Best Fat Burners On The Market For Men and Women

Fat burners- To Get Ripped and Lean, Safe and Fast.

Every year you make the New Year’s Resolution that you are going to work out more, diet, and just generally get into better shape. Or you may be hell bent on reaching your cutting goals – to see ripped layers of lean muscle, for competition or sport.

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But how the heck do you easily maintain a schedule with thousands of reps and a rigid routine? This may be where using a good fat burner comes in. They’re not magic pills that suddenly eliminate your excess fat overnight. They’re designed to help you lose weight if you also go on a lower-calorie diet and exercise more.

What do they do?

So How Do Fat Burners Help You Lose Weight?

These supplements can help you get rid of excess fat in several ways:

  • They boost your metabolism. People burn off calories at different rates. You’re burning off calories even if you’re just sitting on the couch all day, though of course you burn off more calories when you engage in intensive workouts. A fat burner supplement can actually increase how many calories you burn off throughout the day.
  • They increase your energy. It’s pretty much an accepted fact that you have to exercise if you want to lose weight. But not everyone has the energy to get off the couch and workout out. The exercise has to be intense enough to really raise the heart beat while it should also last long enough to actually matter. With the boosted energy you get from the supplement, you’re more able to engage in weight loss workouts.
  • They stop cravings. Staying on a low-calorie diet can be a huge challenge too. Sometimes we just can’t help eating too much with our meals, and then we may find ourselves craving for more food in between meals. These supplements can suppress our appetites so that we feel full faster and for much longer periods of time, so we can keep to our diet plans more faithfully.

What Ingredients to look for?

Of course, no one’s stopping you from making your own list of viable fat burners. Just make sure that what you get contain the proper ingredients, and they should be in the proper amounts. These should include caffeine, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, cayenne pepper, and an effective appetite suppressant (like glucomannan).

The first thing to look for would be the caffeine and green tea extract. These two ingredients work together to raise metabolism and keep your energy high. And that is just one of the many benefits of green tea as reported by Health Remedies Journal. Combine those with hot pepper extract and you will be burning more calories and have a higher drive to work out.

Vitamin D functions as the appetite suppressant to help you steer clear of high calorie meals and glucomannan gives you that full feeling while absorbing nearby fat cells.

A newer ingredient to look for is green coffee bean extract, which also helps in decreasing fat storage cells and helps cut down glucose in the liver.

What to stay away from?

On the other hand, you need to avoid certain ingredients. Foremost among these are “proprietary blends”. These are secret formulas that may list the ingredients but they don’t contain info on how much you get for each ingredient. This means that it a particular ingredient may be listed, but it may actually contain just a tiny amount so it’s not effective at all.

You also should avoid substances that have been banned, because they offer too great a risk for serious side effects. Isn’t the point of losing weight to be healthier? With some ingredients, you may just get sicker instead.

These banned ingredients include the stimulant ephedrine, which are illegal in the US and not allowed by virtually all sports leagues. Then there’s also DMAA, stimulant, which is actually a derivative of amphetamine. It can lead to a heart attack, and its use has been linked to certain psychiatric disorders.

Other substances that you need to be wary about include DMAE, synephrine, and yohimbine. These can be dangerous if you exceed the proper dosage, and that’s the problem: some people are more sensitive than others.

All in all, you’re much better off with our list. They’re all effective and safe, and they should help with your weight loss efforts. Just make sure that you know they’re supplements and not magic pills. That means you still have to go on a diet and you still have to work out!

Fat Burner Rankings: Which Ones Actually Work Well?

It’s unfortunate, but not all fat burners work equally well. In fact, you can find some that don’t work at all. It must be admitted that even the best fat burners won’t work with everyone. There’s no such thing as a universally effective supplement (or medicine, for that matter). But the best ones work for most people, and they offer the most marked improvements.

Here’s a ranked list of the best you should try out first:

  1. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is virtually the unanimous choice as the best in this fat burner category, and it’s been at the top of most lists for a couple of years now. It was actually designed to help boxers and MMA fighters keep within their weight class, and it’s used and endorsed by real top-class fighters.

The ingredients that were picked for the formula all have longstanding scientific evidence to back up their inclusion, and the proof of the pudding is that real fighters attest to its effectiveness.

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It works in all the 3 basic ways that a fat burner is supposed to work. It provides energy with the caffeine and the vitamins B6 and B12. The caffeine is the real workhorse here, as it also helps with your metabolism and appetite suppression. The green coffee and green tea extracts also help with boosting your metabolism. The glucomannan in the formula also helps reduce the cravings by balancing the blood sugar. It even has a little amount of black pepper extract so your body absorbs the ingredients more efficiently while it also works as a metabolism booster and appetite suppressant.


This is a proven formula. It’s not just a theoretical formula at all. Fighters really use this to help them keep to their desired weight. You also have countless reviews from customers attesting to its effectiveness.

It helps that it has ample dosages for all the ingredients without going overboard. So you don’t really have to worry about side effects. It’s actually a risk-free weight loss supplement, since you can try it for 90 days and you get a refund if you’re one of the few people for whom this doesn’t work.

It’s also so easy to consume, since you just take a few capsules a day. You just have to watch that you don’t take more than the recommended number of capsules, and you’ll be fine.


On the other hand, if it does work for you then you’ll find yourself spending a bit more for this supplement. It’s not exactly cheap. Still, you can at least appreciate the savings of not having to buy any more other supplements for weight loss—and of course you also save up by avoiding the medical expenses of treating obesity-related illnesses.

It also does contain 300 mg of caffeine. That’s a lot for those who are sensitive to caffeine. If you’re sensitive, this can cause jitters. You also need to make sure that you don’t take this too near your regular bedtime, as it can cause insomnia.


Can you take caffeine? This is almost a rhetorical question these days, since many adults drink coffee and soda (which also contains caffeine). In fact, 83% of US adults drink coffee, and they average 3 cups a day. So caffeine sensitivity isn’t really common, and the inclusion of caffeine in this formula helps more people.

Overall, Instant Knockout just plain works, and it does so in all the ways that a weight loss supplement is supposed to work. It gets your metabolism going, you have more energy for workouts, and you eat less. You may pay more for this, but you sure do get your money’s worth.

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  1. Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat burner

Transparent Labs is a well-known maker of several supplements, and the PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is highly recommended for those whore wish to lose weight. It’s #2 on this list because it also uses the 3 weight loss supplemental functions: great energy, enhanced metabolism, and appetite suppression.

This comes with 9 different ingredients, and it also offers ample dosages for each one. You have caffeine for energy (among other uses), green tea extract, forslean, and other ingredients for boosting the resting metabolic rate, and HTP-5 for reduced hunger cravings.

There are even other ingredients such as L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine that reduce jitters and stress while it boosts the “fat burning” effects of the green tea extract. It also has the cayenne pepper extract as well.


You have several good reasons why the Physique Series ranks so highly on this list. For one, it works on several levels so you can really boost your weight loss results week after week. It comes with generally accepted effective ingredients, while it doesn’t skimp on the amounts you get. There are no “proprietary blend” shenanigans here.

The amount of caffeine is certainly reasonable here, with just 120 mg per serving (and 2 servings per day). There are also certain ingredients that help in reducing the various caffeine side effects like the jitters. The metabolism enhancers and the appetite suppressant also work well enough.


Does the Physique Series work? It does for the most part, as there’s no money-back guarantee. So there’s an element of chance at work here, but it’s still a good bet. If the Instant Knockout isn’t effective for you, this one is your best alternative option.

It can be argued, however, that its ingredients list just isn’t as effective as IK’s, and the dosages aren’t as ample either. Some of the ingredients just aren’t as good for weight loss as other ingredients that it lacks. The HTP-5 is certainly effective in reducing cravings, but many feel that glucomannan is better. There’s no green coffee extract either.

The price also doesn’t include free shipping, but only if you order at least $150 worth of Physique Series at once. With its $49 per 60-capsule price tag, that means you can’t just order 3 bottles to get the free shipping, since you’re $3 short of $150. This free shipping also applies only if you’re in the US.


Still, the ingredients list is solid, and many customers have also reported great results from its regular use. There’s not much risk of side effects at all, so you have plenty to gain and not much to lose (except excess pounds).

  1. Lean Mode

Of course, not everyone likes to have stimulants with their fat burners. Some people are just sensitive to stimulants and having massive doses of caffeine and similar ingredients may just give them too much nervous energy and jitters. Lean Mode is the alternative if that’s the case.

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The next thing you notice here is that it doesn’t really have too many ingredients. While Instant Knockout has 10 ingredients and Physique Series has 9, here you just have 5. It does make sure that you get massive dosages for the ingredients, since 4 of the 5 ingredients are 500 mg each. The exception is the green tea extract, which is still a lot at 250 mg especially as it uses a premium-quality version.


So obviously, if you’re averse to stimulants then the first advantage here is that there’s none in the formula. That leaves you free from jitters. Another advantage of this stimulant-free formula is that you can spread out the intake throughout the day, as you can take one serving in the morning and another in the evening. You don’t have to worry about sleepless nights.

Lean Mode also has ample amounts for all their ingredients, so you know that each ingredient here will actually work. For the most part, the ingredients are well-known and their inclusion is backed by scientific evidence. Green tea extract even offers antioxidant benefits, which helps with your health as well.


However, if you’re not averse to stimulants, then this formula isn’t really your best bet. The reason why so many fat burners contain stimulants is because they’re extremely effective. They provide energy, and they also help you reduce your cravings. Their absence here is quite noticeable if you like to exercise first thing in the morning.

The use of just 5 ingredients is also rather risky. Many supplements use the shotgun approach by using different ingredients for each different purpose. That’s so you have backup components if one ingredient doesn’t work for you. Here, if the main ingredient doesn’t really work for raising your metabolism or suppressing your appetite, then it’s not much good.

That’s especially true when one of the few ingredients here is L-carnitine. It’s not really one of the most effective main ingredients out there for fat burning. It’s better as a backup.


It’s safe to take and its no-nonsense formula is straightforward and simple. It works, and that’s why it’s #3 on our list. Despite the few ingredients, they’re mostly effective for most people, which is why so many customers have reported seeing good results with Lean Mode.

However, if you’re a regular gym goer (and you ought to be if you’re serious about losing weight), then you will need to buy another supplement to provide you with additional energy for your workout.

  1. Shred Jym

Weight loss supplements have become so crucial to the brains behind famous brands can become celebrities. That’s what happened to Jim Stoppani, and Shred Jym is one of the main supplements that catapulted him to fame.

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This has just 6 main ingredients, and the most important ones are green tea leaf extract, caffeine anhydrous, and cayenne extract. The green tea extract uses the standard 45% EGCG in contrast to Lean Mode’s higher 60% EGCG quality, but it makes up for it by containing 500 mg.

It also has 500 mg of L-Tyrosine, along with a massive 1.5 g dose of L-Carnitine. There’s also 20 mg of synephrine. Some people do react badly to this stuff with headaches, but at least there’s not much of it here.


This comes with green tea extract and caffeine, and both these ingredients are superbly effective in helping with the fat-burning process. The green tea helps by boosting the metabolism and providing antioxidants, while the caffeine gives energy, reduces cravings, and also contributes to the enhancement of the metabolism. It also uses cayenne pepper to help out, and here you get a premium-quality version that isn’t as difficult to tolerate. Even the form of synephrine used here is top shelf.

This has lots of customers who attest to its effectiveness, and it’s always a safer bet when you pick a more popular choice. It even has tyrosine that helps make you more alert, and that should help with your daily activities and with your workouts.


First of all, it does lack coffee bean extract, which is a proven and effective fat burner. It would have helped, and its absence is kinda noteworthy. On the other hand, some of the ingredients here aren’t exactly the best alternatives.

One example is L-carnitine. Yes, it does contain a massive dose here, but it’s like have a player off the bench to play the game while your All-Star isn’t available. It’s just not as good as green coffee bean extract.

The inclusion of synephrine can also be problematic for some users. Quite a few have used Shred Jym and complained about headaches, and this is the most likely culprit among the ingredients.

Finally, each serving requires you to take 4 capsules every time. That’s just plain inconvenient. But it’s also necessary, since this is a rather intense fat burner. You may even want to make sure you take this with your meals, as taking this with an empty stomach can lead to unpleasant side effects. With 4 capsules, you can then reduce the dosage by taking 3 capsules per serving if the effect is too intense.


It’s popular because it works, and Jim Stoppani is to be commended for the Shred Jym formula. However, it’s not as good as the others on this list, and the increased chances of side effects are troubling. Overall, it’s a good choice, though not exactly the best choice.

  1. Vintage Burn

This is made by Old School Labs, and the use of “vintage” in the product and
“Old School” in the brand emphasizes their commitment to proven classical formulas and ingredients. With Vintage Burn, you even get what’s marketed as the “world’s first muscle-preserving fat burner”.

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Here you have the presence of green tea leaf extract, caffeine, and coffee bean extract. The dosages are milder here, so you get a more moderate and slower burn than others with more massive amounts for the ingredients. The emphasis does seem to be on safety and the lack of side effects.

On the other hand, the main problem with vintage formulas is that it doesn’t take new developments and discoveries into account. Some of the ingredients here have already been found ineffective, but it’s as if Old School Labs didn’t get the memo.

The most notable example of this is the presence of raspberry ketones. It’s old school because almost a decade ago, studies using lab rats indicated that it may help with weight loss. But the truth of the matter is that since then there haven’t been any definitive studies involving humans, so it’s still a matter of conjecture. No one really knows if it will help people with weight loss, and there have been no studies to indicate as to how much of this is needed.


Here you have proven effective ingredients like green tea leaf extract, caffeine, and coffee bean extract. It’s also a very safe formula, as you won’t expect to get serious side effects.

In addition, there have been a considerable number of reviews through the years attesting to its effectiveness. For many people, it just works.


One main problem is that it contains rather doubtful ingredients in the formula, such as raspberry ketones. Meanwhile, it lacks ingredients like cayenne pepper that’s more likely to work for you.

Another problem here is that the dosages are just a tad milder. So the effects aren’t quite as noticeable as what you’d get from other supplements.


This is a good choice if you want old school formulas and milder effects. Some people just can’t take intense doses. The main thing though, is that those “intense” dosages were to equal the dosages that were found effective in human studies.

So this is a good choice, but that’s only if you find yourself going through side effects from each of the first 4 supplements on this list.


There are many great fat burners on the market, you just need to know what ingredients to look for. Fat burners depend on budget as well, some of the most efficient and all natural fat burners happen to be the most expensive. If you check your labels and remember the ingredients to seek out, you can really find something that works to burn fat and sculpt that shredded physique – quicker and safer. 

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