Re-Test Review: Is this worth the time searching for?

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Test Review:


Are you worried that lack of testosterone as you get older will slow down your efforts to build muscle? Perhaps even your libido is affected. Before you try some supplement from some no-name brand, GNC offers its own Beyond Raw Re-test to help increase your T levels- but does branding mean results?

What’s GNC Beyond Raw Re-Test?

We all know GNC as a renowned producer and seller of various health supplements, and the Beyond Raw line of supplements includes many specific items. The Re-Test is just one of them.

The GNC Beyond Raw Re-Test is a natural testosterone booster. Basically, it contains ingredients that helps your body increase its testosterone production to healthier levels. Since it also means to boost circulation, it may help with your efforts to build muscle by lifting weights at the gym.

After all is said and done, what’s really notable here is the GNC connection. It’s hard to trust any brand of supplements these days, and that’s especially true for newer brands. But the GNC brand has established quite a reputation for authenticity and high quality. The fact that it comes with the GNC brand makes the Re-Test something to consider.


It’s not that everyone simply assumes that this is an excellent testosterone booster. In fact, many reviewers object to the inclusion of some ingredients and complain about the dosages of some of the more effective ingredients.

  • “The entire Beyond RAW RE-TEST formula is a good idea: Sex-enhancing T-boosters with vasodilators for enhanced athletic/sexual performance… Unfortunately, compared to other bona fide T-boosters, Beyond RAW RE-TEST fails to execute on anything beyond the Tribulus & Fenugreek duo—whether it’s due to bad ingredients or low dosages.” Best5supplements
  • “Again, we seem to be looking at a ‘full’ product brimming with promise and plenty of ingredients, but once scaled back, there is a bare minimum of effective ingredients that will produce minimal results. It is not a well thought out ingredient profile and it doesn’t even offer 3000mg per day nor does it offer the real substantial ingredients such as D3, DAA, or even B12.” Testosteronejunkie
  • “Looking at this formulation, I would say that testosterone and circulation enhancement benefits are likely minimal – but benefits for strength, athletic performance, recovery, and sex drive are a lot more obvious and reliable.” Testosteroneboostersreview

There was only sole review that offered a positive evaluation:

  • It was nice to see GNC include specific ingredient amounts for Beyond RAW RE-TEST. Additionally, you’re going to find concentrated dosages of effective ingredients like Tribulus and Testofen…You’re also going to get agmatine sulfate and citrulline to increase blood flow, improve muscle pumps and enhance your overall workout performance. This will also help you stimulate greater natural testosterone production.” Suppnation


Is this a muscle-building supplement or a sex drive enhancer? Looking at the ads and reviews, you’d really think that it was meant to be a supplement for people who want testosterone so they can build bigger muscles. That’s a supposition that’s supported by the fact it’s a T-booster that boosts circulation, so your muscles can get the oxygen they need as you strain during your workout.

But as some reviews point out, this can be either. Reviews say that people may benefit from this if they’re strength-training, but others say that the ingredients here are simply for better erections.

You also have to note that this contains DHEA and antler horn. These are ingredients that may cause you to fail a PED test. DHEA is even specifically banned by organizations such as the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). If you’re an athlete playing in a serious league, you may want to avoid this so you don’t get into a mess when they test for PEDs.


GNC describes its formula as a “proprietary” blend, except that they actually display the ingredients list and the corresponding dosages for each ingredient. That’s really good, because in general the definition of a proprietary blend is that you’re unaware of the dosage for each specific ingredient.

GNC demonstrates its high standing in the industry by being completely transparent with their “secret” formula. On the other hand, many reviewers note that while some ingredients are good (such as Vitamin D), others shouldn’t have been included (DHEA, deer antler wtf?). Other reviews also point out that the dosages in some cases aren’t enough to get the results you actually want.

Side Effects

There are no reports of side effects whatsoever, so it’s generally safe. Granted, there aren’t any customer reports of side effects since there are hardly any customer reviews to begin with. But then even other reviews which aren’t so impressed by the GNC Beyond Raw Re-Test also don’t mention any sort of side effects, and they may even admit that it’s actually safe.

Where to Buy

This is the point where we have a problem. That’s because it’s a GNC supplement that’s no longer available at the GNC website. Is it just out of stock, or has it been discontinued? There’s a page selling it on, but it’s currently unavailable (out of stock) and there aren’t any reviews to indicate that it was ever available in the first place on that page.

Even online reviewers who turn out to be affiliates are hard to come by online. You can read them and there’s no link to the GNC Beyond Raw Re-Test selling site. Some reviewers do cite a $74.99 retail price, and there’s even a mention of getting a special discount on GNC and getting it for just $25 if you time it right.

But we were patient and found a site selling it for 109€. In US dollars, that’s $131.19 and you may have to pay extra for the shipping charges.


When you’re made by GNC and you’re no longer sold on, you may not be the best supplement out there. That’s just a guess, but it seems like a good guess, right? Regardless of how impressive GNC Beyond Raw Re-Test, the fact that there’s hardly any sellers to be found should make you reconsider.

Perhaps it’s no longer sold because it contains a few frowned-upon ingredients like DHEA and antler horn. These may give you a bad score when you’re tested for performance-enhancing drugs. That’s not exactly great PR, and perhaps it’s why you shouldn’t buy it too. Try something more reliable. 

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