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Your Complete Guide to Safe And Easy Male Enhancement – Become a Beast in The Sack!

Male enhancement is a topic that a lot of guys just don’t like to discuss. The problem is that as soon as you ask about male enhancement, it rather suggests that you’re not happy with your current status. And this is very hard for a guy to admit, as our egos do tend to be highly wrapped up in the size and function of our members.

In fact, even just searching for this topic or reading about it takes a lot of guts. So congratulations on making it here!

But this stubborn refusal to talk about it is what puts us in trouble. Guys want to know the best natural male enhancement products, the best techniques and the best ways to perform but they’re too shy to ask about it. The very thing that guys are most sensitive about, they’re too sensitive to improve!

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Well, you’re here now. And the good news is that there really is no need to be embarrassed. Self-improvement is always laudable no matter what form it takes. There are plenty of very effective ways to increase the size and performance of your member… so why not? Your sexual partners will be happier and you’ll feel much better!

Let’s take a look at how you might go about improving your performance in the sack.

Question 1: Can I Get a Bigger Penis?

Let’s just get this big one out of the way right from the start shall we: can you get a bigger penis? Is ‘phallic enlargement’ really possible?

No. Not really. Sort of.

Let’s just break it down and take a look at all your different options when it comes to increasing the size of your little fella.

And to do that, we first need to look at what your penis is made of and how one might even go about attempting to make it larger.

So what’s in a penis? Is it bone? Sadly not. Despite being called a ‘boner’, there is in fact no bone inside the male penis (which is not true for other animals). Despite this though, you might have heard of penises ‘breaking’. So if there’s no bone, what is breaking?

Essentially, the shaft of the penis is made from two chambers of spongy tissue. These are the corpora cavernosa which are found along the inside length of the penis. These two tubes are also surrounded by muscle and a thick membrane called the tunica albuginea.

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Erections occur when the muscle around the corpora cavernosa relaxes and this then allows for blood to rush into the two spongy chambers. The corpora cavernosa keeps the blood in there and what you’re left with a large, stiff penis (hopefully).

Despite there being no bone in the penis, it is possible for the corpora cavernosa to tear, which can lead to a cracking sound, severe pain and bruising. Ouch!

Read more about the anatomy of the penis here.

Ways You Can Theoretically Make Your Penis Larger

So now you know the anatomy of the penis, you can start to understand what phallic enlargement might involve and whether or not you could expect any of it to work…

And at first glance, it doesn’t look good.

It is possible to lengthen bone. While the treatment is incredibly painful, legs can be broken and then held slightly apart, in order to cause bone to knit together in-between. It’s actually possible to thicken and strengthen bone too by breaking it down. However, with the penis there is just no bone to break!

We all know that muscle can be increased in size through weight training, which causes small microtears and the build-up of metabolites. But of course there’s no way to train the penis muscles like this and they aren’t consciously under our control.

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Some people maintain that there are ways that cartilage can be malleable, though this isn’t founded on any scientific evidence. And regardless – there’s no cartilage here anyway!

And with all that in mind, we’re left with no way to lengthen the penis. There’s nothing to break, nothing to train and nothing to mold. It’s like trying to make your oesophagus longer… it just won’t work!

But what you can do is to alter some of the other factors surrounding an erection and change the way that the penis increases in size and strength. And the most obvious way you can do this is to increase blood flow to the region. If you can get more blood to flow into the penis during an erection, then it will become longer, harder and stronger.

How do you do this? There are actually several methods, which include supplements, sex toys and even psychological techniques.

Oh and there is an operation you can get to increase the length of the penis…

Read on and in the next section, we’ll go through every single male enhancement technique out there and see how they all work and whether they’re worth your while. There is hope out there but you need to be sensible in the way you approach it.

How to Get a Harder And Bigger Erection

Have you ever felt yourself get an erection and noted that it is ‘especially hard’? For guys out there wanting to make their penises longer and harder, that’s what we call hope! This demonstrates that there is clearly a way that the penis can vary in length and firmness from time to time, which in turn means that there must be ways you can make your own penis longer and harder on a more regular or permanent basis.

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So what’s going on here? Actually, there are numerous factors that control the hardness of an erection.

One of these is blood flow. The more blood that flows into the penis, the harder and fuller it becomes. This is something that will make your penis look and feel more impressive for women and it will also genuinely improve her pleasure too. This is the closest thing to genuine phallic enlargement.

And there are a few different methods you can use to increase blood flow and get a harder erection…


Vasodilation describes the dilation of the blood vessels. In plain English, that means that the veins and arteries are getting wider, in order to allow more blood to pass through. There are various different reasons that this occurs but it’s something that the best male enhancement pills will often focus on.

Often this is achieved through the inclusion of nitric oxide. Use a male enhancement pill that contains nitric oxide and you’ll find that your muscles are fuller and harder in the gym – and that your penis is fuller and harder during sex.

Dilated, Normal and Constricted Artery

Don’t want to spend money on male enhancement that works? Numerous foods and drinks can also improve vasodilation and these include garlic and beetroot! This will also make your penis nice and veiny. Which some people might like? I guess…


It’s also important to just generally keep your blood flow healthy if you want to have the best possible erections. And how do you do this? By keeping your general health as good as possible.

That means maintaining good cardiovascular health through regular runs and training and it means avoiding foods with LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) which will clog your veins and arteries with fatty deposits. If you want to be a stud in the bedroom, then you need to be a stud out of it too. Exercise, walk lots, get lots of sun, avoid stress and eat healthily.


And now comes the big one: psychology.

Think back to the times when your penis has been its very hardest and when was it? It was probably when you were at your absolute horniest. The partner you were with was looking incredibly hot, you were in the mood and everything was just right. Then your partner in crime stands to attention and stands hard.

But at other times, you don’t get an erection. When was the last time that you were in the middle of a meeting with your boss and you suddenly got a massive erection? Unless your boss is a hot woman with sexy glasses and high heels, chances are not very often.

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And even if you do have a hot boss, you probably won’t get an erection when you’re talking about work. And you probably won’t get an erection when you’re generally stressed or scared… ever.

This is actually the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction in men: stage fright. The minute you get nervous, your hopes of phallic enlargement will go out the window and your penis will shrink.

So why does this happen?

How Stress Destroys Boners

When you’re stressed, your body releases hormones like cortisol, norepinephrine (adrenaline), dopamine and others that make you more alert and focussed. In the wild, stress would have meant that you were under attack of some sort and the role of these hormones is to put you in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Your heartrate increases, your muscles contract and blood rushes to your muscles and your brain. You get tunnel vision, your blood viscosity increases so as to improve clotting and you generally become a running and fighting machine! Adrenaline even kills pain, meaning you lose the sensation of injuries and are able to ‘push through’.

This is all great for fighting. It’s terrible for sex.

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When all your blood gets sent to your brain and muscles, that means it’s sent away from non-critical thrusters (imagine a little Captain Kirk in your head shouting ‘direct all energy to thrusters!’). This means that your digestion suffers (one reason you get butterflies) and it means that your immune system shuts down. This is actually why chronic stress makes people ill!

It also means blood is sent away from the penis, making you instantly flaccid. Moreover, your muscles will contract – all your muscles – which means you’ll shut off the penis and prevent more blood from flowing in.

And finally, the increase in cortisol will cause a sudden decrease in testosterone, which will remove the feeling of being horny and thus take away the signals that trigger penis growth.

All these things cause your boner to shrink instantly. So if you’re someone who is nervous to get their penis out, that means it’s going to look much smaller than if you were confident! It’s a cruel irony…

Conversely, if you can encourage yourself to relax, to feel at ease and to be confident, then your penis will look much larger and will be fuller with blood.

Unfortunately though, the stress of trying to force yourself to not be stressed also creates something of a vicious cycle. The key is to try and forget about it and instead to focus on sensations and feelings – these are what send the physiological signals to your brain that signal the release of testosterone and the flow of blood.

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So instead of worrying about yourself, focus on how hot your partner is, on how their skin feels against your skin and on the smell of their perfume. Get lost in the moment and that’s how you get hard!

You’ll also find that doing this allows your instinct to take over somewhat, which in turn will make you much better at sex!

Still struggling? Okay then, why not try a ‘social nootropic’? Nootropics are brain supplements that we have discussed on this site. They allow you to increase concentration, memory, creativity and more. Social nootropics meanwhile are nootropics that help you to feel more at ease in social settings and to be wittier and more charismatic.

This is already a great start when it comes to being better at sex, because you will come across more charming and confident – which is what really revs a gal’s engine.

At the same time though, these nootropics will also help you to increase the hardness of erections by overcoming stage fright. A good option is l-theanine, while another is 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). Both are naturally occurring and very safe but try to avoid relying too much on 5HTP as it can be mildly addictive, similar to caffeine.


Or just skip the social aspect altogether and get your penis muscles to relax by using a relaxant. A good example is valerian root, which many people use in order to get to sleep! This will stimulate the production of GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) in the body, which in turn will lead to less activity in the brain and greater relaxation across the skeletal muscle.

three different kinds of muscle relaxants

This makes it easier for your penis to fill with blood and fill it will! Just be careful not to use too much of these things, or you can end up dozing off during sex…

Things to Avoid

Meanwhile, there are also something to avoid if you want your penis to be bigger. For example, you should actually avoid caffeine. Why? Because caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. That is to say that it has the precise opposite effect of most of the best male enhancement pills and will thus make you look smaller.

We’ve already seen that you should avoid stress and you should also avoid anything that stifles the penis or makes you feel hot in the crotchal region – this will suppress testosterone production.

Using Sex Toys And Male Enhancement Products For a Temporary Boost

While eating garlic and getting lots of sleep will give you a better chance of a better boner, it’s not going to transform your sex life overnight. That is to say, that you’ll want something a bit more immediately impactful if you want to trigger profound change.

And this is where many of the best male enhancement products come in: getting more blood to your penis than you can possibly manage on your own but only for a short amount of time.

Penis Pumps

The best natural male enhancement products by far are penis pumps. Penis pumps are tubes that you place around your penis and then pump in order to get more girth and length! It looks like a pump you might use for a blow up bed but of course what you’re really doing is creating a vacuum around your penis.

Normal Penis Pump

If you remember your science, then you may know that particles will always rush to fill a vacuum (which is also how vacuum cleaners work!) and so this causes the blood in your body to rush to your penis and try to push its way out! Don’t worry, there’s no change of your penis exploding but you do have to be a little careful!

This can give you a longer and harder erection, lasting long enough for some hot sex. But of course it is temporary and it means you do need to excuse yourself while you pump up…

Cock Ring

A cock ring is another of the best male enhancement products. This time, you’re placing a small ring around the base of your penis which works to trap more blood in it. Blood is able to get in but not out and as a result, your penis will get increasingly larger and harder while you have sex. It’s another good ‘short term’ solution that can give a lady a better time but it won’t fool anyone into thinking you have a bigger penis!

How to Increase Anatomical Length

You might find all this a little disappointing. After all, we’re talking about short-term solutions and blood flow – the actual length of your physical penis is not changing.

Is there really no way you can make your penis actually bigger? This depends on how far you’re willing to go.

A quick look online will help you to find all manner of enlargement exercises, which involve everything from hanging weights from your penis to ‘jelqing’

woman looking at measuring tape in wonder

The weights approach categorically will not work. As mentioned before, there is nothing in the penis that can be lengthened or stretched by breaking it down. This doesn’t work like a muscle and it’s not even a bone. So this is a complete waste of your time.

What about jelqing? This is a form of ‘self-massage’ that involves a guy stroking, twisting and stretching his nob. Once again, this simply does not work and in fact, it’s more likely to cause permanent disfigurement or even desensitization. It’s also a lot of work, very lame and takes ages. The same goes for male enlargement creams.

So where does this leave us?

One option is to wear a penis sleeve. This is like a condom, except you won’t feel a thing because it’s rigid in order to make something bigger where your penis should be. Essentially, it’s like having a hollow strap on dildo. If you only care about your woman’s pleasure, then this will work. But you must be some kind of saint…

Another option is to get surgery. This works by snipping the suspension ligament that keeps your penis up. When you get rid of that, the penis drops and hangs lower while flaccid. It won’t make you look any bigger when hard though and it also means your penis will point downward. Oh, and it’s a painful operation. Learn more here.

So the only method I can actually recommend is to shave your pubic hair. That will remove some of the foliage around the base of your penis and thereby make it look a little longer – a simple optical illusion but one that has been working for pornstars for decades!

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So there is no magic solution to getting a bigger penis sadly and phallic enlargement is generally going to focus on increasing blood flow to help you get a better erection. This is just fine though and if you combine the best male enlargement pills with the right mental attitude, you’ll find it can give you a bit of a boost.

Note that increasing testosterone helps a lot too. We talked about all that in depth here.

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