Equipment Needed for Body Beast – A Complete Guide for Home Workouts!

Find the Right Body Beast Equipment and Gear?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard of the Body Beast program (Learn more on Amazon) and want to try it out. That’s not surprising because a lot of men –and women- have used it to get in shape, build muscles and burn fat. If you’ve never tried it before and wondering what equipment needed for Body Beast, this article will explain what you need.

Try BeastIf you don’t know yet, this muscle building program is designed for home use, so Body Beast equipment needed is minimal. Unlike other home workout programs, Body Beast won’t require you to buy expensive equipment. This doesn’t mean you cannot go out and buy high end home gym equipment: if you can afford to or already have them at home, you can use those for working out, but the point is even if you don’t you can still do the workouts successfully.

The Body Beast price is around $40, and even if you add the cost for the equipment below it’s still cheaper than enrolling in a gym and hiring a personal trainer. Plus when working at home you can go back to the videos and repeat them until you get the movements right.

No specific brands are mentioned here so you can choose whichever you prefer.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

Adjustable Weight DumbbellsChoosing the right dumbbells is a must and if you’re trying to figure out what equipment is needed for Body Beast this has to be the first on your list.

As you perform the workouts you’re going to change the weights a lot (move up and down weights, change reps, sets etc.), and unless you have an adjustable set of weights, it’s going to be difficult.

As any Body Beast womens review can point out, in one set you’ll probably lift 25 lbs. and in another 50 lbs. and change up or down.

These changes happen quickly so it’s important you have a good pair of adjustable weights so you can keep up without losing momentum. If you don’t perform the workouts within the flow, you’re not going to reap any benefits.

It’s not enough to buy a pair of weights though, as you have to get one that’s as easy to adjust as possible. What you need to look for are free weights that have an easy to turn dial so when you watch the DVDs, you’ll be able to keep up with Sagi. If you watch the videos you’ll see that at most, there’s a 30 second window between the sets so you’re not going to have enough time to change clips, handles and plates.

The point is you cannot use dumbbells with plates as it will take too much time. You can of course, pause the video so you can adjust the weights, but that will defeat the purpose of the workouts since the program requires you to lift weights using a certain pace, and stopping periodically to add and remove weights will hamper your momentum.

If you have a complete set of dumbbells from 10 to 100 lbs., you’ll be able to do the workouts, but it’s still better if you have a small dumbbell that can be adjusted for shoulder exercises and warm-ups. Keep in mind that most of dumbbells don’t go under 15 lbs. but to avoid complications just look for those that can handle different weights (5 lbs. to 15 lbs.). However unless you’re a bodybuilder, you’ll probably do fine with a maximum of 20 pound weights.

Curl Bars

Many of the exercises require a curl bar, and it’s a good idea if you have one. Make sure the curl bar has a good set of clips, and for beginners -or if you want to avoid noise when working out- plastic clips are available, but for serious workouts, metal clips are necessary so you can put on several plates without worrying about space. Buy only those with standard 1” holes and avoid the 2” Olympic plates.

The Chin Up Bar

Choosing a pull up or chin bar is as important as the free weights because the workouts emphasize strengthening of your back muscles. Different styles are available so just get one that’s built to last as you’ll be using it extensively. A chin up bar doesn’t just work out your back however, because it also lets you do various chin up reps and pull-ups with limited upper body strength. Chin up bars can also be used in different ways, and it’s especially effective for doing isometric movements.

Adjustable Workbench

The workouts in the program don’t specifically mention an adjustable workbench, but you should have one if you want the maximum results. No matter what kind of workout you do, a workbench will be necessary so it pays to have one right now.

There are literally thousands of workbenches but look for those with back support and can be adjusted up to 90 degrees and can be set flat. Simply put, a strength and muscle building program will require you to lift heavy weights, and in these cases back support is essential.

Stability Ball

Stability BallYou can replace the workbench with a stability ball. However this does make the exercises more difficult since you’re going to spend energy trying to balance yourself and your core straight. The tradeoff is that your core will get stronger but you’ll probably have to reduce the weights.

Note that using lighter weights will probably reduce muscle growth, and not strength since the combination of the stability ball and light weight will make you stronger. However, the reason you’re using this program is to bulk up and build muscles so you’re probably better off with the workbench. However if you want to use the stability ball the option is there.

The Bottom Line

The equipment needed for Body Beast is very basic, meaning you can get them at any fitness shop. However, basic requirement does not imply you should settle for the cheapest available, as getting quality equipment is necessary. As long as you have the right set of tools however, you’ll get maximum results from each workout.

You know, its a simple yet brilliant workout, with awesome results. You could easily get this online (Click to see buying options on Amazon). Along with other proven ways to get stronger results.

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