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Measure your own Testosterone levels – conveniently and for low cost? 

For men, maintaining proper testosterone levels is always important. Testosterone is a crucial ingredient in determining your appearance and your sexual development. Your T levels will affect your sex drive and sperm production, and it’s also an important factor in building muscle and bone mass. But you can have problems if your T levels drop, and to know if that has happened some guys use a testosterone test kit.

What is a Testosterone Test Kit?

Lots of people know about how women can get a home pregnancy test kit to see if they’re pregnant. If the result of this kit is positive, then they can go to a clinic to confirm the pregnancy. It’s the same thing with a home testosterone test. You can take the test in your own home, so that you get an idea of how your T levels are doing.

In general, the test kit uses your saliva or your blood to test your T levels. Some tests even use both. Since your normal testosterone level fluctuation has your highest T levels in the morning, this is the best time to take the test. In the evening, your T levels will drop and that won’t give you accurate results.

Using saliva is obviously much easier, but using blood is more accurate. However, it’s painful for some guys, and sometimes men can be very squeamish with their blood.

You don’t get to find out for yourself whether or not your T levels are okay, though. Instead, the kit simply helps you to obtain the necessary saliva or blood. You have to send your samples to a lab, which is usually affiliated with the kit manufacturer. You will then get your results within a week or two.

The normal testosterone range for most adult men is from 270 to 1,070 ng/dL. If you get to below 270, you have a problem.

When Should You Take the Test?

Men should take the testosterone test if they show any sign of low testosterone levels. These signs include:

  • Low sex drive. Boys get a surge of testosterone in their teens, which is why they grow facial and body hair. But the testosterone also makes it seem like they’re thinking about sex all the time. On the other hand, when you’re getting older the low T levels can make you less interested in sex. In fact, you may even forget about having sex altogether.
  • Erectile dysfunction. This is the medical term for when you can’t get an erection or you can’t maintain it long enough to have sex. So even if you’re interested in sex, your penis doesn’t want to cooperate.
  • Orgasm difficulties. Even if you do have the interest and the erection for sex, the low T levels can make it difficult for you to get the orgasm you want at the end of it all. This can make sex a rather frustrating experience.
  • Low sperm volume. Your testicles, prostate, and seminal vesicles all work together to produce your sperm, and to get the normal level all these parts need a nice amount of testosterone. With low T, you get a lower volume instead. This may make it harder for you to have kids, if you’re trying for that.
  • Penile numbness. It’s not as if it’s completely numb when you have low T. But physical contact with your penis isn’t as exciting or pleasurable, unlike when you have normal testosterone levels. It’s as if you’re constantly wearing several thick condoms all the time.
  • Testosterone is great when you work out, and one reason for that is because it gives you the energy you need for high intensity exercises. On the other hand, low T leads to feeling empty and depleted, especially at the end of the day when T levels really drop. It’s like having no charge for your smartphone battery. You’re just tired and lethargic.
  • Lower drive and initiative. This goes hand in hand with the lethargy, as you just don’t feel like doing anything. That’s why lots of low T guys end up as couch potatoes or ensconced in their favorite reclining chairs binge-watching on movies and TV shows.
  • It is possible for guys with low T to feel depressed. Even if they’re not, they may still feel down a lot. They’re not quite as optimistic about work and life in general.
  • Are you feeling irritable all the time? You may not notice this, but this may be a problem if your friends, family, and co-workers remark on it. You may think your fine, but if you’re ill-tempered a lot then perhaps you need to check your T levels.
  • Shrinking muscles. Lots of body builders use anabolic steroids and testosterone to build muscles, because it works. It’s just that the synthetic testosterone isn’t really safe. It’s much better if you can get enough testosterone from your body’s natural production instead. When you don’t have enough, then your muscles will shrink and it will be extremely difficult (if not virtually impossible) to build bigger muscles.
  • Increased body fat. You know what replaces your muscles? You get extra body fat instead. It’s not quite a fair trade when you get a large waistline in lieu of your 6-pack abs. You may even get extra fat around the chest area, leading to man boobs.
  • Smaller testicles. When you feel that your balls have become smaller and softer, the problem may be low testosterone.

When you don’t have enough testosterone, you may get several of these symptoms, and that can really lead to a lower quality of life. You can at least get an idea of whether or not your T levels are to blame, and that’s why you need to take a test for testosterone levels.

Pros and Cons of Home Test Kits for Testosterone

Now you can make an appointment with your doctor to see if your testosterone levels are up to par. This can be a bit embarrassing for you as a guy, and especially if you’re not yet old enough to have T level problems. But even men in their 40s may find it a hard reality to face with a doctor. So at least you can find out at home. It’s convenient, and in some cases very easy to do. All you need to do is draw saliva or blood to send to a lab.

On the other hand, there are several drawbacks to this approach. The problem with home test kits is that it’s not always accurate. In fact, it can be very wrong and you can get different results at different times. It can also be somewhat expensive, as some of these kits go for more than a hundred dollars. That’s a bit too pricey for a kit that can’t be relied on to be right.

Also, with some people it’s a problem drawing blood. It’s painful, and it can get downright messy.

So What Should You Do?

There are 2 basic options for you. One is that you man up and go to a doctor, whocan then have a proper test done for you. The doctor can examine you closely and order a test if it’s warranted.

But you can also just do all that you can to maintain your T levels, even if the natural tendency is to decrease testosterone production as you get older. You can take herbal supplements that stimulate your body to increase its production of testosterone.

What Should You Look For in a T-Booster Supplement?

Lots of these supplements are rather dubious, but some are actually effective. Your best bet is to go for one with the following features:

  • It contains the right ingredients. These included proven ingredients like DAA along with certain vitamins and minerals.
  • The dosage should be right. What you may want to avoid are those supplements that hide their dosages behind proprietary formulas. You need to know how much of each ingredient you get, so you can find out if they’re in the right amount to actually help.
  • There should be no side effects. You can find out about the lack of side effects by researching the ingredients and by checking out customer reviews on online retail stores.
  • It should work for most people. There’s no such as a supplement (or a medicine, for that matter) which works equally well for everyone. So even the best supplements may not work for some people. On the other hand, the best T boosters should at least work for most people, so there’s a good chance it will work for you too.

Final Thoughts

At least with the supplements, you’re giving your body the right nutrients to optimize its testosterone production capabilities even as you get older. With the right supplement, you make sure that you’re also safe and you don’t suffer side effects. By taking the supplements, you may even delay the onset of low T for a very long time!

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