Beast Super Test Review: Does Beast Bark or Bite?

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test Review:

The Good: Some ingredients have potential. Decent price.

The Bad:  Proprietary blend- hard to tell the dosage used for each ingredient. Many ingredients are underdosed or lack good results.

Introduction:  Need more strength and energy? Want to lose fat and build muscle? It may be time to give testosterone boosters a try… These supplements can support healthy testosterone production and energy metabolism for longer, more intense workouts. Subtle deficiencies you did not know you had might be improved on, giving more energy, better recovery, and increased libido.

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test has been around for quite a while. We have tested this product to help you decide whether or not it’s worth your time and money…

Super Test from Beast Sports Nutrition claims to enhance your muscle building potential by raising free testosterone and nitric oxide levels. At the same time, it supposedly reduces estrogen production and DHT (dihydrotestosterone), supports liver health, and improves kidney function.

Beast Super Test Ingredients  

Vitamin B6

Each serving provides 5mg of vitamin B6, which supports immune function and assists with the production of over 60 different enzymes. But 5 mg is too low for this...


Magnesium regulates more than 325 enzymes in your body, including those involved in muscular contraction, lipid metabolism, and cardiac activity. This mineral supports ATP (adenosine triphosphate) metabolism, leading to improved physical performance.

The recommended daily dose is at least 400mg a day; the Beast Sports Super Test delivers only 22.5 mg per serving, so it’s unlikely to make any difference to your health. There seems to be atrend here for under dosing…


Several studies indicate that zinc can naturally increase testosterone levels and promote anabolism. It also contributes to protein synthesis, leading to faster recovery and greater muscle gains. The Beast Sports Super Test provides 90 percent of the RDA of zinc, which helps maintain normal testosterone levels.

Anabolic Testosterone Support Complex

This supplement features an anabolic formula that claims to enhance testosterone production. It contains steroid saponins, puncture vine, withania somnifera (ashwaganda), eurycoma longifolia extract, fenugreek, winged treebine, withanolides, and pfaffia paniculata.

Some of these ingredients, such as fenugreek, do have a positive impact on your T levels. Others are quite unusual for a dietary supplement. The manufacturer doesn’t mention the dosage used for each ingredient, so it’s hard to tell how effective this formula really is. And we find that most of these secret “proprietary” formulas are under-dosed…

Cyanotis Vaga Extract

This herbal extract supports protein synthesis and speeds up healing, leading to faster recovery from exercise. It is also known as Beta-Ecdysterone. Studies conducted on athletes indicate that those who used this compound reported an increase in muscle size and strength. However tests on these sterones are usually few and far between (many were from un-substantiated Russian science trials during Cold war days).

Nitric Oxide Support Complex

This supplement offers 500 mg of amino acids, such as D-Arginine Malate, L-Citrulline, and L-Arginine. Individual dosages are not disclosed: but usually we prefer to see several GRAMS for each- Arginine or Citrulline.

These compounds increase nitric oxide levels, which helps improve circulation and vascularization.

Estrogen Control Factors

The estrogen control complex boasts calcium, Japanese knotweed extract, and diidolymethane (DIM). Japanese knotweed is a good source of resveratrol, a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and slows down aging.

Tough to tell dosing for this proprietary blend, though as you should look for several hundred grams of resveratrol alone (and this is usually ineffective when taken orally), this is again probably under dosed. DIM also tends to be ineffective unless consumed in cruciferous vegetables.

 DHT Control Factors

The Beast Sports Super Test claims to lower DHT levels in the body due to its unique combination of pumpkin seed extract, pygeum africanum, and nettle root powder. Expert opinions are mixed regarding nettle root’s ability to inhibit DHT production. Some researchers claim that it actually increases DHT levels.

Also, if you are intentionally limiting DHT it may not be good to do this for the long term. DHT can be a factor in increasing masculine qualities and strength in men, and you need this in a balance with Testosterone, not to eliminate DHT.

So this is a strange mix. None of the above are actually DHT blockers, or tend to do much in themselves. For example, Nettle Root does not boost testosterone but instead tends to liberate more free testosterone, which in turn tends to convert to DHT (so it is probably an indirect T booster and DHT booster). Beast Super Test seems to include a lot of jargon as well as experimental ingredients.

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test Results

This supplement failed to meet our expectations. At first glance, it offers a powerful mix of herbal extracts, minerals, and amino acids that support overall health and testosterone balance. However, most ingredients are poorly dosed, which reduces their efficiency and potential benefits.

We tried this and actually did feel slight benefits: it seems to work as a mild libido booster, and possibly as a strength agent. but other better boosters on the market tend to have stronger results.

Also, this is highly unlikely to support testosterone and hormone health well in the long term.
What’s the Drawback?

Many athletes who used this product claim that it causes migraines, stomach cramps, constipation, and erectile dysfunction. Though we did not feel these problems, and think this is actually unlikely. At least Super Test does not seem to include many potentially toxic substances, or those known for side effects (like saw palmetto).

The Beast Sports Super Test may also contain traces of milk, soy, eggs, fish, nuts, and other allergens, so it’s not entirely safe for those with food sensitivities and allergies.

But frankly with a proprietary formula- it is difficult or impossible to predict side effects.

Where to Buy Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test?
This supplement is available on Amazon for $32.00. It costs $48.49 on, $45.94 on, and up to $56.10 on other websites.

Our Verdict

Even though it has some decent ingredients, they are underdosed. You should probably look for a supplement with transparent dosages, as well as clinically accurate doses.

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