How to Grow a Beard – Best ways to grow a beard for the first time!

Why is it that wherever you go, you find men doing the one thing they say you shouldn’t? For years, people have said that we need to shave. They say that we can’t get a good job if we have a beard. They say that we don’t care about ourselves if we have a beard. If beards were so barbaric, then why do they look so damn good?

There’s nothing that can make you look sexier or hotter than an impressive beard. (unless you really are magnetically sexy ) It’s what separates us men from the boys. It may have begun with no shave November, but the more you step outside your man cave, the more you see men with beards. Do they look barbaric to you? Do they look like they don’t care about themselves? Of course not!

You want to join the ranks of Capt. Jack? You see, growing a beard is not the same as if you were just to stop shaving. If you’re going to do it, then do it right. Start with a clean-shaven face and get prepared.

For now, sit back and relax. Discover what you need to do to prepare for your beard. It’s going to take discipline. It’s going to take work. It’s going to take effort. In the end, it will all be worth it. Instead of you looking at other people wishing you had a beard like them, people will look at you and say, “Wow! I want a beard like you.”

Choose the right beard style for your face

Before we get started, we need to come to an understanding. If you don’t want to look messy, then you need to realize that it’s a matter of maintenance. You have to care for your beard like it’s your baby. You might want to take some time to research what styles are best for you – you don’t want to come out looking like Chuck Noland (played by Tom Hanks) from Castaway. Some styles were made for your face and some styles weren’t. Don’t force it. Let it come naturally.

Let’s begin with the shape of your face. If you want your beard to stop traffic and turn heads, then your beard needs to match your face. Know what you want before you begin and don’t settle. Be picky and be meticulous. After all, this is only your face we’re talking about here.

  • Square Jaw: Your face has a sharp and well-defined jawline. You can either decide to accessorize this feature with a Captain Jack or soften it up with a closely cut full beard, giving you a rounder and fuller look.
  • Round Faced: Your face needs a sharper, longer look. You can do this with a goatee and a mustache. However, don’t ever make the mistake of going for a full beard – it will only result in making your face appear even fuller than it already is.
  • Narrow Face: If you have a long and narrow face, avoid having hair in the chin area – it only makes your face look longer. However, stubble goes quite well with this shape and gives it a shorter, yet fuller appearance.
  • Short Face with a Pointy Chin: A full beard with a rounded chin at the bottom will suit your face well. It will hide the chin and give you a square look.
  • Rectangular Face: A curtain style or short box beard suits this kind of face and will give you a less elongated look.

More often than not, your face falls into more than one category. This is only a guide – play around a bit with more than one style before you pick one. Explore the possibilities and decide which one is best for you.

How to Grow and groom your facial hair

Growing a beard is more than just refusing to cut it. It takes time and patience. You can style a beard that hasn’t grown yet. With that in mind, you need to let your beard grow at least a full inch before you even think about taking a razor to it.

  • Let the Beard Grow: Let your beard grow for a couple of months before you try shaping it or trimming it up. Be patient and allow the beard to grow longer before thinking of styling it – even if you want to trim it to a 5 o’clock shadow. Wait until you have at least an inch of beard for you try anything. If you don’t, you may have to start all over just to fix your mistakes.
  • Bear the Itch: This is where it pays to be patient. Your face will itch for about a week. If this is the first time for trying to grow a beard, you will be tempted to chop it off. Don’t do it. Is it possible? Sure. I do it all the time. If you’re tempted to scratch, use a comb. Whatever you do, don’t ever use your dirty fingernails.
  • Taking Care: Don’t be one of those guys who doesn’t know how to wash his beard. Your beard is made of hair. Oh wait, you knew that? Then use shampoo, not facial soap. Shampoo will keep your beard from drying out. When you’re done, use conditioners. Keeping your beard moisturized and soft will make it 10 times easier to shape when it’s ready.
  • Trim It up: Women will tell you – when you have long hair, you will get split ends. On top of that, some of your hair will grow faster than others. Trim the ends of your beard. Note what I just said. I did not say to trim your beard – we are trying to grow and out. Instead, I said to trim the ends of your beard – at least once a month.
  • Use the Right Kit: There’s a reason that entire grooming kits have been dedicated to beards. Use them to your advantage. This is not an area you want to go cheap on. Use the right kit that works for you. After all, you’re the one that will be maintaining it. You may be tempted to get an electric beard trimmer. If this is your first time trying to grow a beard, take my advice – don’t do it. Instead, use a pair of scissors and comb. That way, you don’t cut off more than what is needed. Don’t ever use a pair of scissors not intended specifically for hair.
  • Health and Hygiene: If you’re going to go a beard, you need to start acting like you already have one. When you have a beard and you’re eating, you can’t feel it when food crumbs fall into your beard. The point is to become a sexy beast – not a repulsive barbarian. Eating a proper diet is crucial for healthy hair – whether be on the top your head or your face. Hygiene is crucial. Keep that food out of your beard. Just eww – gross.

Tips for beard care: How to maintain facial hair

If you think women are picky about grooming and how to take care yourself, get ready to join the ranks. Men can be just as picky. How do you plan on taking care of your prized possession? Do you want to let a professional do it for you? I can tell you one thing – a professional won’t care nearly as much for your beard as you will.

  • You must buy a pair of professional barber’s scissors if you decide to groom your beard permanently with scissors and a comb. A good pair will run you about $200. No – an ordinary pair of scissors will not work. You will butcher your face – don’t do that.
  • Get a fine-toothed comb. If the style you chose requires detailed styling, this comb will come in handy.
  • Get yourself a large mirror. Then, get yourself a vanity mirror. These are those little mirrors that are on those little stands that make it so you can put your face right up to it – allowing you to really see what you’re doing.
  • Don’t ever trim your beard when it’s wet. A wet beard is longer than a dry beard. In other words, your beard hair will be just a little bit longer when wet and you may find out that you trimmed more than you bargained for. Do yourself a favor and wait until your beard is dry.
  • When in doubt, do as the pros do. Trim your beard with scissors and use a comb to make sure you don’t cut too much. Always cut on the outside of the comb. Trust me on this one – the first time you cut on the inside, you’ll have cut too much. When that happens, you might as well start all over. Just imagine – months of work down the drain.
  • When you trim your mustache, always comb it out and make sure it’s straight. Mustache hair has a bad habit of curling around your upper lip and getting in the way of when you eat. Use that fine-toothed comb you got earlier.
  • Maintaining your beard with an electric trimmer is fine. Just remember that it provides a different experience and, therefore, needs a different set of skills over using a pair of scissors.
  • Master the use of adjustable beard trimmers – especially before you use it for close trims. Remember – always use the longest beard setting first. You can always cut off more – but you can’t reattach what you just cut.Adjustable beard trimmers are perfect for shaping your beard.
  • Don’t ever pull your hair out. Always use your razor or scissors to trim it down.
  • The best-looking beards didn’t get that way because people use soap on it. It’s no different from the most beautiful Use soap designed for hair – you know that stuff, right? Yeah – shampoo? Use it. Use the occasional conditioner, too – but make sure that all that shampoo is rinsed out of your beard first. If you don’t, you may end up with a case of face dandruff. You don’t want that flaking, do you? A good conditioner will make all the difference – making your beard softer and easier to style.
  • Don’t defeat the purpose of using a good conditioner by drying your beard with a blow dryer. Dry your beard with a towel, but don’t work the towel into your beard. Simply pat it dry.
  • As your beard grows in length, you’ll notice that it will look 10 times better if you keep it combed regularly. Comb it with the grain – not against it.

What your beard style says about you

It may be no shave November now, but it will take a lot more than just a couple of weeks’ worth of work to get the style you want. Get ready to walk out the door and get people to stare – in a good way.

  • Five o’clock Shadow – The style which requires the lowest maintenance; the five o’clock shadow or the designer stubble, is quite popular amongst men of all ages. It is a stunted growth of beard which enhances the rough and rugged look of a man. It became famous in the late 19th century.

David Beckham Five o’clock Shadow

He Who Rocked the Style – David Beckham donned the look to perfection, with women staring at him all the way to the bank.

  • Van Dyke – The Van Dyke is classic for men and is seen as a piece of art. This will turn you into a sexy beast. It is a short, pointy beard with a pointy mustache and no hair on the sides of the face. The style and look require daily maintenance.

Johnny Depp Van Dyke

He Who Rocked the Style – The Van Dyke is sported by none other than the handsome and dashing Johnny Depp.

  • The Hipster – Sometimes worn with the traditional ‘HandleBar’ mustache, the Hipster has been making waves for a couple of years now. It’s a full beard, yet it requires regular shaving of the upper part of the neck and mustache trims. When done the right way, the Hipster is a ladies favorite.

The Hipster

He Who Rocked the Style – No one in particular – you’ll find hipsters hanging out in coffee shops and bookstores.

  • Balbo – This look isn’t easy. If you want the Balbo look, you need to get the help of a barber – especially for first timers. A Balbo consists of three separate components – a mustache, a chin beard and a soul-patch.

Robert Downey Jr Balbo

He Who Rocked the Style – Robert Downey Jr., aka “Iron Man” looked impressive in his Balbo and rocked the look to perfection.

  • The Full Beard – The epitome of being a man; the full beard is popular amid mature men. It exudes the self-confidence and boldness of a man. It requires regular care and maintenance. A full unkempt beard is the difference between looking like a sexy beast or a repulsive barbarian.

George Clooney the Full Beard

He Who Rocked the Style – George Clooney made it look easy.

  • Sideburns – A classic style from the older generation; the sideburns are still something that can get people talking. This style is not suited for everyone; very few can pull it off.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Sideburns

He Who Rocked the Style – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine made it look hot.

  • Captain Jack – This style is suited for men whose facial hair growth is on the slower side. If your beard goes fast, you can still do it, but you’ll need to trim it regularly and shave daily to keep it in tip-top It’s a combination of a mustache, a soulpatch and a goatee. You can pick any of the goatee styles you like.

Captain Jack

He Who Rocked the Style – Captain Jack Sparrow, of course! From the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Capt. Jack looks good and you know it.

  • Garibaldi – The easiest style to maintain, the Garibaldi is hassle-free and maintenance-free. Just let it grow – and no trimming. You still need to wash it, though. That is all you need to do. It works best if you have a round or double-chinned face.

Zack Galifianakis Garibaldi

He Who Rocked the Style – Zach Galifianakis is the famous face who dons this style of beard. Just let it grow. And grow. Then, let it grow some more.

Gotta Love That Face

A well-groomed beard is like a magnet for attention. People will look at you with a sense of envy – just wishing they could do it themselves. Not everyone can grow a beard. Embrace it. Take your beard and flaunt it. As long as you take the time to take care of it every day, you can get that sexy beast look you want. It takes time, effort and patience. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be the envy of the masses. Grow it. Groom it. Shape it. Style it. Flaunt it. Love it.


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