Hyde Pre Workout Buying Guide- Monstrous Results Worth Good Price?

Mr. Hyde Reviews – Read before you buy

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As a pre-workout supplement, ProSupps Mr. Hyde Intense Pre-Workout formula stresses the powder will help get you jacked for your exercises.  Apparently, it gets you ready to go, and is one of the most extreme pre-workout formulas available.  The company claims you will shatter your weight-training plateaus while giving you skin tearing action.  They go on to say it provides an enhanced endurance, and maximum focus while you’re exercising.  The product says you’ll have more power and energy while you’re lifting.

While it appears that it will get you jacked and excited for lifting, let’s find out what people are saying.  You can get it for $27.99 online, which is a pretty good deal.


While this formula can get you pumped up, a lot of people have complained about the flavor.  A lot of powder supplements that mix with water don’t taste great, so that’s no surprise there.  Here are what some people seem to be disappointed about.

“It’s okay.  No amino energy”Amazon customer

“For the love of god, don’t buy fruit punch!” – RIVERAGIRL15

“Ineffective use of caffeine” – medinacirilo

“It makes me dizzy after using it” – Amazon customer

… and then there are those who love it….

“Best preworkout ever. Period.” – Amazon customer

“I tried a sample of the orange flavor, and it was delicious!” – Baanaaner

“This pre workout works great!” – Shanelled

“Prepare to get mega hyped!” – Amazon customer


Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in the formula.  It is infused with agmatine sulfate, which helps with your muscle swells and nutrient transport.  The Creatine nitrate is quite generous, and it has been proven to increase muscle mass.  The supplement is packed with energy nutrients, which is what you want from a pre-workout supplement.  The L-Citruline and Leucine prevents muscle catabolism, which is ideal when you’re looking to bang out a quick routine.

The three-stage energy blend is great because you will feel the energy come in waves, rather than all at once.  You can extend your workout, and you tire out as easily, which is impractical if you’re wanting to add on some muscle.  The thermogenic compounds allow the nutrients to flow through your blood, which helps your body when you need the extra strength to shatter your previous records.

The Intensity Matrix includes Choline Bitartrate, GABA, and Niacin that help put your focus on every lift you do.  The CarnoSyn Beta Alanine provides extreme endurance to keep you grinding, without leaving you drained.  If your biggest concern is the skin-splitting, t

he Agmapure Agmatine Sulfate will do the trick for you.  With all the ingredients in the formula, one must wonder if they really do the trick.


The ingredients do appear to be safe, but for those that are sensitive to caffeine will notice the difference when they take this formula.  They might be more excitable, and can suffer from the effects of caffeine.  It’s no surprise that some people will start to feel dizzy when they’re taking this supplement, since the caffeine can wear off quickly leaving you groggy.  The general consensus is that the formula does work well, but there are some things you should keep in mind.

“For the best results, it would probably be better if you’re planning on using it for less than an hour.  Otherwise, the effects of coming down are terrible, and the flavor isn’t that great.” – Jon

“I have been using this product for about 2 weeks, and I always feel like I am going to throw up.  The taste will stay with you, and make you feel worse.” – Eddie

“I am still new to preworkout formulas, and I found out this doesn’t make me feel great at all.  I only use a half a scoop, and I still feel terrible” – kduff85, Amazon Customer

… but on the other hand…

“This stuff pumps my husband up!  He is always drained after work, so I got this for him to help him recover after a long day.  It doesn’t make him stay awake, and he falls asleep without a problem.” ­– Chrissaimy, Amazon Customer

“I can use this stuff and exercise for 2 straight hours!” – Denise Jenkins, Amazon Customer

“This stuff is off the wall!  I take it 15 minutes before I hit the gym, and I sweat a lot, while burning a lot of calories.  It is fantastic, and you won’t go back!” ­– Louie


There are two separate groups that clearly either like or hate the product.  We give this a low score, only because it does seem to work for some people, while others have trouble with it.  Of course, those that suffer from caffeine side effects are not going to like using this product, since it makes them feel queasy and nauseous.

Those that do love this product will continue to stand by it, but there are so many factors working against them. There are better choices out there. 

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