Finaflex PX White Buying Guide: You Can’t Say It’s Weak

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Some supplements require you to take several capsules per serving, and to take them several times a day. One of the reasons for this is that the dosage may be too strong for you, so at least you can reduce the dosage and the number of servings for each day. Finaflex PX White servings only come in a single capsule, but that may be enough for one day to make sure you lose weight.

What is PX White?

PX White from Finaflex is a weight loss supplement. It achieves these goals via several means. It boosts your metabolism to increase your calorie and fat burning, it gives you lots of energy so you can move around and exercise more, and it even suppresses your appetite.

It even elevates your mood, which helps your weight loss efforts in several ways. You’re less likely to be depressed, and so you don’t crave comfort food like chocolate and ice cream all that much. You’re also able to focus more, which can help you stick with your diet and workout.

This comes in capsule form, and it’s very strong. However, it’s designed to work for both men and women.


Expert reviews all note that this is strong stuff, and that there’s always a chance that it may be too strong for some. On, the review notes that it worked for many. However, they still mention that some people may get too much energy fro, this.

The same basic contention is in the review at The reviewer felt the energy so that it seemed like she was flying around. It also elevated her mood and suppressed her appetite. The review did mention that the stimulant may be too strong for her.


On, the high price means that very few people bought their PX White here. That’s why there are only 5 reviews, though each one gives it perfect scores.

  • “I just love PX I do high intensity and IT WAS AWESOME I honestly felt no fatigue.” Johanna R A,
  • “PX White is the product to get if you need an energy boost with appetite suppressant. I take this before fasted cardio and instantly I feel a jolt of energy and am drenched with sweat due to the thermogenic compounds.” GinnaC,

On Amazon(click to see buying options and reviews), there are 182 reviews so the opinion is all over the board. For some it worked, though for others it resulted in rather distressing side effects.

  • “Good product with fast long lasting energy. Has a very strong kick that is expected out of an energy pill.” Amazon Customer, verified purchase,
  • “Eat less, had more energy.” Aimee Griffin, verified purchase,
  • “It actually gives me a pain in my stomach when I use it.” Amazon Customer, verified purchase,


A quick look at the ingredients shows the use of proprietary blends which is a bit unfortunate. One blend is for antioxidant energy amplification, and this includes lots of stimulants that can also make you feel less hungry. Another blend is for mood elevation, which keeps you from feeling down.

You’re supposed to take a single serving of 1 capsule right when you wake up. For some, that’s it for the day. But for those who need more energy, they can take another capsule 6 hours later. This can cause some side effects (mainly due to the massive amounts of caffeine and other stimulants), but it helps if you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Where to Buy

Plenty of well-known sites sell Finaflex PX White. On, you can get a container with 60 capsules for just $29.99 and that’s about 50¢ per serving. That same container, however, costs only $23.20 on here to see buying options on Amazon). That’s about 39¢ per serving. You have to pay extra for the shipping, but shipping is free if you order more than one bottle.

It’s also available on GNC, and this time the price is $37.99 (shipping is extra). That’s because it’s for a bonus size of 70 capsules, though that’s still about 55¢ per serving. If you subscribe so you get delivered regularly, there’s a 10% discount (about $3.80) and the shipping is free.


There’s no doubt that Finaflex PX White is powerful, so you need to check if perhaps 1 capsule per day is enough or perhaps even too much. If you can stand the strength of the stimulants, you’ll find that it can help with your weight loss efforts. However, you should also keep in mind that some other fat burners are just as (or may even more so) effective for weight loss, and a lot safer too.

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