Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Work for Muscle Gain and Libido?

Which Testosterone Boosters Really Work? 

A lot of men these days are on the hunt for the best testosterone supplements, and for good reasons. Many men realize that as they get older their testosterone levels begin to decline– and they just feel down and LOW.Plus this comes with all sorts of problems that may affect their libido, mood, strength and overall health. On the other hand- some guys are just determined to become as physically powerful as they can through natural means, and a safer testosterone booster is usually a better alternative to synthetic steroids.

Testosterone vs Libido Boosters: How to get your Sexy Back?

There are dozens of testosterone boosters on the market that promise to increase the trinity of male enhancement: testosterone boosting + Libido enhancement + Muscle gain!

Got a lot to learn.

Got a lot to learn.

All of these sexy “plus” factors make testosterone boosters seem really attractive – but when it comes to actually improving testosterone – many wonder, do they really work?

Testosterone boosters are not JUST boner pills – they tend to boost libido as well as a whole range of health and energy effects- if you pick the right onesYou may not simply just want to buy a libido booster or boner pill: we prefer working testosterone supplements for long term health and fitness. Because your libido levels can go up without your testosterone levels going up.

So you may feel more horny and hard (which some people are happy with!) And some people with erectile dysfunction may get a temporary boost – BUT underlying testosterone or hormonal problems might actually remain or get worse with time. The best natural testosterone boosters tend to help your libido, plus your health and energy levels and much more!

Benefits of Natural testosterone supplements? 

Its more challenging to find a good testosterone supplement – as it usually takes more research. But for many men, a noticeable increase in testosterone can feel like a godsend. Which is partly why we started this site : after years of feeling woozy and low energy, with “cobwebs” in the brain, taking test boosters felt like a small miracle – being able to sleep better, feel fresher, and get “harder” just feels so good – even in simple, un-superhuman ways.energetic man

Many of the best test boosters include many of the better ingredients in planned dosages, in a “stack”/combination, to maximize your odds of improvement. There is a wide range of ingredients when it comes to testosterone boosting ingredients. If you want to get the best results for energy, libido and strength, it’s important to know which are effective, and which are not so good…

Best ingredients: How to know what really works?

For most men who are not so experienced with using supplements, the range of ingredients can be bewildering. Its not just good ingredients; they have to interact well, they have to have the right dosages, they also should have quality controls (like transparent formulas)… arrrgh!

But by learning a few basic concepts, you can quickly learn what has a high probability of working for you, and working well. Here, we show you how we analyze a couple of frequent testosterone booster ingredients out there (these separate ingredients are often combined in the best testosterone “stacks”):

ZINC is an essential mineral that human beings need for basic survival functions. The human body cannot create or adapt its own from other substances, and also cannot store zinc – so you have to consume it in food or take supplements.

Zinc regulates enzyme actions, supports healthy growth and is strongly linked to reproductive health. And it does block the aromatase enzyme, so reduces testosterone conversion to estrogen, tending to improve testosterone levels.

There’s a lot of evidence backing up the benefits of zinc supplementation. During intensive activity, elite wrestlers who supplemented with 3mg/kg of zinc daily for a month, were found to have much higher testosterone levels, when compared to the placebo group – which saw steady decreases due to intense fatigue from high workload. (Click for Study)


Another experiment repeated the study with 10 young sedentary males  using the same dosage of zinc for the same duration of time. The men were subjected to intensive bicycle/cycling workouts during those 4-weeks . Zinc was able to increase total and free testosterone levels, as well as thyroid hormones when compared to the placebo.

You need at least 10-15 mg’s of daily zinc to maintain the most vital endocrine system functions; so its not likely most people get enough of this.

If you “go natural”, this means you should be eating oysters/shellfish and animal products like meat every day. And on top of that, perhaps supplement with even more zinc, as it evaporates when you sweat. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, its pretty much crucial for you to supplement with extra zinc daily.

Boron and Testosterone

In the late 80s and early 90s, this mineral was over-celebrated as a “natural replacement” for steroids! However this kind of supplementation actually worked!

However interest in boron faded away for over a decade, until a team of Iranian researchers in 2011 created a very accurate study (click here): there was a clear and significant result for boron supplementation on free testosterone levels (from blood tests with free testosterone levels specifically measured – not “strength training ” results), and the study had no commercial agenda or bias (not sponsored by boron supplements companies).

Free testosterone levels increased by an average of 28% whilst estradiol decreased buy 39%. Estradiol is an estrogen, and what is known as a testosterone receptor antagonist (a testosterone “blocker”).

Click here for our big list of natural testosterone ingredients (with extensive research )

Quality and Synergy:

You see that it helps greatly to have certain quality controls, standards of scientific research, and to be able to observe dosages.

The better testosterone boosters usually include several effective ingredients, where often the synergy/combination is better than the separate parts; and are usually both less expensive and a lot more convenient than if you try to get all the other ingredients separately (not to mention quality check everything).

Click to see the Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market, and How they Work

How Do Testosterone Supplements Work? 

The best legal testosterone supplements may contain different ingredients or different dosages , but in general they help the body produce its own testosterone. They tend to stimulate parts of the brain responsible for creating more testosterone.

There is a chain reaction from the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands (in or near the brain) – hormones like GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone) are stimulated… which further stimulates other hormones like FSH(follicle stimulating hormone)  and LH (luteinizing hormone).

These travel down your spine to the testes, where sperm production  and testosterone are stimulated and produced.

Testosterone travels around in your bloodstream: some is available in circulation as “free testosterone”, some of it moves into androgen receptors in the body (helping with other masculine functions) – while some of it gets bound or partly inactive due to proteins called albumin and SHBG (“sex hormone binding globulin”).

Some of it also transforms into estrogen (the main female hormone) ; and some into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone:  a strong male hormone)

What’s important is that all of this can be affected naturally by training, nutrition, lifestyle, and testosterone supplements.

But its also important to note that many of these hormone interactions act in a balanced way: men should not carelessly try to eliminate all estrogen or DHT for example, or only boost testosterone greatly without taking into account the other hormones.

Which is why we tend to discourage some boosters that seem too careless or strong, and encourage the use of supplements that are carefully and accurately created.

Benefits of High Testosterone and Test Boosters?

Almost endless really.  Testosterone is literally the hormone that makes a man a man. That means increased “manly” qualities in nearly every area of your life- from birth to death!

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

  1. Confidence: sometimes subtle (when you don’t know why you lose your drive), sometimes not so subtle (when you feel like beating the shit out of the bullies in your life).
  1. Energy and stamina: That can lead to more effective workouts, which can then bring better results for your muscle-building goals. And even those people who don’t necessarily work out for bigger muscles can feel livelier and more energetic in the office and during the day.
  1. You look good, and feel good. These boosters can also help reduce estrogen levels. In some men, the rise in estrogen levels that goes with low testosterone, the estrogen can result in various medical conditions, such as man boobs, weight gain, and even prostate cancer.
  1. Sex Drive:  A decline in libido and erections can be caused by a decline in the testosterone levels.
  1. Alertness:  It’s not only your body that goes “blah” when your testosterone levels go down. Even your mind is affected, so that you find it much harder to concentrate. You might feel mentally sharper and more focused.

And the list goes on!

Are testosterone booster supplements safe? 

People think test boosters are like steroids: short answer- nope.

The term “steroids” is misleading: the scientific meaning is simply that of a certain type of organic compound.  Your body’s own testosterone is a natural steroid, estrogen is a steroid, cholesterol is also a steroid! Which means no side effects unless you already have some kind of illness.

Synthetic steroids or (or “anabolic” steroids as sports culture calls them) are what overgrown bodybuilders inject; these are manufactured artificially in a lab, and usually a lot more complex to use safely. They can be used in a controlled way, but usually takes years of planning and training to use properly to avoid side effects. Some also create permanent dependency on further injections/use.

You can actually compare natural testosterone boosters as similar to very nutritious foods. But as noted that natural test boosters are not likely to boost your strength and growth as massively as synthetic steroids, though they are much less problem prone.

More obvious effects will be for libido, energy and mood, as well as helping you maintain strength and muscle gains, and body-fat ratios more easily.

Our team has been testing dozens of minerals, vitamins, supplements and test boosters for the last 2+ years- when taken in recommended doses, we have never experienced any sickness or side effects.

In fact, a bowl of processed cornflakes like fruit loops (with the starch, and the additives) is likely much higher risk to your health, than the better supplements which we recommend!

Typically, what we would consider a good testosterone booster supplement would be:

    1. From a reputable company, with safety and quality certifications
    2. Have a transparent formula: ingredients and dosages are revealed. We usually do not recommend “proprietary blends”
    3. Have clinically accurate dosages, with generally good scientific proof. Note that there can be a lot of debate about the effectiveness of individual ingredients, but what we look for are multiple sources of supporting evidence of effectiveness.
    4. With credible testimonials or results.

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