Finaflex Test Stack Review: Decent price but does it work?

Finaflex Revolution Testosterone Stack Review:

It’s not all that easy for supplement vendors to market their test boosters these days. It’s not that there’s no market for it—there’s actually a huge demand for test boosters. Men are more aware that as they get older their testosterone levels decrease. That means they’re not able to build and maintain muscles, they’re feeling more fatigued all the time, and their libido will drop. These are all the problems that you’re supposed to solve with the Finaflex Revolution Testosterone Stack.

What’s the Finaflex Revolution Testosterone Stack?

The Finaflex Revolution Testosterone Stack is a combination of 2 supplements that you take so that you can increase the testosterone levels in your body. If you really have a bad case of low T levels, then you need to go see a doctor who can give you a prescription for more testosterone. Self-medicating with anabolic steroids doesn’t work well, and this leads us to this stack.

This is a combination of Finaflex’s Revolution Test and Pure Test. The Revolution Test is a combo of different proprietary blends, and each one provides a specific function. Thankfully, the names of the blends are mostly descriptive so we know what they do. Basically, the blends help your body produce more testosterone, and it keeps the body healthy so you’re able to use the testosterone properly. Another blend also keeps your hormonal balance in your favor by preventing the testosterone from converting into estrogen.

Many people did note that the Revolution Test’s blend for boosting testosterone didn’t quite provide the proper dosage of the most effective ingredient. That’s D-Aspartic Acid. So this stack corrects that problem with the addition of Pure Test—it’s basically 3 grams of D-AA.

The whole point is to help your body become more efficient in producing free testosterone for you to use. It doesn’t add testosterone directly to your body, since that will cause some side effects. This is a more sensible strategy, as the ingredients are designed to help your body produce more testosterone instead.


The reviews are mixed, and that’s because many aren’t quite impressed by the Revolution Test.

  • “With Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, and the supporting ingredients in the Prostate Shield prop blend, I’m pretty sure it boosts testosterone. Sadly, DAA which might actually be the most powerful testosterone boosting supplement isn’t dosed enough to produce MASSIVE T-boosts.” – Testosteroneboostersreview
  • “Just take DAA by itself rather than stack it with the Revolution Test as that is just incurring additional cost and inconvenience.” Testosteronejunkie


Again, the results are mixed according to customer reviews.

  • “This stack is awesome. I have tried plenty of test boosters, and this combo hits the hardest.” Ryan, verified purchase, 
  • “I have been taking it for 3 weeks and I do not feel any different my work outs are not any better, I do not feel any more energy. I would say these pills are no good.” bmcdgr,

For the most part, you will need a few weeks before you even notice any difference, but there’s a good chance that there will be some improvement. But that’s probably due to the Pure Test, and not because of the stack as a whole.


On the face of it, this stack makes sense. The Revolution Test has 5 blends. One blend boosts the testosterone production. The next 3 blends protect the liver, heart, and prostate. The last blend keeps your body from converting testosterone into estrogen.

It’s just that the “Testosterone Amplification Blend” in the Revolution Test isn’t quite right. Yes, it does contain known T-boosters as it’s a blend of DAA, fenugreek, and tongkat ali. But the whole blend is only 750mg, and studies suggest that for DAA alone you need about 3.2 grams.

So Finaflex added Pure Test, which is purely 3 grams of DAA. That seems to bolster the shortcomings of Revolution Test. Generally we find this stuff has some good results – but its not quite the best. 

Side Effects

There aren’t really any reports regarding side effects caused by the Finaflex Revolution Testosterone Stack. One review does mention having an allergic reaction, but that seems to be it. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a problem for you

What’s quite telling is the warning issued by Finaflex regarding the supplements. Let’s quote them directly: “Discontinue use immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting or other similar symptoms. Side effects may include acne, hair loss, or increased aggressiveness.”

Of course, you can argue that these side effects are normal when there are hormonal changes in the body. That’s why teenagers get weird and get pimples, and why some women aren’t quite themselves during their period. But the point is that for you there’s a chance there will be some side effects.

Where to Buy

It’s out of stock at and, but you can get it from Some sellers can be frequently out of stock, but there are usually other sellers on the site who offer it for around $30+ for a month’s supply.

At it goes for $37.95, while at it’s $34.95.


This does seem to be a very helpful set of supplements. On one hand you have the Revolution Test with its combo of blends to help make sure that your body isn’t wasting the testosterone you already produce. Then you have Pure Test, which packs a huge amount of D-AA which is reputed to be among the most effective ingredients in encouraging greater testosterone production.

The thing is, these two products aren’t quite pulling their own weight in this partnership. It’s as if Pure Test is simply covering up for the failings of the Revolution Test. Or to put it another way, Finaflex may be just trying to get rid of their stock of unsold Revolution Test by offering it as a bundle with Pure Test.

Does it work? It seems to, for some? Are there better alternatives? Definitely—you’ll find stacks in which all the included supplements actually work together properly. In fact, you may be better off just taking the Pure Test here and then stacking it with a more effective T-booster.

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