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BoostUltimate Results Review – Ingredients breakdown, side effects and more!

BoostUltimate Ingredients Review:


The Good:  Its formulation contains some potentially good ingredients. Safe and affordable

The Bad: Some deceptive sales tactics. Probably under dosed “proprietary blend”. Ingredients good for health but probably less for testosterone itself.

Intro:  BoostUltimate is billed as the ultimate male enhancement formula. It’s meant for men who want a safe and herbal solution if they’re looking for a boost of stamina and energy. However, even as a pure “boner” pill, its likely under dosed.

How Does It Work?

Do some men still believe that it’s possible to get a bigger penis simply by taking supplements? It’s likely that a few guys still do. In this this day and age some people think that the moon landings were fake and that the Earth is only 6 thousand years old ; p

What Ingredients Does It Contain?

The BoostUltimate ingredients are all safe and natural so that you don’t get the side effects you’d normally experience with synthetic compounds.

It contains as main ingredients:

  • Tongkat ali. 400 mg:   we liike this, but this isn’t really a testosterone booster. It’s more known as an aphrodisiac that can improve the quality of erections. It’s also known to boost stamina and energy.
  • L-Arginine. 250 mg:  This is a vasodilator, which is just a fancy way of saying it enlarges your arteries so that the blood flow is improved. It is meant to help with recovery and energy- as well as enhancing erections  : ) However you usually need several GRAMS of this stuff.
  • Ginseng blend. 125 mg:   This helps keep you healthy because it helps boost your immunity. It’s also helps improve your energy, which is helpful when your low testosterone makes you feel lethargic. Plus, it even helps with your concentration.  We’d recommend 200 mg of this great herb; also, this is probably not true Asian/panax ginseng- the siberian ginseng is cheaper and less effective.
  • Proprietary blend. 745 mg.

The ingredients in the proprietary blend aren’t a secret. It contains sarsaparilla, pumpkin seed powder, muira puama powder, oat straw, nettle, cayenne pepper, astragalus (milkvetch), catauba bark powder, licorice, Tribulus terrestris, orchic, oyster extract, and boron.

It does have Tribulus Terrestris, which is a well-known testosterone booster. But again, we don’t really know how much of it we get in this blend. There are some notable boosters here like boron, which helps with your hormonal balance. It reduces the female hormone levels while it boosts your T levels.

Is It Effective?

Sadly, probably no. It does have some effect as a libido booster, but most ingredients are badly under dosed. You usually want to see several grams of Arginine, not 250 mg, for example.

This is also missing classic testosterone ingredients like Vitamin D and zinc, which are great for both health and boosting low T.

Is It Safe- side effects? 

By almost all accounts, it is safe. But so is plain water: this supplement is likely too weak.

While with health supplements like BoostUltimate FDA approval isn’t always necessary, the manufacturer did take the trouble to make sure that the supplement was created in a FDA-certified lab.

Price and where to buy

If you wish to try this supplement, another reason going for it is that it’s cheap. At BoostUltimate.com, You only need to pay $20+ for a bottle, which is good for a month’s supply. Buy 3 and you pay only $65 ($21.17 per bottle), and if you get 6 you pay $110 ($18.33 per bottle). You even get a 30-day money back guarantee, although that’s only for unopened bottles.

The fine print on this is a bit confusing, so you better not get your hopes up.
The price may be different if you get it from other sites aside from the parent site, so you may want to look around in sites like GMC and Amazon.


If you’re really desperate about your libido and sexual performance, you might want to try this. Nut it is likely clinically slightly ineffective, as well as quite under dosed. You really should try something which is better backed by science and results.

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