared to the other seller sites.

  • Went through a bottle and was surprised not only how well it worked but how fast it worked! Lost the weight and have kept it off.” LeBlanc, com.

The same is true for the reviews on Walmart.com. The latest are all from 2016, and they’re all mostly very complimentary.

  • Works great instead of coffee for work. Also good for work out.” jabooboo, verified purchaser, com.

The problem is with the Amazon(click to see buying options and reviews) reviews, where the average rating is just 3.5 starts out of more than 350 reviews. While many rave about it, there are more complaints too.

  • Losing so much weight.” Deeanna, verified purchase, com.
  • Made me very jittery and felt nausea.” Robbie Elliston, Amazon.com.


One of the first things you notice here is that the ingredients are all made from proprietary blends. That means you’re not exactly sure how much you get for all the ingredients.

You can be sure, however, that you get 270 mg of caffeine from the caffeine anhydrous per serving of 2 capsules. That’s not yet counting the caffeine you get from the green coffee extract (which is a secret). So that’s the next thing you notice—it sure does have a lot of caffeine.

The directions require you to metaphorically dip your toes slowly before you take the full Hydroxycut Hardcore plunge. On the 1st day, you should just take 1 capsule for the whole day. On the 2nd and 3rd days, you can go to 2 capsules taken at the same time. On the 4th day and thereafter, you can proceed with the normal dosage of 2 capsules taken twice daily—one about 30 to 60 minutes before you eat breakfast, and next before lunch.

What makes this different from the other Hydroxycut products is that it also contains L-theanine, cayenne pepper, and yohimbe extract. There’s also a blend containing tyrosine, methionine, and leucine. All these ingredients can work together to help you lose weight more quickly and effectively.

Where to Buy

On the official Hydroxycut.com website, you’ll find several links to sellers. You’d think that each seller would offer them at the same price, but that’s not the case at all. Here are the seller sites and the prices for the 60-capsule version:

  • com. One-time purchase, $14.57. It’s just $24.99 if you get the 120-capsule version.
  • com. $22.94 with shipping at $5.99, though shipping is free if your orders go over $35.
  • com. $31.99.
  • com. $29.99.
  • com. $23.79.

It may seem obvious at this point that your best bet here is Amazon.com(click here to see buying options on Amazon), since it’s a reputable site and the price is so low compared to the others. However, the low average rating on that site may make you question the authenticity of what you’re going to actually get.


Can you really risk that much caffeine in your system, when you’re not really sure about the dosages of the main ingredients? That’s the real question. The benefits may not be worth the potential side effects, as there are other options that offer surer benefits with very little risk of side effects.

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