Hydroxycut Black Buying Guide: What’s the Deal with This Fat Burner?

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When you go and do your online research on particular fat burners, you need to read reviews. It’s not always easy to find real reviews on fat burners, though, since many of them are written by sellers, who aren’t exactly objective. That’s why customer reviews are seen as much more reliable gauges when it comes to finding out if a particular fat burner works.

Judging from the rather tepid response for Hydroxycut Black, it’s fairly safe to say that there are probably better alternatives out there…

What’s Hydroxycut Black?

The Hydroxycut brand bills itself as “America’s #1 selling weight loss supplement brand”.  Let’s let that go for now. On Amazon the Hydroxycut is not rated as a bestseller, though that’s probably because it’s a bit too new. It is, however, promoted as a means for people to experience “intense weight loss” by boosting the metabolism and increasing the energy you feel.


The review on nutritioninspector.com acknowledges that it may help with weight loss, as its ingredients are well known for burning fat. However, it notes the rather large amounts of caffeine in the formula. That can lead to side effects such as the jitters, migraines, and GI issues.

The review on thesupplementreviews.org likes that it contains multiple fat burner ingredients, but it says that it may be missing several other ingredients as well. It also notes that it uses a “proprietary blend” so you don’t really know how much you get for each ingredient. The conclusion was that it’s not as potent as it ought to be.

The consumerhealthdigest.com review is perhaps the most positive of the bunch, as it says that the proprietary blend works for many. It also approves of the use of caffeine and it even says the price is fair. But it also says that it shouldn’t be used with other stimulants, so if you’re a coffee drinker then you have to quit. If you’re also sensitive to caffeine, Hydroxycut Black isn’t for you.


The customer reaction to Hydroxycut Black is decidedly mixed, though that depends on which site the reviews come from. On the Walmart.com site, the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive:

  • I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but I actually started losing weight!” –Javier R., Lawrenceville GA, Walmart.com
  • So far after two week of using it I have lost 5lbs of body fat.” –Gerard, New Orleans, Walmart.com
  • This product is great! Definitely one of the best weight loss products I have tried.” MikeT, Chicago, IL, Walmart.com

On the other hand, Amazon.com(click to see buying options and reviews) customer reviews are far less effusive, with just an average rating of 3.8 stars. Some liked it.

  • Great energy and maintained a good feeling throughout the day. No side effects but would not take close to bedtime.” –Carl, verified purchase, Amazon.com
  • Take as intended and you WILL see a difference in your metabolism.” –Dave R., verified purchase, Amazon.com
  • Hydroxycut Black is by far the most effective and efficient fat burner I have used, especially when it comes to those last 5 pounds.” –Anthony, verified purchase, Amazon.com

For some it didn’t work well enough, while for others the side effects were troubling:

  • Down to my last 2 weeks and not really feeling it.” –Amazon customer, verified purchase, Amazon.com
  • Gave me horrible headaches.” Levi and Briana Daulton, verified purchase, Amazon.com

Ingredients and Usage

Each container of Hydroxycut Black contains 30 servings of 2 liquid capsules, but that’s a bit misleading. According to the official instructions, you’re supposed to take 1 capsule each before your main meals. That should be breakfast and lunch, because you’re not going to want to take this before dinner—it contains lots of caffeine. This is the schedule for the first 3 days. This contains caffeine anhydrous and robusta coffee extract at 200 mg each for 2 capsules.

After that, you’re then directed to take 2 capsules before each main meal. Do the math. After 3 days of 2 capsules each, you’re left with 54. With 4 capsules taken daily on day 4, it means that the 54 capsules are only good for 13 days (with 2 left over). That means the 60 capsules are only good for 16 days!

For this to work, you also need to remember that it’s a supplement. That means to lose weight, you need to have a low-calorie diet and you also need to work out. It’s just that with this, you supposed lose more weight, compared to another person who has the same diet and workout as you but doesn’t take Hydroxycut Black.

Where to Buy

Right now, the usual online shopping options featured on the Hydroxycut website don’t have the stock. So that means you’re limited with Amazon.com(click here to see buying options on Amazon), where it’s available as a 1-time purchase at $24.63. If you subscribe, the price goes down to $23.40 each, though the first delivery may cost just $21.40.


Should you buy this? To be frank, many are rather alarmed at the caffeine content. It’s good if you’re fairly tolerant of caffeine, but it may mean that you’ll have to quit drinking coffee. It may work, but you need to be prepared for the caffeine side effects.

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