The Best Places in the World to Live and Retire for A Man (and why we’re always single)

Best Places in the World to Live for a single guy?

In the US today, its not great to be a man! Somehow the image we get in the media is that we are fat, overweight, and spend all our time on a computer in your mother’s basement.

Now this may actually be true, but perhaps men are not completely to blame. A consumerist culture that does not value traditional relationship structures, and celebrates women as social media cam whores, does not help.

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Without getting into ways to change our entire culture right here, we’re saying that deep in the human subconscious is a recognition of the Alpha Male ideal – men are supposed to take the lead (even if it’s not easy to).

We’re not saying you should always take the easy path, but do know that many men that are considered to be “vanilla” in their own country (or downright regarded with contempt by spoilt western women) would be regarded as exotic in almost any other country. And yes the “American” brand does help, often. That fact alone will probably give many guys a huge status boost.

Sorry Lazybones, You Will Always Need Game. And Some Smarts. 

As an expat, you will be part of new and different social circles. Where can you begin? Here’s a start – know your goals. Many people who think they are sure about a long term move end up facing unexpected surprises. A quick trip to score foreign hotties is not the same as staying overseas for the long term.

We’re going to start off with the best places you can go as a single man. These are what we consider better, easier places to pick up women. By the way, as a man you will still likely need to initiate the approach.  Even if you want a long term relationship, that’s how you are likely to start  ; )

In addition, don’t neglect your health. Even if you may have some cash, most women still appreciate a fitter man, whatever your age.

But for the big picture, we recommend you work on your game skills, and avoid drama or various problems. Don’t get snared by yet another foreign chick too fast, even if she’s way more cute than what you’re used to.

But then again, some of the biggest drivers for male creativity are attractive women  : ) So without further ado, here are here are the best places in the world to retire or live as a single man.

Best Places in the World for a Single Man

1.    Brazil, Fortaleza.

For such a predominantly Catholic country, the women there are fun, sexy, fit and feminine. Note that despite its reputation, Brazil is not THAT easy. There is a language barrier, and a lot of fit gringos posing here. Easier than many places in the US though, and the women are usually far better.

But Not known as an easy retirement destination.

2.    Thailand, Bangkok | Pattaya |Phuket.

Despite its reputation, this is a pretty conservative country – unless you’re looking to pay for play with bargirls. Or willing to party very hard at Khao San to pull chicks who specifically look for whites. There is also an underground club scene here… and Thai women generally have pleasant and respectful behaviour.

Considered one of the best countries to retire to, for convenient infrastructure.

3.    Colombia, Bogota | Cali | Cartagena.

The Columbian language is the sexiest language on the planet. You may have to do a little looking, but it will be well worth it. When you do find quality, you’ll realize why it made this list. Also a great long term retirement haven.

4.    Ukraine, Kiev.

The one thing that you’ll have to put into this country is time. They don’t put out easily, but you’ll find that it’s well worth it. Considering the caliber of women that are here, you’ll find that they’re not as stuck-up as one might expect.

In a nutshell:  Eastern european women are definitely not “easy” (includes countries like Hungary and Romania). But considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world. Also, think many times about logistics before planning to move long term.

5.    Philippines, Manilla | Subic |Angeles.

Likely easiest country to pull! Cute girls, american-loving, affectionate- not much more to say here. But again, many men moving here have underestimated things like corruption and infrastructure problems.

6.    Japan, Tokyo.

Don’t don’t let the look on people’s faces in this country fool you. Most people do their best to look unphased and depressed. If Japanese manga is any indication, some chicks are really DTF.

7.    Poland, Krakow | Warsaw.

Not tough but tougher. Women are less hot than other east europe countries, but also somewhat “easier”. However, if you can put in the time and withstand rejection, you’ll find that this country has some serious women of quality.

8.  Indonesia, Bandung | Bali | Jakarta.

Many DTF girls here despite the muslim image. The hotties are HOT, though there are many average and pleasant girls. But the country and transportation can be absolutely crappy – you need to think many times about moving here long term. We’ve heard many references to the city of Jakarta as a “shit hole” ; )

How to Retire Early – and Why Mini-Retirements May Be Better.

If you want to retire early, you need to learn how to be a producer, not a saver. People don’t ‘save’ themselves rich. Instead, they increase their incomes if they want more money.

The average money advice that people will give you in today’s world – even your own family members – is incorrect. They may mean well, but they still have it wrong. Take this example. How many people have you heard tell you that if you want to retire rich, you need to get a good job, with a stable company and put a good chunk of your income into a 401(k)? Work your tailoff for 20 years, and you retire rich.

Well, I have news for you. The same people have had their houses foreclosed because they were living beyond their means. These so-called financial gurus who told you how to retire rich are the same people who had to move into a house that their family members have rented to them because they don’t have a house of their own – and what do they do first? They put two, brand-new leased cars in their driveway. These are not people you want to take financial advice from.

Live within your means, and stop thinking that you need a piece of the financial pie. Instead, open up a bakery and bake more pies. Start being a producer to produce more income.

Why Most Men Should Consider That They May Be Single at Any Time.

Wherever you go, marriage may not be an asset. In fact, you may be much happier being single or having open relationships than you will ever have being married. You won’t be tied down, have to deal with the time, effort or financial expenses of having a traditional, monogamous girlfriend.

We actually believe open relationships to be ideal – but it does take some skill

Key points? If you find a woman you like, don’t cling, don’t centre your life round her completely (and she’ll have more respect for you). Be honest with her – lying only leads to drama. If a girl asks you if you’re seeing other women, tell her quite frankly that the answer is yes. If she doesn’t like the idea – there are plenty of other fish in the sea.


That’s impossible. Figuring what to do with the rest of your life, talking about countries in the world and women, that’s gonna be huuuge ; )  But we hope to have given you some thoughts to train that brain.

And don’t forget the body. Even if you get a status boost in a new country, every woman likes a fitter stronger man. So it may be good to watch your health – there are surprising factors that most men miss.

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