Prime Male Review & Results- Best Test Booster On the Market?

Prime Male Review- Buying Guide for the US, UK and Worldwide

The Good: Quick and Strong results for testosterone and overall health. Quality Ingredients and testing. Many believable testimonials.

The Bad:  Strict refund policy: 90 day guarantee applies only if you actually use for 3 months.

Intro:  A good test booster aimed at men over 30; this is sold as a quality, premium product. However the price is worth the results.

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Testofuel Review- Will This Really Boost Your Muscle and Strength?

TestoFuel Review + Buying Guide:

The Good: Effective, strong ingredients and results. Years of detailed testimonials and track records.

The Bad:  Above average price. Only available from the official store

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In 2014 Testofuel was easily the market leader. It is still extremely popular, and some think it is still THE name mentioned when you talk about testosterone boosters.

So Testofuel is one of the pioneers of “natural test boosters”.  Meaning that most of the ingredients can be found naturally- and its supposed to deliver gains for muscle, energy and strength, in a way that’s safe – side effects are nowhere as severe as synthetic steroids.

Testofuel is good for:

  • Easier, Greater Muscle gains: Better recovery, and hormone/testosterone optimization
  • Increased Strength – Bust through your personal best and your sticking points more easily
  • Leaner Body and less fat – certain fat blocking abilities, and hence more sculpted definition and abs
  • More Energy and Libido  – Motivation and stamina to push longer and stronger, in the gym or in the sack  : )

Over the years, Testofuel has gained dozens of detailed testimonials from athletes and lifters. Our team broke through our personal records for lifts while on this (see results below).  It seems that the product has results for fitness, energy and testosterone- that are backed by science, and really work for thousands of people.

Our Testofuel Review- How Good is This for Strength and Fitness?

When we first saw Testofuel, we wondered if it was too kool for skool: the packaging is definitely attention getting or even flashy (Orange is Avengers, bro). We usually don’t expect huge steroid-like gains from natural testosterone supplements, contrary to what flashy brands blast in the media. However Testofuel did seem to give gradual but real results…

We tested this on strongman enthusiast Lil’ John, age 24, and Evan, age 39.  We have a minimum 3+ years of experience with strength and conditioning programs almost on a daily basis. We take many other supplements as well- though we tried to clear our systems of similar test boosters for about a week before trying

Weeks 1-2:

The first thing we noticed was a libido boost that was not placebo (even for John the younger dude) – in less than a week this means “blue balls”! But note that Testofuel is meant to produce other results like strength gains, rather than mainly acting as a “boner pill”.

Lil’ John (not so lil’ – 1.79 m tall and 84 kg) noticed better alertness upon waking. Evan noticed slightly better recovery and sleeping patterns.

Not so lil’ John

Generally we noticed better energy for workouts – more volume or reps for Evan functional training, bodyweight moves like pistols and (assisted) one arm pushups, and heavy/double kettlebell lifts.  John – on a basic plan of deadlifts, squats and bench – could lift a few more pounds for some workouts, or squeeze in an extra rep here and there. Nothing consistent yet..

Months 1-2

Now this started to get promising:  John started to make slightly faster progress on some compound lifts – deadlift, squat; something like about 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks (15 pounds at the end of month 2). Given that he was training with roughly the same frequency and intensity as before, and gained something like 8 pounds in a previous workout plan, this was good, though not huge.

Evan tended to use functional exercises , for example the double kettlebell clean and press (2x 24 kg, but with good form, which makes things much harder) – was generally able to squeeze out an extra rep for many sets.

John did not notice much difference for recovery , but for Evan who tends to feel slightly sore most days, we noticed slightly less fatigue and soreness.

Month 3 -4

At this point, most of us were seeing a more obvious improvement. Evan was recovering better and enjoying better energy and alertness. Less soreness generally able to push for longer periods.

John who was on the husky side of the scale, now looked more definitely strong. Though we were eating slightly more and not really going on a specific cutting goal, our gains did not look “puffy”- it was easier to look a bit more “sculpted”. Testofuel is not a dedicated fat burner, but can be a mild fat blocker.

John’s Deadlift was up by another 10 pounds (at the end of the 3rd month – round 25 pounds total gains), and another 15 pounds each on the squat and bench. His bulk started to look “harder”.

We noticed generally better strength and recovery, and better libido. And a great thing for sanity while trying to manage a busy life with a workout routine, was better energy and mood.

But note that the best gains come after at least 8 -12 week cycles (or 2-3 months of regular use, combined with a good fitness or strength program). You probably should give this time to get the maximum results, which makes common sense.

How Does Testofuel Work? (Ingredients and Dosages)


TestoFuel was initially meant to be clean, and simple:

What we first noticed and liked about this was that it was a non proprietary formula- all ingredients are disclosed. And it had big dosages of essential vitamins and minerals for testosterone support: AND that they worked in a synergy or “stack”:

  • Vitamin D3: A big 5,000 IU dose of an essential vitamin -that also treats all kinds of nutrient as well as testosterone deficiencies common today.
  • Vitamin K2: Boosts testosterone synthesis, this combines in a fantastic way with the Vitamin D above.
  • Magnesium: Scientifically shown to increase both free & total testosterone – and many people are also deficient in this vital mineral..
  • Zinc: renowned for virility and sex drive- and also crucial for health and testosterone.
Testofuel is a great sports nutrition supplement: Vitamin B6 + Magnesium Aspartate + Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate actually add up to the classic sports stack called ZMA – linked to greater strength, androgens (masculine functions and features), deeper sleep and faster muscle recovery!
TestoFuel manages to cover the most important vitamins and minerals that are involved in testosterone production in one formula.  Vitamin D3 ,Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Zinc – all of them work together for testosterone, overall health, and healing various libido or stress related problems.

As for the other ingredients?

D aspartic acid:  One notable point about Testofuel is 2300 mg of DAA- what we consider a generous but safe dosage. DAA can stimulate testosterone release effectively (some research shows a BIG spike, 42% in 12 days.), as well as libido and fertility. Blue balls is an interesting side effect  : )

It also boosts the Luteinizing Hormone that signals the testes to make more testosterone, and seems to have a role in the release of growth hormone. 2300 mg is decent and useful for daily use (and see below for oyster).

Asian Red Panax Ginseng : 100 mg

We really like Panax (or True) Ginseng. Ginseng supplies active ginsenosides that have been shown in animal and human research to boost testosterone, fertility, mental alertness, stamina and immunity –  and even more.

Fenugreek , 100 mg: this can help testosterone, sex drive, muscle growth and endurance.

Oyster Extract:  This one is interesting- oyster is actually classed as a “food” by the FDA, rather than a vitamin- but comes with dozens of essential vitamins and minerals, like a natural test booster on its own. It is high in zinc, supplies and catalyzes DAA, and also comes with many other vitamins and amino acids for immunity and health.

Overall Testofuel has : 1. a good selection of key Testosterone ingredients

2. in an effective and synergized formula.

3. with transparent dosages and quality controls

The Testofuel formula is a simple yet solid one.

Other Testofuel Reviews and Testimonials 

One of the best parts about reviewing an established product and company is seeing dozens of genuine testimonials. We can be cynical but sometimes its just heartwarming…

It’s great to know that at 70 years old, bodybuilding legend Mr Olympia Robbie Robinson bothers to introduce Testofuel to his associates/organizations and his personal ‘Lifter friends.

Elite athletes can be very mistrustful of supplements companies and what is recommended to them- and its great to know that Robby is willing to stake his reputation, because he trusts the product personally:

Natural testosterone supplements can help for any age- not just those marketed toward young bodybuilders.

More User Results and Testimonials…

Testofuel has collected numerous other great reviews besides…

Bryce got blood tested; and its not just for superhumans, but it helps the underdog reach strength and a better life:

Bryce says that transparent ingredients are better all round- so you know what goes into your body. And that its important to buy from a trusted source; Roar Ambition displays a ton of detailed testimonials.

Testofuel’s seems to work for both pro athletes and everyday people, boosting stamina and fitness all round. It seems especially helpful for users who have a hard time gaining mass, or who struggle with normal training routines. We saw testimonials of users who seem to have had a naturally lean physique.

Williams says that he felt a noticeable difference between using this and other leading brands of supplements,  and that he is very sure it was Testofuel that made the major difference for him.

Testofuel also seems popular for use in cutting cycles- when a bodybuilder or athlete is cutting weight, while trying to maintain his lean muscle gains. You can suffer from increased system stress. Testofuel looks good for preventing this.

“Is Taking Testofuel like using Anabolic Steroids?”

Natural testosterone boosters like Testofuel help the body to make more testosterone on its own. They are NOT synthetic or anabolic steroids. The latter are lab created drugs (taken by injection or in pills) to directly introduce synthetic testosterone into the body.

Anabolic steroid use needs to be tracked on complicated or daily basis (and tend to be not strictly legal in most states, and side effects are often stronger) Natural test boosters are safer and easier to use.

“Is Testofuel Safe?” Side Effects and Certifications:

Testofuel acts like a super vitamin – and has clinically accurate doses. You are pretty darn safe – even when we overdosed on this deliberately for a couple of weeks, there were no side effects. Apart from an increased libido boost, though we do not recommend overdosing for long periods! However note that nothing is 100% safe and some people may have rare allergies; it is good to check with your doc if this is the case.

TestoFuel is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified product- certified safe by international and US organizations as safe for everyday consumption. Testofuel is produced in certified facilities in the US and UK; which maintain strict standards of safety and hygiene.

“Can I combine Testofuel with other Supplements for daily use?”

As mentioned, Testofuel is quite safe and non-toxic; ingredients are natural and meant for long term benefits. We also think that Testofuel can be quite easy to stack or combine with other supplements, as it includes a focused blend of a few ingredients in good doses, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. Which can make this easier for users and especially athletes already taking other supplements.

Who Should Use Testofuel? Who Should NOT?

You should not take Testofuel if you are very impatient. Ideally you should be taking this for at least 3 months – some results are quick, but natural testosterone enhancement is better seen long term.

You get more energy, libido and recovery for better workouts fairly quick, and you’ll maintain gains and fat composition more easily; so Testofuel will give you an edge when combined with a good training program.

Can I buy Testofuel on Amazon, GNC, Online? 

Quality Control

We searched but you cannot buy this on Amazon, GNC, Walmart and similar online stores, only direct from the official site. This is a way to enforce quality control, ensuring there are no cheap replica knockoffs.

Where to buy Testofuel –  Price and Bulk Orders?

Testofuel seems fairly expensive, at $65/box (there is a buy 3 get 1 free though, which works out to $49/box). This could be meant to appeal to serious quality buyers.

In our case, we tried a number of other test boosters for over a year, which was often confusing and depressing, and they did not work very well at all. And wasted much more money (not to mention time), until we decided to give Testofuel a go. We recommend this because its actually the smarter option- rather than running around spending on lots of less effective stuff.

You could actually even try buying all the ingredients separately – but this will likely take you months of research to finally find quality versions for everything, and will probably cost you even more cash at first. Though you might save some cash if buying in bulk over a longer time, and you’re willing to store (and keep track of) 10 different bottles!

Are there Discounts or sale offers?

We recommend that you get the 3 month (get 1 free) supply – called the Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package – because you get the best overall value, as well as a 100% money back guarantee. And yes you could still try to get a refund even if it works for you, but that’s just being an ass about it- and you might get banned from future purchases if they detect your previous false claim  ; )

Shipping and Delivery: In The USA, UK and Worldwide

Shipping is quick and efficient- they deliver to most countries in the world (see below for those they don’t deliver to). Customers in the US can receive their shipments via UPS Surepost, UPS 2Day or USPS priority mail. Delivery times range from two to 3 days if you choose the priority options. Packages are sent with tracking methods, so customers can keep track of orders easily.

UK customers have their orders delivered by Royal Mail. Orders are sent from the company’s depot in England. Most arrive within one to two business days.

Orders sent to other parts of Europe are sent by royal mail and usually arrive within three to six business days.  Customers who live in Canada, Australia and the rest of the world will receive their orders by Royal Mail. Most arrive within five to ten business days.

Testofuel Review: Our Verdict

Testofuel is a solid, dependable formula that works- for strength and muscle, as well as overall health.

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Alpha Fuel XT Reviews- Weak Ingredients and Sales tactics?

Alpha Fuel XT Review and Ingredients Breakdown:

The Good:  So-so test booster, some good ingredients for libido and energy.

The Bad:  Could have included more basic testosterone ingredients like vitamin D or Zinc. Some Poor sales practices.

What You Need To Know:   Energy and drive affect your confidence as a guy- any many of us will never admit to this in public. There are many testosterone supplements in the market that have been touted as best for your sex drive, energy or muscle growth. Alpha Fuel XT looks like its trending fast …

But just because a product is highly sought after does not mean it’s the best supplement for you. You have to know if there are side effects, so you need to ask questions like – is Alpha Fuel XT safe? Where can I buy a genuine high quality testosterone booster?

“Does Alpha Fuel Work?”

Studies have shown that men begin to lose majority of their testosterone as soon as they reach their mid 20’s and this is precisely the reason why a lot of us start to feel weak, tired and unhappy frequently.There are many testosterone supplements in the market that have been touted as best for your sex drive, energy or muscle growth.

Alpha Fuel Reviews on Amazon…

Reviews will always be mixed, but there seems to be very little middle ground in the reviews for Alpha Fuel XT. People either love it or hate it like poison…

This is not totally uncommon with supplements; people like what works for them and dislike what doesn’t. However, the reviews on Alpha Fuel XT took this to a new level. Over 80 percent of the reviews on Amazon are either 5-star or 1-star, and there are very few in between. Most of the people who like it gave general praise of the product and how it worked for them.

Helps to increase my stamina,” says Francisco M.

An excellent and reliable boost,” said Brook H.

On the other hand, there were many unhappy customers who were more than happy to voice to their opinions:

This product is a joke,” says Vincent G. “Not healthy or helpful in any way. Didn’t effect my normal workouts, didn’t increase stamina, didn’t add to energy level, sex drive, etc… Just spent money, needlessly.”

“Does not work for me,” says Andrew C. “Still feel tired all day long. No change at all in my energy level.”

The most interesting review on Amazon was by Simon Reign, and he says, “100% pure crap, flushed it down the toilet with the rest of the… I gave it an honest try and it failed.”

Unfortunately, even the positive reviews go into very little detail about how the supplement benefited the customer. The vast majority of the positive reviews say “Great stuff” or “It really works,” but few give any specifics.

“Good product,” says one Amazon customer. “Helped increase me energy level.”

Others, not so much.  “No effect at all,” says another recent review.

Ingredients in Alpha Fuel XT
The Ingredients in Alpha Fuel look like they could be the start of a decent test booster – and we actually felt some good health effects. However there are a number of factors that make us go “mehh… hang on a second…”

Frankly, other boosters work stronger and faster (we’ll talk more about this later). And a dubious point is this “proprietary formula”, which is sometimes an excuse to save costs on bigger doses of the better ingredients. We don’t like to see proprietary formulas on labels- its not difficult for a company to just state ingredients in a forthright way.

But let’s start with the list:

alpha fuel ingredients

Oat Straw (or Avena Sativa)

This is typically used as un-ripened oat straw and has been tested for benefits such as cognition (thinking, alertness, memory) – and there is small evidence for testosterone boosting, though this may still need to be confirmed in more experiments.

Long Jack Root – The Malayan name for this is Tongkat ali (and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack in latin and medical terms). This plant is supposed to boost testosterone, and sex drive.

Longjack is a tad overrated, though it works ok in a stack with other ingredients.

Mucuna Pruriens –  This “magic bean” hails from tropical regions such as India, Bahamas, and southern Florida. Now this herb is less well known but we are pleased to say that it too has a number of nice health effects:  low testosterone, stress, libido and alertness.

However the effects come from a concentrate of levadopa in the beans (producing positive mood and health effects), and it is impossible to tell this from a proprietary blend.

Nettle Root – This one is interesting; nettle root seems to offer a number of useful health benefits but does not work directly on testosterone. It’s has some small benefit for inflammation, various immune effects for colds etc, and prostate health. But again it helps to know dosages – and we noticed no effect unfortunately.

Diindolymethane – usually called DIM, this substance is hyped for antioxidant abilities, but this is probably overrated. Inflammation and cancer prevention? Sorry- probably only in bigger high quality doses, and usually from raw vegetables like broccoli, rather than DIM.

Tribulus Terrestris – In Eastern cultures like China and india, this is a semi- legendary herb for male virility and vitality. Some research shows good effects on heart health, urogenital health and sex drive – it also seems to work as an adaptogen, meaning that it is versatile for all kinds of things involving health, strength and stamina- though in reality, effects tend to be mild rather than miraculous. Also, you actually need to standardize this for protodioscin (a substance in the herb) to work. We don’t think Alpha Fuel has this correct dosage; as mentioned, effects were mild.

Ashwagandha –  Normally we like this herb, even though its name literally stinks (meaning “smell of horse!” in Ayurvedic Indian); it’s a weed that works for anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, physical performance ( in both athletes and unft people).

However you usually need a strong (and disclosed) dosage or concentration for this to work consistently. Again, we noticed a tiny improvement in energy, but can’t help thinking this could do better.

Piper Nigrum – This stuff is actually the extract of black pepper. It doesn’t boost T levels in itself but its meant to be synergistic- it improves absorption of other nutrients in the body. Basically this helps ensure that the other ingredients in this supplement are properly used in the body’s chemical reactions.

Magnesium and Zinc:   These are classic testosterone supplements for Low T, so this here is decent.

Alpha Fuel’s formula could be a bit stronger and a lot more reliable:  Despite its promises that you may notice results in as little as 3 weeks, for many users such results are unlikely. In fact, you’re going to need at least 3 months to see the effects.

And out of the entire list, most of the ingredients are a bit unpredictable in results:  only 2-3 are what we consider more reliable or better, like zinc and mucuna. And even then they do not reveal the concentration or quality. Now you know why we dislike “proprietary blends”? You really want supplements with transparent dosages.

Is Alpha Fuel safe? Any side effects?  

The short answer is yes its safe; we have not experienced problems with this, and have not heard of severe reactions from others.  If you are taking some other medication or if you have underlying health problems, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor about testosterone supplements. This ensures there are no bad interactions with other drugs you’re taking.

Scams and Hype?

Also: there used to be a number of realistic looking ads online that imitated Men’s Health magazine – suggesting like celebs like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson take Alpha Fuel, in order to get so huge. As of 2017, most of these seem to have been removed, but just to let you know, you might still see things like this (click here for ad/fake “news”):

One of our guy’s mother’s saw the ad and thought it was real- so you’ve been warned!

Also there are some simple or carelessly done small pages and sites online promoting Alpha Fuel XT. Many feature what we think are strange marketing methods.

Here is an example of a video we found (click here)

The speaker is Dr. James Vanderloop, a chiropractor practicing in Houston, Texas. At first glance this video seems credible (though sound quality is bad). However, we realized there were some things too smooth with words:

In the first minute of the video, Dr Vanderloop seems to position himself as a “physician to the stars”, like a celebrity doctor; when actually what he says is “some people I got to meet from my office AS WELL AS MY LIFE” ; which include stars like Harrison Ford or NFL players, astronauts, etc. He could have bumped into them on the street! The image is that he’s a private consultant to celebs.

Some people look down upon chiropractors and claim they are not as good as “real doctors”. We think a chiropractor has spent years in detailed health related study (and may also have nutrition specialties), and probably knows more about supplements in his field than a random person. What we find questionable is things left unsaid…

In the last part of the video (round the 4th minute), Dr Vanderloop compares taking Alpha Fuel (pills), with taking testosterone directly as a gel. He says that testosterone gels could be too strong, and “so Alpha Fuel could also be too strong” –  quickly jumping between 2 different products. Without actually talking about Alpha Fuel itself.

You can’t say he’s lying, but this is a smooth way of suggesting celebrity status, and saying something works without actually talking about the product itself.Funny_Doctor_Quotes

We agree there’s nothing wrong with Alpha Fuel either – there’s just nothing awesome about it, and its probably not strong enough. Which leads us to another problem …

Where To Buy Alpha Fuel XT – Free Trial? For sale offers online? Price and costs…

You can buy Alpha Fuel XT on Amazon – with good return policies and delivery systems. Pricing and packages on Amazon seem different than on the main manufacturer’s site, and we suggest you buy on Amazon if you absolutely have to get this.

It is likely that individual sellers got permission from the parent company to sell this on Amazon, at better rates (as mentioned below, the buying terms from the main company are pretty bad). As far as we know, this product is not sold on GNC or Walmart or other online US/UK stores.

The main company looks more problematic: Round the start of 2016, Alpha fuel had a massive marketing blitz. The web is filled with small sites promoting links to it.

There do not seem to be convenient links to buy Alpha Fuel XT online from the parent company. : Usually those skimpy sites lead you to this main company sales page here:

You need to search pretty hard through the fine print on their “Terms” page:

if you do not cancel your subscription within 18 days from the day you place the initial order, at the end of the 18 day period the card you provided will be charged $89.99 (which includes shipping and handling) plus applicable taxes for the bottle you received and for the access to the health and weight loss portal. Approximately 45 days from your original purchase date and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent another bottle of your purchased product and your credit card or debit card on file will be billed for $89.99 (which includes shipping and handling) plus applicable taxes.

The actual trial period itself is only 10 days (+ 4 days shipping). So you are actually not given much time at all to test – 10 days is way too short. You are given 18 days to cancel, or you are automatically subscribed for $89 per month! There are options for you to try to call them to extend this period, but from experience it is not likely you will find any of this convenient for you.

By the time you try to call and cancel, or ship bottles to return term back and forth, it will be very difficult for you to get returns done in time- not to mention extra shipping costs on top of all this, which you are obliged to pay for. Ouch. 

Alpha Fuel and Alpha Cut?

Alpha Cut is considered by some as an alternative to Alpha Fuel, as it also comes with certain ingredients that are designed to aid in muscle building. However, it’s more accurate to say that it’s a complementary product to Fuel, which is why Fuel and Cut are often sold together.

Alpha Cut helps you carve lean muscle through weight management. It’s essentially a fat burner as well as a hormone balancer. So you can try to use Fuel to boost muscle development, and then Cut helps you shed the fat you inevitably gain when you put on muscle.

Verdict and Results – Does it work?

A couple of our team mates tried this, and actually its better than we originally feared. The libido boost was nice, but other strength and energy effects seemed slow, and less obvious than other boosters we like. We’d use this if we had nothing better, but our 2 reasons for rejecting this are:

  1. We think they’ve been a bit weak with ingredients and proprietary formula
  2. There’s a number of strange marketing tactics around this that are problematic.

Simply put- Alpha Fuel is actually not that bad… but its not that good either. On the flip side, we see many complaints about this, but don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with Alpha Fuel. If someone gives you free samples that can last for 3 months, then you should thank them!

But you should probably think about trying something that has better quality and sale offers.

Animal Stak Review- Why You Should Keep It Simple for Muscle…

Animal Stak Review and Results:

The Good:   Some good results. Big range of potentially good ingredients.

The Bad:  Possible side effects. Odd dosages. Complicated proprietary formula- Impossible to track. What is Animal Stak, & who makes it? 

What’s better than Stak?

Normally our website reviews testosterone supplements and boosters, and because of this reason, we HAD to take a crack at one of the oldest testosterone boosters on the market, Animal Stak.

Animal Stak is a well-known supplement in the body building industry, especially among gym veterans. It’s made by Universal Nutrition, which is a well known manufacturer, with a wide range of products.

Tons of bodybuilders and older folks at the gym will swear by Animal Stak, and rightfully so- the company has been around for 9 years, has a massive product line, and has great reviews as a supposedly do-all, catch-all, muscle builder and booster.

Editor’s Note – Travis, age 31, assistant trainer and ‘lifting enthusiast, reviews most of this article:  Honestly, I am a little skeptical of the product. As someone who is newer to the game of bodybuilding (less than 3 years in the iron game, but 10+ years in other sports) and getting those extra grinds and reps in the gym, I have my supplements and boosters that I really like…

(Note:  for a more technical analysis of Stak ingredients and effects on Post Cycling Therapy, see the FAQ at the end of this article– meant for more experienced “lifters” and “juicers”)

… some of my older mentors keep raving about it and are really trying to get me to give it a chance. Some of the veterans swear by this stuff. So I finally caved and decided to give it a good look and a chance.  

Animal Stak makes some bold claims about being so much more than just a testosterone booster. I am used to having to take a lot of different supplements to achieve the results I want, so something that advertises itself as a “complete anabolic hormone stack” is pretty attractive.

So my hope is going to be that Animal Stak will save me a few bucks, and give me the boost that all my previous supplement stack has been giving me. Save time, save money, give me more time to get in the gym and embarrass the old timers heh …

How good is this? Will it really work for you?  

That depends, will you work for it? Animal Stak will build muscle. That’s what this is all about after all. But YOU have to put in the effort to build that muscle. Animal Stak is nothing without getting those reps in and having the discipline to actually work out and dedicate yourself to body building and training.

Animal Stak 2 vs Stak 1- What’s the Difference? 

Editor’s note:  Unlike many earlier reviews, this one is for “Animal Stak 2” – though the company just calls it Animal Stak again. The formula has been revamped and apparently improved.

The first Animal Stak did contain steroid substances that were not legal in many countries. This new version removes or replaces banned substances (pro hormones) . Click here to check out buying options on Amazon.

Some die-hard fans of the brand love its long-lived “garage” feel, street cred and reputation. Stak has been around for more than 10 years… But we have to note that in the end they are still a big corporation/business  – and they do change their formula depending on their goals. Sorry guys, Animal is not God.

One of the things I like about Animal Stak is that it has been around for a while. It isn’t just a flash in the pan supplement. What I had been told about Animal Stak, about it not really working, well that was a different version of the formula from 7 years ago. So I thought to give it a chance: Who knows?

Who is it for?

Animal Stak really seems like they are just marketing to body builders. Forget other sports. This is supposedly for gaining muscle. This is for people who want to stay drug free and naturally build their muscles. Many of the folks who I talked to mentioned they really liked Animal Stak.

Proprietary Blend and Ingredients

But I am not so sure. My one big problem with Animal Stak is that they dont reveal exact dosages for their ingredients. This may be okay for some people, people who just like something that works.

But for me, I like to dig deeper, I like to know exactly what im taking, and how much of it. I need to know what I am putting in my body, and at that point Animal Stak falls seriously short.

And I get it, 10 years ago this may have been something that was okay, not giving exact ingredients and amounts. But its 2017: I’m tired of proprietary blends and putting shit into my body without knowing what it is  ;p

There are three ingredients I usually look for when buying a testosterone booster, and that’s D-Aspartic Acid, ginseng, and oyster extract, and Animal Stak has none of them. It really puzzles me that they don’t have these in the formula.  

Who is it NOT for?

I know Animal Stak doesn’t market itself as a testosterone booster, but that’s what I want to gain more muscle. And this just doesn’t have some of the proven ingredients that I want. And I don’t know how much is in it.

Being that it says it’s an “anabolic hormone booster”, and not JUST a testosterone booster, and I just need to see more testosterone boosting ingredients. So what’s funny is: if you are looking specifically for testosterone boosting, this may not be for you!

Animal Stak Online Reviews and Testimonials 

Being that Animal Stak has been around for so long, there is a lot out there about it. And people have both good and bad things to say about it.

Who is da bitch?

Elman says “I’m almost 60 and I’ve been using this product for the last 5 or more years off and on. I see the results every time I’ve used this product. Lots of good natural testosterone boosters, growth hormone, cell repair supplements in one complete stack.”

Dustyn adds “I wouldn’t say I noticed significant gains on this stak. However, I did notice that my energy levels during the work-out were increased and my strength was increased slightly when taking this supplement.”

Results and My Experience 

So here’s the deal, I took Animal Stak for a month. And I can agree with Dustyn that I did feel a small boost to my strength and energy. Animal Stak certainly did SOMETHING for me. I did feel an added energy and some added strength. I just didn’t see the definition that I was looking for.

Bottom line (at least in my subjective experience):  it does do something – just that I’ve felt much better before. And with no kind of listing of ingredients, it just wasn’t worth it. I feel like there are other testosterone boosters that  really help that I can trust more.

Overall, i’m sure when Animal Stak hit the streets all those years ago, it was an awesome product. But we have come far, and I expect more. Many old timers started body building with Animal Stak and will remain with it. But for me, I prefer something I know a bit more about. 

Animal Stak Ingredients Breakdown

The ingredient list for Animal Stak is pretty long and involved. And it certainly does have some products that have been proven to boost testosterone and help produce muscle.

Just glancing at the list, I see things pop out to me like Vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D-3, tribullus terrestris, fenugreek, L-Carnitine, arginine, etc…

And that’s not even everything. There are seriously a ton of ingredients in this stuff. Which when said out loud sounds really impressive. Like, oh the whole kitchen sink is in here.

And this is where my biggest gripe with Animal Stak comes in: they don’t list dosages of how much of an ingredient is included. So even though they include SOME clinically proven ingredients, they could be trace amounts that won’t actually help.

Ingredients:  How do they work?

 But i’m not a complete naysayer, so I can give credit where credit is due. There are SOME good things with Animal Stak. We are told the amount of ingredients that are in Animal Stak when it comes to zinc, magnesium vitamin B6, and vitamin D-3. Although this is looked at as a strength of Animal Stak, really it something I have come to expect from the boosters I take. So this is not so much going above and beyond, but the standard.

The ZMA (zinc, magnesium, & vitamin B6) blend within Animal Stak is one of the most proven blends to help boost testosterone levels.  The ZMA blend is known to boost testosterone. And all these other ingredients, if you are deficient in them, well then you will certainly see a boost. That’s to go without saying.

Vitamin B6 works as an energy booster.

Vitamin D-3 is particularly important for those who may be deficient in testosterone and CAN in some cases help boost testosterone.

L-Carnitine can help you from fatiguing and cashing out of your workout early.

Keep it simple.

Tribulus terrestris and fenugreek can help with libido, increasing sex drive:  But once again, they do not list the amount of these ingredients. So if you want to take Animal Stak and want the bonus of increased sex drive, who knows how much fenugreek is actually in there or if it will make a difference.

Risks and Effectiveness? 

These ingredients CAN certainly boost muscle production and COULD be highly effective, but we just don’t know how much of each ingredient is in there. So although they could be helpful, we don’t know that they will work for everyone because of lack of ingredient levels.

My personal preference is always going to be just to pick the exact amounts of the ingredients I want without having to take things I don’t need. 

But for me, the risk of not knowing what is in the product is too much. I need solid numbers, and I need dosage information for ingredients. And I need some clinical studies to back things up. (see the FAQ below for a more technical analysis)

User reports are a bit too varied for my liking, as well as for other accounts I’ve heard of. Some people talk about Animal Stak like a miracle booster, and some spend hundreds of dollars and report no change.

Side effects- Is Animal Stak safe? 

Some users have reported side effects to using Animal Stak. Those are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Acne
  • Pimples on the back
  • Long lasting erections
  • Difficulty sleeping at night

There have also been some reports of it causing severe acne.

How to take it? 

Animal Stak comes in an edgy animal looking tin, but opens up to show a number of bags of pills (which can be fearsome for casual users, as these look large and daunting). Hardcore, baby.

One advantage to Animal Stak is that you only need to take the pills according to the instructions provided – there’s no second-guessing what you should do. But keep in mind that you’ll be taking a large number of pills and you have to take them daily. You should take these pills 30 minutes before your workout. On your rest days, you should take them at night.

However, your body can adapt to the pills so you may get less effective results as time passes. Your kidneys and your liver may also be overloaded. That’s why you need to cycle your use of the supplement. You can take the pills for 3 weeks and then you have to stop for an entire week before you can begin another cycle.

What should I take it with? How do I stack with M Stak, Animal Pak, Animal test?

The company that makes Animal Stak, Universal Nutrition, has many other Animal branded products in their line they recommend taking Animal Stak with.

They especially recommend Animal Pak, a multivitamin that is said to work in harmony with Animal Stak. There are a number of other supplements in the Animal line that can be taken together. Frankly, we find most of them to be a bit unpredictable, loaded with proprietary formulas and scores of ingredients. (see the FAQ below if you are into more technical analysis’)

Where to buy Animal Stak 

Animal Stak is not hard to find, and can be purchased at many brick and mortar vitamin shops, as well as GNC, Amazon,

How long does it last? 

You can usually get a 3 week supply of Animal Stak for $35. That is 21 stak’s with 8 pills in each stak.              


  • Claims to help boost testosterone
  • Helps with sex drive
  • Can help build muscles in some cases
  • Has the zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6 blend 


  • Proprietary blend, no exact dosages of ingredients
  • Missing proven testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Mixed reviews, some see no change, and some love it
  • No scientific studies
  • Massive dases, 8 pills at a time
  • Side effects can be rough, like bad acne

Animal Stak Results

Basically: you won’t notice a buzz like a pre workout formula, but you should notice increased strength and endurance during workouts, an extra rep or so in the first few weeks, gradually increasing into the months beyond. You should also notice increased libido and erections : )

Some users do report stimulatory effects 30-40 minutes after taking though, so you may want to be careful using this in the evenings.

Some users also report good results for body recomposition – though again we will note that proper recomp programs are usually meant for advanced lifters. That means improved vascualirity and definition.

Occasional reports of side effects are of oily skin or acne. Other hormonal imbalances may only show up over time if Stak is used carelessly – which may cause weakness in the long run. As for its “aromatase inhibitors” and DHT blockers, Stak is better used in combination with other supplements, by users who are more experienced with cycling and other plans (see FAQ below).


Here’s the deal: we don’t want to insult those who say Animal Stak works. But the claim that they are a “all-around anabolic hormone booster” without any clinical studies is concerning. And the average consumer doesn’t really know what that means.

But I’m not just going to take some supplement because of a fancy label and some big claims. I really would rather stay away from a proprietary blend, and focus more on things that I trust, and can read and trust the ingredients inside.

If Animal Stak works for you, great. But I will be looking into using more user-friendly, proven testosterone boosters.         

Frequently Asked Questions :“Cycling”, Animal Pak and Product Stacking, and more…

Is this suitable for Beginners and everyday use?  We would actually recommend a more versatile and safer test booster instead.

Experienced lifters (5 + years intensive training) will be pleased to know that users usually report obvious increases in strength, stamina and recovery – which in turn leads to greater gains.  This is an effective but complex booster meant to increase and support both testosterone and growth hormone levels and output. It contains anti-estrogenic ingredients, cortisol blockers, vasolidators, DHT blockers, and liver detoxification ingredients.

Many veteran lifters believe Stak is great for a post cycle therapy regimen. So we believe that Stak may not necessarily function at its best as a standalone booster and hormone “modulator”; it may need to be part of a more complex supplementation program.

“Is Post Cycle Therapy Really Necessary?”

If an athlete finishes an anabolic steroid cycle – yes. PCT helps ensure you keep muscle gained during the cycle. AND it prevents a post cycle crash that would destroy hard earned gains, as well as create a number of unpleasant hormonal side effects.

Please note that we do not advocate the use of “steroids”, but we do not intend to create a moral judgment on their use either. 

The most important element in a PCT program is restoring the body’s own ability to produce testosterone. You can’t expect your body to go into a temporary massive muscle boosting drive for 3 or 4 months and then, all of a sudden, go back to its normal self.

Disregarding the effects of such an hormonal imbalance could be dangerous. And that’s why steroid users need this therapy, to gradually get one’s body and hormones back to normal, and avoid extensive imbalances and side effects (balls shrivelling, crazy bad depression, and more  : )

Detailed Ingredients’ Breakdown– Aromatase Inhibitors, DHT, and more…

Here’s are ingredients contained in Animal Stak, and a basic explanation of why they were included:

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium. If you’re having testosterone problems, you may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals from your diet. These are the vitamins and minerals you need so that you can start boosting your testosterone production. Zinc especially, is a classic testosterone supplement.
  • Pro testosterone complex:   Tribulus Extract Complex, Longjack Extract Complex, Avena Sativa ExtractFenugreek, Stinging Nettle and Maca.   This is the Universal Nutrition Natural Test Complex. It’s a “proprietary” formula designed to encourage muscle building by stimulating your body to produce more testosterone.

Many of these are classic testosterone ingredients – some work more directly than others on testosterone, others are better for libido or stamina. This is likely to be a potent combination; however we can’t completely tell for sure due to its proprietary formula. We’re guessing the Pro testosterone formula here is fine, but other “complexes “ mentioned later are more obviously under dosed.

  • Growth Hormone Support: Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Arginine HCL. These are vasodilators; ingredients are meant to open your veins a bit wider so that blood flow becomes more efficient. By doing so, the nutrients you need are moved more efficiently to various parts of your body, including the protein to your muscles. It also increases blood flow to your brain, so that you can think better.

Arginine alone is typically supplemented in higher doses.  This blend is likely under dosed.   Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC). These ingredients help counter the mild depression (the “blahs”) and the reduced libido that often result from low testosterone. Alpha GPC is also good for alertness and focus.

  • Anti Aromatase complex:  Calcium D-Glucarate, Diindolylmethane. These are the aromatase inhibitors, and this means they block estrogen production. The simple explanation is: you have to maintain an optimum balance between your testosterone and estrogen levels. The testosterone should be kept high while these ingredients help keep the estrogen levels down.

But things may not be so simple because …

Aromatase Inhibitors: How do they work?

These are actually best after a cycle of pro hormones/anabolic steroids. There is usually an imbalance of hormones, which can take a long time to recover from – the duration of this vulnerable period leaves one open to bad side effects …

Yes this includes preventing bitch tits. (a.k.a “Gyno” symptoms) As well as water retention, high blood pressure and other issues.

Including aromatase inhibitors for post cycle therapy is supposed to help bring ideal hormonal levels back much faster, by accelerating testosterone production.

BUT: there can be OTHER side effects from using Aromatase Inhibitors This may especially be a problem for you if you take this stuff and you are not sure what you are stacking it with, or are not sure what you are doing. Problems include:  joint pains and stiffness, bouts of fatigue, and temporary lapses in memory or attention.

We have not heard of major problems with Animal Stak – but like we said, this product is usually recommended for veteran lifters. For this reason, we generally recommend you have 5+ years of focused experience with lifting and supplementation before using Stak .

  • Hormone Amplifying Blend:   L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine. These are the ingredients in Animal Stak’s Cortisol Inhibitor Complex. Cortisol causes the body to store abdominal fat, so these ingredients prevent that from happening.Again, L Carnitine alone is typically used in dosages of 1000+ mg . Stak is likely under dosed.
  • B-Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto Extract, Quercetin. These are DHT blockers. DHT is a hormone that’s a byproduct of testosterone. When you have too much of it, you may suffer from hair loss and your prostate may become enlarged. These ingredients keep the DHT from synthesizing, so you can prevent those problems.

Like we mentioned earlier, boosting performance and optimizing testosterone in the long run is not as simple as just blocking estrogen and DHT. Blocking too much DHT, or at the wrong times, actually reduces strength, immunity, and sexual function!

Gotta check for side effects.

So is Stak good for Post Cycle Therapy ?

Again, note that we are not advocating the use of “gear” or steroids – its just that there is an implied understanding that many pro bodybuilders and athletes are using.

Animal Stak helps to get your HPTA back online after a cycle.  (The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis, or HPTA for short, is the thermostat for your body’s natural production of testosterone. Too much testosterone and the engine will shut off. Not enough, and the engine is turned up.)

It is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). It has a DHT blocker, which would come in very handy for an Epistane PCT (anabolic agent). And it has a cortisol blocker to help hang on to gains.

In contrast, A natural test booster is probably not a good idea for PCT. Most classic natural testosterone ingredients will affect HPTA and suppress you to some extent.

After a couple weeks your natural production of T will begin to come back online, then you can introduce an AI.There is no reason to go immediately to an AI the first week of PCT, so introducing Animal Stak in the second or third week would be a great way to finish the post cycle.

In the first week or two of your PCT there is no natural test production, therefore, no need for aromatization. During that first couple weeks of PCT you actually do not want to suppress whatever small amount of estrogen remains – your body needs it. You might use a SERM to block the negative effects of estrogen, but not block the production of it.

Proper PCT actually does 2 things: to raise Testosterone (HPTA) and to control unwanted estrogenic side effects. Balance is the key (Estrogen/Testosterone ratio) – and not just to block estrogen wholesale. You actually aim to control estrogen and to stimulate natural testosterone production.

Also: you should not use a natural test booster for post cycle therapy if you are on gear or juice. If you are taking powerful drugs you need to take real solutions for PCT to avoid as many side effects as possible. So Animal Stak might still need to be stacked with other PCT supplements, just to let you know.

Bodybuilders: Who Should Not Cycle?

  1.  You are younger than age 25:

Your natural testosterone is not likely to be low, and you are able to make good gains without gear. Also your hormones are still likely to be fluctuating, so cycling may very well mess up your endocrine system.

  1.  You are over 25 but have less than 5 years experience with focused workout plans and supplementation

If you have not been lifting hard naturally for at least 5 years, you have a lot of natural potential left. It is best to exhaust as much of your natural potential before resorting to gear. By using too soon, you may be short changing yourself. 

Why and How to Stack Animal Stak with other Universal formulas

Universal Nutrition designed Animal Stak to be used in a stack. That is, it should used with other supplements for optimum results.

Animal M Stak   

  • Used for hard gainers – Not exactly a testosterone booster
  • Meant to stack with Animal Stak
  • Very high caffeine dosage – close to 500g
  • Occasional complaints about pricing

You can use Animal Stak with M Stak (learn more on Amazon), which is designed to help you gain mass so that you can build muscle more effectively.

M-Stak uses two key ingredients Beta-Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone; which are flavones. Flavones adapt or convert nutrients toward lean mass accumulation, a process known as nutrient partitioning- and anabolic flavones promote enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. These are the mechanisms most important for new muscle growth.

If you are bulking, all of the excess calories you are consuming will be properly utilized to make you anabolic – and not stored as fat. It also seems to make users truly hungry!

If your goal is to cut, M-Stak supposedly maximizes all the calories you consume and uses them to preserve lean mass gains. M stak also includes a “proprietary” stimulant blend that probably comes close to 500mg of caffeine! Something you should keep in mind.

FAQ: Animal Stak vs M Stak? As mentioned, this is not really a comparison as M stak is not meant to be a testosterone supplement. Stak is usually intended for older experienced users, and M stak is probably easier to use for most people. 

M Stak encourages your body to use the calories you consume into producing muscle instead of storing calories into body fat. It also helps in boosting your energy and enhancing your performance, so that you can lift heavier weights and last longer in the gym (click to see options on Amazon).

M Stak worked fairly well for us, but we hear occasional complaints about ineffectiveness from users, especially those who did not stack this well with other prohormone replacements and supplements. Also this has an overdose of stimulants in our opinion. So for most people, we recommend something else.

Animal Pak 

  • Not a test booster- gives you nutrients or multi vitamins
  • No need for cycling
  • Can be stacked with Animal Stak and M Stak

Another supplement that’s a popular complement to Animal Stak is Animal Pak (learn more on Amazon).

Which is better: Animal Stak vs Animal Pak?

Aimal Pak offers a foundation of nutrients you absolutely need in order to succeed in building muscles – more like a multi vitamin than a bulking supplement or test booster. Pak is pretty much useful for anyone – whereas Stak tends to be much more specialized. However, note that Pak is not meant as a “muscle builder” in itself.

  • If you are lacking key nutrients for bulking, Animal Pak offers ingredients that provide the necessary nutrients, and they also help in your recovery process. They cover the nutritional gaps you may have that may keep other supplements like Animal Stak from working effectively.For beginners: some supplements synergize or become much more effective when taken together, rather than when taken separately. Or, other stacks involve taking extra supplements that minimize the side effects caused by the other supplements.If you know what you are doing, combining Animal Stak with other supplements, or Universal Nutrition products, can bring great results. If not, you should probably try a test booster that is easy to use as solo as well in as a stack.

Animal Test Review:

Animal Test is a strong testosterone booster – however, it is also recommended for experienced lifters as the ingredients tend to be more complex as well.

Animal Stak vs Animal Test- what’s the difference?

Where Stak is mean to be used as a “balancer” for those who know how to use it (and ideally for PCT), Animal Test is meant to aggressively target testosterone levels alone (click here to see product on Amazon).

This still means Animal Test requires more planning to avoid other side effects in the long term- it is not likely you can use this without thinking over even just 2-3 months, without hormone fluctuations.

It’s ingredients such as Arachidonic Acid and Ketosterones are less documented in effects, but seem to work well. However, note that the use of Yohimbe is banned in many countries.

Animal Test Side effects: This product seems to create frequent cases of headaches and nausea, as well as acne. As noted above, this is likely seen in less experienced users.

Animal Test is known to be relatively expensive when used in the long term. Though not exactly a classfied “steroid”, this should probably be used as such as it is quite strong and targeted in its effects (in contrast with other supplements that act as testosterone support).

You probably need to use it in conjunction with other steroids (or legal replacements ) in careful cycles. In contrast, other supplements we use have more margin for error and are meant for regular use. 

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