Equidren (SDI labs) Review: Will this really make you Pumped??

Equidren (by SDI labs) Review: 


The “muscle pump” is one of these feelings that weightlifters and muscle-builders get when their muscles really well after a workout. It’s a feeling so lusted after by those who pump iron that Arnold the Terminator famously once said that it’s a better feeling than an orgasm.

But it’s not just a feel-good sensation. The muscle pump is actually a sign that you have more blood flowing to your working muscles and tissues. This means your muscles are getting the oxygen they need, and they’re also getting the nutrients they require to work and to grow bigger. The muscles then become more effective in getting rid of the nearby waste products, and that allows the muscles to recover more quickly after your exertions.

The surrounding fascia (the layer between the skin and the muscle) around the muscles stretch to accommodate this pump, and this allows for more room for continued muscle growth.

The boost in muscle pump is what’s promised by the Equidren supplement, and that’s supposed to signal the increase of your muscle growth and hardness.

What is Equidren?

Equidren is a supplement designed for muscle builders. It’s supposed to work for both the bulking and cutting cycles. During the bulking cycle, it “may” (SDI Labs’ exact word) add strength to your workout. It may also reduce aromatization, which means it keeps the testosterone from converting into estrogen.

It’s also supposedly even better at boosting the density and hardness of your muscles during the cutting cycle, and it really boosts the vascularity. Gains are reportedly solid while water retention hasn’t been a problem.

A quick look at the label reveals that it basically contains a single proprietary compound called Boldenodrol. This means that while you know that each serving is 155 mg, the precise dosages of the formula ingredients are secret. These ingredients are 1,4-Androstadiene-3, Vitamin K, Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC), and Bioperine.


There aren’t really many reviews of Equidren. That’s especially true for customer reviews, which are as rare as the dodo bird. That’s because it’s not sold on sites like Amazon where buyers are all too willing to post gushing or scathing reviews.

Instead, it’s only sold on its manufacturer website, and here there are zero reviews. Nada. On one hand, at least you know that SDI Labs didn’t stoop so low as to have an employee write a fake rave review on the supplement. On the other hand, this may mean that either SDI Labs didn’t allow for the publication of negative reviews or none of the buyers even bothered to send a short review. It’s even possible that there are no customer reviews because there are no customers!

Still, you can find a handful of reviews on Equidren. They’re all a bit ambivalent about it though:

On Consumer Health Digest, they say that “It works amazingly to deliver comprehensive results without tampering with consumer’s body health.” On the other hand, they also say that “It causes habit in consumption when used for long,” and that “It is expensive.

Supplement Police are also rather vague about Equidren, and its review tends to just repeat the company line. However, the review does say that the ingredients of the formula may seem to be effective (if they’re in the right dosage).


No one really knows if this thing will work for you since customers haven’t really been reporting their results in large numbers online. The label does seem to support this “who knows” outlook because their direction for use is extremely non-specific.

You’re supposed to take 1 or 2 capsules, 2 to 4 times a day in evenly spaced time frames. So you can take as few as 2 capsules (1 capsule twice a day) or as many as 8 capsules (2 capsules 4 times a day) in one day. So even SDI Labs is unsure of how much you should take to make this work for you.

If you do try this out, you will have to do so safely. So do as we would. This means that you should take just 1 capsule twice a day and see what happens. Continue taking this dosage if you see results in a week or two during your workout, but stop when you feel any side effects. If you don’t see results, you may try increasing the dosage by a single capsule gradually.


Basically, you have a secret formula that’s designed to boost the muscle pump effects. The 1,4-Androstadiene-3, Vitamin K, Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC), and Bioperine in the formula may actually provide this effect, but you will have to find the right dosage first.

Side Effects

There hasn’t been any report of side effects regarding Equidren. However, this may be due to the glaring fact that reviews on Equidren are so rare, to begin with. Most of the time, these reports come from customer reviews and you can’t find a single one of those.

At least there aren’t any news reports of side effects or recalls regarding Equidren, and that’s a good thing. The ingredients list does seem safe enough as they’re all natural. However, as the label doesn’t specify the dosages for each particular ingredient in the Boldenodrol formula you don’t really know if you’re taking too much of a particular ingredient.

The label also gives this particular ominous warning: “This product contains anabolic steroids, which are known to the state of California to harm your reproductive system.”

Where to Buy

You can only buy this from one place, and that’s the official website of SDI Labs. It costs about $80 ($79.95 if you want the exact price) for a bottle with 100 tablets. You can’t buy it from anywhere else and so you’re stuck with this price.

However, it is part of the “Buy 3 Get 1” promo of SDI Labs. So you can put 4 of these in your cart and you only pay for 3 of them. You can also get 4 different SDI Labs supplement bottles, and you won’t have to pay for the cheapest item in the cart.

You only get 1 discount per order though. So don’t put 8 bottles of Equidren in a single order, because only one of them will be free instead of 2. You’d have to go through two separate orders for this batch.


There are simply too many unknowns with this supplement. It’s also rather disquieting that you can’t find any customer reviews at all. We’re not saying this is and for you. It’s just it’s quite apparent that you have many other alternatives to try that have more evidence that they will work for you. With Equidren, it’s just that no one really knows if it will work or not. At this price, it’s not worth the gamble. Try something more reliable.

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