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Muscle Pharm Assault Review- New vs Old formula, which is better?

MusclePharm Assault Review- NEW FORMULA:

3 and a half out of 5

The Good: Some good results. Good creatine, Transparent dosages.

The Bad: Some dosages can be slightly stronger. High caffeine for beginners.

MP Assault Old Formula (2013) Rating: 

The Good:  Some decent results for cardio.

The Bad: Proprietary formulas. High caffeine.

Pre-workout formulas are a staple in any athlete’s diet. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro lifter, these supplements can take your workout to a whole new level. They not only increase your energy and stamina, but also enhance mental focus, ward off fatigue, and boost physical performance.

MusclePharm has recently launched a new version of the popular Assault formula in 2016. One nice new difference is that finally Musclepharm discloses the dosages of their ingredients! No “proprietary blends” is almost always better.

Assault New vs Old Formula- Reviewed

We have tested the new MusclePharm Assault (released 2016) to see how it differs from the older formula (released in 2013). Note that we find most stores like Amazon still carry the older version!(click here to see options on Amazon)

Our team has also checked the ingredients and their effectiveness based on the recommended daily dose. It’s no doubt that the new Assault works, but there are better choices out there.

This new pre-workout formula provides your body with the energy needed for a challenging workout. It claims to improve strength and performance while restoring ATP levels and mental alertness. According to manufacturers, the mew MP Assault also improves the body’s ability to use energy and helps reduce muscle breakdown. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, one of its active compounds, boosts concentration and strengthens the mind-muscle connection, leading to better gains.

What’s in Assault- how do Ingredients work?

Compared to other pre-workout supplements, the new Assault doesn’t use any proprietary blend. This time MusclePharm has revealed its ingredients and dosages, so you know exactly what goes into each scoop. If you check the label, you’ll see that are no fillers.

The downside is that they’ve also removed nitric oxide enhancers, so the new formula is less potent than its previous versions with regards to stamina and recovery (which is strange). But Compared to its predecessors, the new Assault contains less caffeine, so it’s safer for those who are sensitive to stimulants (but still a tad high).

This new formula features just seven main ingredients: CarnoSyn beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, taurine, glycine, acetyl-l-carnitine, caffeine, and betaine. These compounds can be found in most pre-workout supplements- so that’s nothing new under the sun. However it’s a question of getting the basics right; and we feel Assault is halfway decent but not excellent.

The New formula also contains B-complex vitamins for enhanced mental focus and concentration. One serving provides over 500 percent of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C and 133 percent of the recommended dose of vitamin E. These nutrients support optimum health.

Side Effects- How safe is Assault?

For both new and old formulas, there’s nothing especially radical- and there should be no health risks or dangers unless you overdose. However note that there is a relatively high dosage of caffeine- 250 mg (that’s 2+ cups of coffee). which can mean the jitters and insomnia, for beginners not used to caffeine, or for smaller people like ladies (under 60kg especially).

So if you’re pretty lightweight you might want to try a 2/3 or half scoop. If you’re a total newbie with supplements you might want to go at least 24 hours between dosages just to wait and see.

Let’s breakdown the main ingredients;

Creatine Monohydrate (5g)     

New formula 2016 Ingredients

Each serving of MP Assault delivers five grams of creatine, which is the recommended daily dose. This amino acid increases muscle size and strength, improves athletic performance, and supports brain function.

Vs MP Assault Old formula:  The previous Assault formula had only one gram of creatine, which was way too low. Might as well don’t bother.

Creatine also speeds up recovery from training, which helps reduce catabolism. Creatine is one of the most heavily researched ingredients in sports nutrition, and its benefits are backed up by science.

Betaine Anhydrous (1.5g)

New vs Old formula:  This new pre-workout supplement provides 1.5 grams of betaine, a vitamin that was missing in the previous Assault formulas.

Betaine anhydrous is a naturally occurring compound that improves athletic performance and body composition. It synergizes well with creatine.  Also known as TMG or trimethylglycine, it’s common in many pre workouts on the market.

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine (2g)

New vs Old:

The new MusclePharm Assault contains the same amount of beta alanine as its predecessors. This non-essential amino acid raises muscle carnosine levels by about 58 percent, which allows you to train intensely for longer. Its efficiency is backed up by major studies. It’s something that reliably works.

The Assault V3 contains Carnosyn, an improved form of beta alanine, This supplement is easily absorbed into the body and can be safely used in large doses.

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg)

This is the first time MusclePharm disclosed the amount of caffeine in its pre-workout formula. The new Assault provides 250 grams of caffeine anhydrous per serving, which is an okay dose for some athletes. However note that this is the equivalent of drinking 2 cups of coffee: which can  cause irregular heartbeat, insomnia and dizziness in those who are sensitive to caffeine.

The energy-boosting effects of caffeine are well known. This natural stimulant can improve your performance, boost metabolism, and increase endurance. However, we would actually prefer that this is slightly lower. We also know of other brands with stimulant-free alternatives.

TeaCrine (50mg)

Another key ingredient in the new Assault is TeaCrine, a concentrated form of theacrine. Its molecular structure is similar to that of caffeine, so you can expect to have greater energy and focus after taking this supplement. Unlike caffeine, theacrine doesn’t cause a tolerance to itself. This means you won’t have to increase the dose to reap its benefits.

This stimulant activates similar neurotransmitters in the brain as caffeine, but works at lower doses. According to researchers, it boosts physical and mental energy by raising dopamine levels. Recent studies suggest that theacrine may induce thermogenesis and accelerate fat burning. This compound raises the body’s core temperature, which in turn increases metabolism. It also helps relieve stress, fights inflammation, and improves concentration.

Isomaltulose (5g)

The MusclePharm Assault fuels your muscles into growth and helps replenish glycogen stores due to its high content of palatinose. This ingredient is also known as isomaltulose. It has a lower glycemic index (32) than sucrose and glucose, which helps prevent insulin spikes.

This is a nice addition which does not exist in the old formula. But this is mainly a supporting ingredient, as well as a low cost one.

If we had to be nosy, we’d say that Musclepharm is running into financial problems, and this may be influencing products.

L-Taurine (1g)

Both formulas:  L-taurine, serves as a muscle cell volumizer and endurance booster.  This amino acid is commonly used in sports drinks for its ability to increase energy and reduce muscle soreness. We see this more as a supporting ingredient , but nice to have.

L-Glycine (1g)

Athletes take glycine supplements to build lean muscle, reduce catabolism, and focus better during training. Again, no major effects but nice to have. This was present in the old formula, but “proprietary” concealed.

BioPerine (5mg)

Avoid weakness bro.

BioPerine is a patented form of black pepper extract that enhances nutrient absorption. It also acts as a minor antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory agent. Again, This was present in the old formula, but “proprietary” concealed.

Musclepharm Assault Results and Side effects?

Both formulas do have some decent results – though the old formula tends to do better for stamina.

It’s easy to use:  mix one scoop with 8-12 ounces of water and take it 20 to 30 minutes before hitting the gym. Beginners can start with half scoop.

This product can bring you closer to your goals, providing strength and energy needed for intense training. The downside is that it has no focus boosters or nitric oxide boosters. This means it’s unlikely to give you those pumps you’re after.

Even though it contains caffeine and B vitamins, the stimulant effect could be better and smoother- some pre workouts also include nootropics like Alpha GPC, and not just caffeine.

What Flavors Are Available?

The new MusclePharm Assault comes in four different flavors: fruit punch, blue raspberry, strawberry ice, and green apple. Most users love the strawberry ice version. The powder mixes well, so no need to worry about clumps.

Where to Buy the MusclePharm Assault – Pricing and discounts?

Pricing is generally good for this product (both old and new formulas), typically less than $30 for 30 servings – but this can really vary. The new pre-workout formula is available at and itself and many other online sites.

The problem with most sites is that they don’t specific what version of the Assault they’re selling, so you have to check the label and know what you’re looking for (the new formula features all ingredients’ dosages revealed).

MusclePharm only ships in the U.S., so those who live abroad can’t place an order. Some other sites can have problematic returns policies, so you need to check the fine print.

For example:  at, you only have around 10 days to try the product (which is probably not enough). And you may not be compensated for opened bottles which they sell in 3-packs, and you have to pay for postal charges to send back to the company.


MusclePharm combines some classic energy and strength enhancers on the market to create a pre-workout formula that does basically work (old and new), and pricing is generally good.

But there are many other pre workout supplements out there which are significantly better. The new formula is not much of an improvement over the old. MP Assault is okay, but we tend to be sticklers for quality.

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