Clone of Formula T-10 Review – Sales F%*K Up and Identity Crisis!

Formula T 10 Reviews:

The Good:  A couple of decent ingredients and effects for libido and alertness.

The Bad:  “Proprietary formula” that conceals dosage. Product is either discontinued or plagued by dishonest sales practices. High listed price, auto re-bill trap.  
Overview:  Mildly effective booster, with MAJOR sales problems.


Review:   Formula T10 is supposed to be a natural testosterone supplement/booster, to help your body increase its own testosterone production.  It uses more “natural” extracts like herbs, as opposed to testosterone “steroids”, injections and such – for improved libido, energy, fat loss and more.

It’s supposed to be sold online with a “free trial” offer – now here is where the fun starts!


Identity Crisis – Which Bitch?

You probably guessed – we don’t like this one. It was launched late 2013, and the net was saturated with thin crappy sites promoting the yellow and black bottled version of this. Pretty much all of those sites are now down.T10 IMAGE V2

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Or worse – they re-direct you to yet another testosterone booster with a totally different name- TesteroneXL. That’s right – a site or article about Formula T10 has a link that sends you to a totally different (but also lousy) product.


As of June 2016, most of these crap sites seem to be promoting the latest re-incarnation of Formula T10, in a blue and white bottle. Some things don’t change though: we still have a problem actually finding or buying this supplement for real – and there are still dozens of sites redirecting you to “TesteroneXL”.

FYI:  this is what happens for certain unstable companies – they quickly change their sales policies or pull the product out completely – and resellers scramble to chuck in another product to fill the space.

Formula T10 Ingredients

There are a whole bunch of ingredients in this- though generally we did not feel a strong effect. That Formula T10 is a “proprietary formula” does not help either – many ingredients are only effective in the correct dosage- and we think Formula T-10 may have been cheap-skate here, despite the HIGH price of $89/ bottle.

Update: the new packaging seems to disclose dosages:formula t10 ingredientsIngredients List:  L-Arginine HCL, Long Jack, DHEA, Sarsparilla Root, Saw Palmetto, Damiana Leaf, Muira Puama Extract, Jamaican Ginger Root, Eleuthero Root, Stinging Nettle Extract, Tienchi Ginseng Root, Lycopene, Oat Straw Extract, Licorice Root, Nutmeg seed, Withania Sonnifera Root, Mucana Pruriens, Tinospora Corditolia leaf, Tribulus Terestris, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc.

How Does T10 Work? (Its Active Ingredients): 

  • L-Arginine HCL – This is very commonly used in pre-workout supplements, as it has minor benefits for stamina, heart health and fat loss. But typically you should use 2-3 GRAMS of this alone
  •  Long Jack or Tongkat Ali – This is an asian herb known for effects on libido, stress relief and strength. We like this- again, nothing huge, but good to have. Likely under dosed in this case.
  • DHEA – This is a hormone found in healthy blood and brain tissues which helps balance other hormones in the body increasing metabolic function. This helps treat low testosterone problems, though it is less researched, and may also register as a banned steroid in some states or countries
  • Tribulus Terrestris – unreliable strictly for testosterone levels, but good for the libido, as well having benefits for the heart and cholesterol.
  • Ginseng root:  We like this as it has certain nootropic (alertness) effects, besides boosting sex drive and stamina. However the effect of Formula T10 was milder than we hoped.
  • Zinc is a good classic treatment for low testosterone. 15mg of zinc citrate is decent.

Most ingredients are okay for holistic health benefits, with some effects on energy and testosterone. Formula T-10 could have been decent in our opinion – but it is likely that they skimped on ingredients. And don’t let us get started on the sales issues…

Are there any Side Effects?

Most people experience no side effects with this product. The vast majority of reviews did not mention any …

Their problems were with the scams! We’ll go into that later – but it is unlikely that most of these herbs will give you any problems. If anything – the dosage is probably too low.

Hyped up Package deals:  Formula T10 with Prolexin IGF-1 and Ripped Muscle X …

Back in 2013 – 2014, Formula T-10 featured a massive advertising blitz. They talked about a “secret formula” and how celebrities like Dwayne Johnson used this for massive results.

As of July 2016, most of these scam ads have been removed or gone out of business. Still, There may still be blogs floating around saying that if you combine Formula t10 and Prolexin IGF-1 that you’ll receive numerous benefits, so you should be on the alert. Other culprits/combinations include “Superior Velvet” and “Amino Prime”.  

These other supplements (like Prolexin IGF-WTF) are usually marketed as bulking or male enhancement supplements. Most are useless – Prolexin and Superior velvet tout the “power” of velvet deer antler for example – which is actually very unproven as a supplement, or even completely useless.

So all these are celebrity hype for package deals that get you to spend even more – lure you in with a “free trial” sample – and then hit you with an auto re-billing plan in the fine print.

“Free Trial”  ; p

You won’t have to pay anything at all at first, except for the fee for shipping and handling. And then you’ll have 14 days to try out the supplement to see if it works for you. If you think that it does work, you’re then billed the full amount for the product, and that’s about $80 a bottle, depending on the seller. Some poor souls are billed several hundred because of bulk subscriptions.

And here’s what’s worse. They have been tons of complaints about a subscription program that sends you another monthly supply and an automatic bill every month. You’ll have to call up the company to cancel the service, and they can be very insistent that you stay on.

Where to Buy Formula T10  ?

Like we said, Formula T10 seems to be mostly discontinued (phew).

Most sites redirect to “TesteroneXL” or “ Pure Muscle Gain”.  Frustrating and wierd. We suggest you don’t try these products either- here is a shot of the TesteroneXL terms and conditions, where they did not even bother to fill in details.

“So does T10 really work?” Verdict!

Frankly, many test boosters out there are just not very good, or are over hyped. T10’s formula is not the worst, but its sales and advertising are pretty horrible for buyers. Why not try something that has better value outright?

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