Best Swim Goggles For Small, Narrow or Asian Faces- How to choose?

How To Choose The Best Goggles For Narrow And Small Faces?

Though the editors of this blog usually like martial arts and lifting, we do hit the water every so often! It’s great for releasing tension and lactic acid.

If you are a fan of swimming and like to participate regularly, you understand the importance of goggles that fit correctly. Goggles are an important piece of equipment for any swimmer, and the fit needs to be right for you.

Since goggles are not a “one-size-fits-all” item, it is important to know the right kind and size that will work best for your face shape. This feat can be particularly tricky if your face is smaller or narrower than average. However, if you follow these tips, you will be able to find a pair of swimming goggles that will fit you perfectly, despite being traditionally hard-to-fit.

How are you going to use your goggles?

The proper fit of swim goggles is largely based on how they will be used. Take a few moments to contemplate if most of your swimming will be done outdoors or inside. The answer will help you determine if you need an additional feature such as UV protection or tinted lenses.

Try them on

  1.  You need to make sure your goggles are going to fit well. So the best course of action is to try them on if possible. Check to make sure they are comfortable. With the straps off, push the lenses against your eye sockets. This will give you an idea of how comfortable they will be after an extended time using them.

Also, make sure the nose bridge does not cut into your skin. Push the lenses against your eye sockets again and release them. They should stick for a moment before they release. If they do not pass this test, they will leak and be useless.

2.  Try on more than one pair of goggles. Also, aim for trying on a few different styles. Lenses come in both round and oval shapes. Be sure to try on at least one of each type to see which one suits you best. Test the straps to make sure they will keep the goggles firmly in place.

Goggle sizegoggles-swimmer

Goggles usually come in two sizes: large and small. But those distinctions do not provide a lot of useful information on their own! The indications of small and large refer to both socket and lens sizes.

Socket size

Goggles with small sockets can be harsh on the orbital bone, but goggles with large sockets can fit the face improperly.

Lens size

Large lenses allow swimmers to see more, but small lenses allow swimmers to block out distractions. So, following size alone can become problematic.

Gasket shape

If you are trying to fit a small or narrow face, look for goggles that have an oval-shaped gasket. Oval gaskets do a better job of fitting the natural shape of the eye socket.

Short bridge

If you face is narrow, finding goggles with a short bridge is ideal. When the bridge is shorter, they will not spread out on your face, which ultimately prevents the goggles from slipping off of your face.

Adjustable bridge

If you are not able to find goggles with a short bridge, you next option is the adjustable bridge variety of goggles. Since the bridge on these goggles moves, you can easily customize the goggles to your face for your own personalized fit.

Swedish goggles

Many people with small and narrow faces opt for Swedish goggles. These goggles consist of lenses, a bridge, and an elastic strap. There are no gaskets. These goggles are adjustable and can easily accommodate the needs of someone with a smaller face.

Professional fitting

If you truly have a head size that is hard to fit or are nervous about trying to find the right pair on your own, ask a professional for assistance. Go to a swim store where there is a large selection of goggles from which you can choose. Ask on of the associates on staff to help you choose the pair that fits you the best. They will check the straps, bridge, and lenses for you and make any adjustments that are necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

If you are pressed for time and cannot go to a swim store or local sporting goods store for your swim goggles. You can buy them online. Since you won’t be able to try them on, it is important to buy them from a trusted site with a generous return policy, such as Amazon has an amazing selection of short-bridged, oval gasket swim goggles that are ideal for swimmers with small faces and narrow faces:

Top Rated Choices for Small and Narrow Fit Goggles

1st place: Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit

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  • Exo Fit Technology – Good Adjustment Capability
  • Anti Fog, Scratch Resistant

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2nd place:  Freestyle! Sports Goggles

FreeStyle! Goggles are simple yet stylish, with a comfortable oval gasket. One bad review may not do this justice – affordable and easy to use.

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3rd Place:  Barracuda Ultimate Goggles  barracuda-goggles

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