Ciltep Nootropic Buying Guide: Can This Really Make You Smart?

Ciltep Nootropic Buying Guide: 

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When you have supplements such as vitamins that can keep your body healthy, it’s not too much of a leap to suppose that there are supplements as well that can help your brain work better as well. After all, you can drink alcohol and it can make you act stupid, while millions all over the world drink coffee to keep themselves alert and awake. But there must be something better than simple coffee, since caffeine can be addictive and it can make you jittery.

That leads us to Ciltep Nootropic. Is the brain booster that you’re looking for?

What is Ciltep Nootropic?

Ciltep Nootropic is a supplement that’s supposed to help improve your mental performance. It makes you more alert, and better able to focus on what you’re doing. It gives you the motivation to stay on course for your tasks, and it also keeps your brain from getting tired too quickly. It elevates your mood, and helps you deal with stressful situations. You’re also better able to study, as you can improve how you remember and process information.

It’s quite a popular supplement, and its development started way back since 2011. It’s now used by thousands of people including students, scientists, and people on Wall Street. Even championship poker players have admitted to using it too.


Most reviews approve of Ciltep Nootropic because of its “open source” origins. Reviewers have even tried it themselves, and they’ve used it for various stacks to find the optimal combination of supplements.

The review says that “It may be the most potent and powerful on the market, today.” after a month-long trial. Other reviews, such as those in,, and all say that it’s worth a try. Lots of people say it works, there are no reports of serious side effects, and it’s not all that expensive. You have lots to gain and little to lose.


On sites like, the reviews for Ciltep Nootropic are decidedly mixed. It’s as if there’s a fifty-fifty chance that it will work or not, so its average rating is at a paltry 3.3 stars.

Here are some of the more approving comments:

  • I think it is helping me be more focused. I just started my second month of using this every day.” FUAH, verified purchase,
  • I won’t be without Ciltep to start my day! It took me about 2 months to work out the perfect dosage for me – not everyone is the same, so try until you get it right for you.” Brkpnt, verified purchase,
  • CILTEP is awesome. I feel a difference within an hour and then have a great work session the rest of the time.” Harkla, verified purchase,

But others feel that it doesn’t help at all:

  • I finished the entire bottle with no results. Funny thing is, I felt like it worked the first day or two. It turns out this was a placebo effect.” Zack Howell, verified purchase,
  • Now my bottle is almost over, I’m 40 bucks poorer and have exactly as much trouble focusing as I did before.” Xavier Arias, verified purchase,


The ingredients here aren’t just a stack of well-known ingredients. Instead, these ingredients were tested carefully by the makers before they became part of the stack. At least here you know how much you get for each ingredient. It doesn’t contain caffeine, but it’s recommended that you stack it with a caffeine supplement.

The usual serving is 2 to 3 capsules a day. That gives you some leeway if the usual 2-cap serving isn’t enough.

Where to Buy

Ciltep Nootropic is available at a lot of many online retail sites. On its official website, a bottle of 60 capsules costs $42.95 and this is also the same price for other sites like However, on the official site you can buy 4 bottles to enjoy a 15% discount, while buying 6 gives you a 20% discount.

If you wish to buy it on an alternative site, your best bet is probably After all, it’s much cheaper here and it’s a safe and well-known retail site. Here you can get it for $37.94, and the shipping is even free.


Basically, these reviews demonstrate that the use of Ciltep Nootropic has to be tweaked, with exercise and diet, plus other supplements like caffeine. It’s not going to be as easy as taking a few caps for some people.

But it can be easy, although with a different nootropic. Not even the best nootropics work well for everyone, and it just means you may want to try something different.

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