Sizegenetics Reviews and Results (2019 Update)

Before the advent of penis extenders, men had sought for many ways to improve the look and size of their penis. This led many of them to seek dangerous and risky ways of getting this result. The most common means back then was to go through surgery to make the penis look bigger and longer.

This didn’t work all the time and just with most surgeries, it is usually a risky procedure that could lead to other serious issues. But with the introduction of non-invasive penis extenders and penis pumps, men can now gain temporary penis gains with pumps or longer lasting results with penis extenders.

Now that we have talked about penis extenders a little bit, it’s time to learn more about it by taking a look at one of the popular penis extenders in the market – SizeGenetics.

What is SizeGenetics?

It is a penis extender device that promises to extend the penis when worn over a period of time. The device does not just promise to increase the length of your penis but also the girth when you make use of it for at least 8 months.

It is one of the products that gained approval from Food and Drug Administration after it was confirmed that it is safe to use and delivers on the result.

One of the reasons this device gained approval with ease from FDA is because the device can also be used to treat genetic and/or hormonal abnormalities in a man. Such abnormalities include the micropenis syndrome and the Peyronie’s disease, or what is commonly known as bent penis syndrome.

SizeGenetics has brought hope to men who have always battled with low self-esteem as a result of their penis being small or not being proud of the look and size of their penis. And it will give the same result that surgeries give without chances of failure or the accompanying pain and risk that is involved. The best part is, it has a longer lasting effect which many claim is permanent.

How does it work?

SizeGenetics works by applying subtle but constant stretch on the penis especially to the corpora cavernosa which are located inside the penis. The corpora cavernosa is the part of the penis that holds blood to help you achieve an erection. This device is a penis traction device that works on the penis and can be compared to what weights do to the muscles after a user makes use of it for some time.

The way SizeGenetics works on the penis can be referred to what lifting of weights does to the arm muscles. As a weightlifter lifts weights for like 3 times a week, and the heavier the weights, the faster the results show on the arm muscles. With SizeGenetics, the device stretches the penis in a subtle but consistent way.

This penis extender breaks down the tissues of the penis (corpora cavenosa), which causes the penis to try to repair itself. It is during this breakdown and repair that the penis increases in length as well as in girth. It is worthy to mention that the type of stretching you achieve with SizeGenetics is the type that is painless and gentle.

When the cells that SizeGenetics penis extender has pulled has healed and new and healthier cells have been created, the corpora cavenosa will be larger and firmer which is what will give you a larger, bigger and longer erection.

The traction applied to the penis with the use of SizeGenetics is a progressive mechanical traction that can result in up to 1 to 2 inches between 6 to 12 months.

Penis extenders such as SizeGenetics have been clinically and anecdotally shown to give long-term results unlike other penis devices like penis pumps. SizeGenetics requires that you put it on for some hours a day to get the desired result.

It does not cause temporary bloating that you get with penis pumps. People that are advanced in using SizeGenetics also combine it with penis pumps such as the Bathmate pumps.  The pumps will get you ready for an enjoyable sexual intercourse because it will increase the size and length of your penis. However, this gain is mostly temporary and will go away after some hours.

But with penis extenders like FDA-approved SizeGenetics, you are sure to get the same result over a period of time that is longer lasting or even permanent.

Who is SizeGenetics meant for?

In simple terms, SizeGenetics is designed for men looking to grow their penis in the most effective, non-invasive and safest way possible. There is no doubt that the size of a man’s penis affects the man’s confidence, especially in social relations. And while no one is responsible for his original size of penis, thankfully, those with a smaller size of penis can do something about it and regain back the self-esteem they have been deprived of.

So, SizeGenetics is for those that want to go beyond how their penis performs but also cares about their partners’ satisfaction and improved self-esteem.

How to make use of SizeGenetics

The manufacturer of SizeGenetics recommends that you put on the device and wear it for not less than 3 to 5 hours in a day. The result can be seen from 6 months and upward. Because our bodies react to things differently, some people will begin to see results in as little as 3 months.  

You can put on the device for a week and taking 1 to 2 days break within a week. This is more important if you feel some soar at any point in time.

Usually, new time users of this device might experience some slight discomfort which is usual with using anything new. However, this discomfort disappears within 1 to 3 weeks when your body becomes used to the device.

You are required to adjust the elongation bars to suit your flaccid penis in such a way that you feel some pressure on your penis but not to the point of it being uncomfortable. You will need to try out different tension levels to find the right pressure that you are comfortable with.

If you experience some discomfort, especially in the first days of use, it is important that you stick with it and not give up. Remember that you get the result when you are able to bear the pressure and slight discomfort to be able to gain the results you are looking to have.

In case you are wondering how to go about using the product, SizeGenetics comes with an instructional DVD that shows you everything you need to know about using the penis extender.

In the meantime, the simple steps involved in using SizeGenetics include:

  •    Insert your penis into the ring base
  •    Add the elongated bars
  •    You should insert your penis head in the headpiece
  •    Pull the bands that are on the comfort straps
  •    Keep adjusting the device until you get the level that you are comfortable with

When you are starting out new with SizeGenetics, you are to start gradually with the number of hours you make use of it. You can start with 1 hour a day until you are able to wear it up to the recommended 3 to 5 hours a day.

SizeGenetics can be worn underneath loose clothing. This means that it can be worn while you are at home or at work in the office. Some people make use of SizeGenetics while sleeping but this has to be monitored so that you do not get uncomfortable or wear it above the recommended time while you sleep.

The longer and more consistent you are able to wear SizeGenetics, the earlier you can begin to see results.

What is contained in a SizeGenetics package?

SizeGenetics has different packages that you can choose from. We will go through the packages to help you decide on which one will help you achieve the result you want faster and effectively.

Value Edition Package

This package suits those with a tight budget. It works and delivers results, however, you may experience more discomfort after making use of the straps, elongations bars and comfort pad after a long use. The good news is that you can always purchase extra parts when you are buoyant enough to spare some money on it.

The Value Edition Package contains elongation bars, a stretcher, default comfort pad, strap and an instructional DVD.

Ultimate or Advanced Comfort System Package

This package is perfect for those looking to make use of SizeGenetics for a longer period of time with the utmost comfort possible. This package is quite convenient to use. It comes with:

Multi-head piece – this includes parts and head beds that help to reduce the friction experienced and also to stabilize the head of your penis by keeping it in place.

Traction Plus Powder – this powder is very important because it helps to create the right traction between the penis and the stretcher so that you are comfortable while having stronger pressure.

Aftercare moisturizer – this one is important for tissue regeneration process.

Ultimate System Extras

This one comes with 3M comfort plasters and an exercise DVD. It is not really a full package but more of an additional package that will help you achieve your results faster and easier.

Who manufacturers SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is operated and owned by DanaMedic Aps Company in Lyngby, Denmark. What this means is that the original SizeGenetics is manufactured, assembled and shipped from Denmark.

The company has customer support teams in the USA and UK. They can be easily contacted through live chat where you can ask further questions should you need further clarification.

These people are properly trained to handle any issues you may have concerning the product.

Does SizeGenetics have any side effects?

It is normal that you would wonder if SizeGenetics is worth your money, very effective and ultimately if it is safe to use. You can rest assured that SizeGenetics penis extender does not have any side effects if you stick to the instructions as recommended by the manufacturer of the product.

Besides, I am yet to see major side effects of SizeGenetics from its users. With that being said, SizeGenetics is very safe to use. You may be scared of all those bars you see with the device, however, they are easy to use and will not cause you any injury.

You should, however, endeavour to wear SizeGenetics penis extender within the recommended number of hours to avoid getting soar on your penis.

Where can you buy SizeGenetics?

Before going any further, you should be aware that because SizeGenetics has been very effective in delivering on its promises that some people in China have started manufacturing the fake version of it. If you are new to SizeGenetics, you may be confused about the real SizeGenetics and the original one by the right manufacturer.

This is why it is important that you order from the official website of the company. If you buy outside the website, you may fall prey to the fake version of the product. And you can be sure of serious discomfort and even damage to your penis when you patronize the fake manufacturers.

You can easily tell if you are making use of the fake SizeGenetics because they are made of plastic and usually come very low-priced from the original SizeGenetics.

As at the time of this article, the Ultimate System of SizeGenetics which is the most requested package goes for a discounted price of $299.95. Other packages are also available but for lower prices. You do not need any discount coupon as you get 40% off your purchase price when you shop from the original website.

Comparing SizeGenetics with fake versions

SizeGenetics comes with 2600g of tension, unlike the fake versions that have a tension that ranges from 1500g to 2,700g of tension.

With the proper use and duration of making use of SizeGenetics, you can be sure of between 1 to 3 inches while the fake versions will give you no penis growth. You may most likely experience injuries when making use of the product.

SizeGenetics is made in Denmark with support centers in the USA and UK whereas the fake version is manufactured in China.

There are a lot of testimonials that can be found on the website of the manufacturer of SizeGenetics whereas the fake version has no such thing.

The manufacturer of SizeGenetics is a reputable company that has been operating for the past 18 years. The manufacturer of the fake version cannot boast of its company and will always conceal vital information about themselves from the unsuspecting public.

The original manufacturer of SizeGenetics offers 180 days money-back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with the product. The same cannot be said for the manufacturers of the fake version.

SizeGenetics has been clinically proven to deliver on its claims of 1 to 3 inches gains in the  length of the penis with an expanded girth. The fake version always comes with huge promises of delivering up to 10 inches in length growth, a promise that is impossible to achieve.

Pros of SizeGenetics

  • 99% clinically proven to work
  • Can be concealed under loose clothing
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Helps in correcting Peyronie disease or bent penis
  • Discreet packaging and shipping
  • No harmful side effects
  • Endorsed by medical professionals around the world
  • Increases the length and girth of the penis
  • Medically tested and proven
  • FDA approved
  • Helps you regain your confidence and esteem
  • Painless to use
  • A standby support team

Cons of SizeGenetics

  • Takes some months to see real growth
  • Can be a little uncomfortable in the first few weeks of use
  • Only available online from the manufacturer’s website

How effective is SizeGenetics?

Without beating about the bush, the simple answer to this question is – SizeGenetics is very effective. If you are interested in growing the size of your penis without subjecting yourself to painful and risky penis surgeries, your best bet is the SizeGenetics.

It is the best for men looking to gain penis size that is long lasting. Different certified urologists have also conducted various studies on its effectiveness and credibility and got impressive results.

Reviews from some users of SizeGenetics

Mac – “I am so impressed with my results after making use of SizeGenetics for only a couple of months. I had my doubts about it, but my oh my, I am really lost for words.”

Fred – “I only agreed to make use of this device after my partner gifted it to me on my birthday and insisted that I use it. Well, I grudgingly used it because I was scared of all those rods. But then it was quite easy and comfortable to wear. So far, I have reached the 1 inch gain in my 5th month of use. I intend to continue with it since I am impressed with the result so far.”

Jeffrey – “As a result of low self-esteem I suffered from my various failed relationships with the female folks made me decide to change my life. I started by working on this particular aspect that has been my problem – my penis. I was not motivated to continue most of the time, but I promised myself to give it a try for only 6 months. Today made me 6 months and 2 days and I have nothing but gratitude for discovering SizeGenetics. Now, I am motivated to wear it all the way up to 12 months.”


From personal experience of making use of the SizeGenetics penis extender, I must warn that this device is not for those looking to get immediate growth in the size and length of their penis. It takes months of dedication and patience to be able to get that permanent result you have desired for.

One thing is sure, the number of years that SizeGenetics has been in the market which is almost 2 decades shows that it really works. Otherwise, it would have died off like other fake ineffective penis extenders.

Only a company that is sure of the effectiveness of its products would offer up to 6 months money-back guarantee. This is enough confidence to know that the product really works. You only have to show before and after use of the product to be able to lay claim to a full refund. However, this won’t be necessary as you will be satisfied with the result that you would want to keep the device even after achieving your desired result.

From personal experience, I noticed I gained 1.1 inches after making use of SizeGenetics penis extender for 6 months. I expect to gain more results as I use it up to 12 months. With the result gotten so far, I have been able to retain the gain even without making use of the device for some weeks now.

You are assured of permanent results when you are able to use the product for up to 12 months.

Finally, SizeGenetics is really very safe to use and is worth the money spent on it. If you are not able to get the ultimate package, I would advise that you save up more so as to get the full package and grow your penis in a painless and comfortable manner.