Beard Trimming Tips and Tricks

Best Beard Trimming Tips for Beginners and Up

Just as how suspenders and tight pants have become fashionable again, the popularity of beards are now making a comeback. However, reality dictates that beard grooming is never easy but with some care and beard trimming tips, you can expect to have your facial hair looking as resplendent as ever.

Trimming Tips

  • A real epic beard can be considered an output of extreme self-restraint. The moment you decide to grow your beard, it is very important to fight that urge to style or trim it, leaving it completely untouched during the first four to six weeks. Doing so will allow your facial hair to grow evenly, thus allowing you to select a style that will suit its thickness and length. Therefore, the rule here is – be patient!
  • Just like wild animals, a beard needs to be highly in-tune with its environment. Therefore, it is very important to monitor its growth and then you can start carefully matching your beard to the shape of your face. Aside from making sure that your beard will look better, you will also be assured that you will look good, too.
  • It is also important to know when the right time for trimming is, and how to do it. Pruning is very important when it comes to producing a well-groomed beard, even though you may be planning to grow it out. For this, it is very important to invest in a good trimmer and choose the right way in order to suit your plans.
  • Make sure that you also wash your beard quite regularly. This is extremely important during the earlier stages of beard growth, as this is when trapped skin cells and food may cause itchiness. You may want to scrub your beard a few times every week using a special cleanser. After scrubbing it, you can pat it dry gently. On the other hand, make sure that you are only doing it with the right frequency because overdoing it, as with over-toweling your beard, may result in split ends and frizz.
  • The regular use and application of beard oil is the best way to tame your beard. There are several types that you can choose from in different manly scents. Regardless of your choice, you can still expect that all of them will work on conditioning your hair, making it shinier and softer.
  • It is also important that you know how to train your beard. A regular trim can keep the selected shape, but this is not the only way in which you can keep your beard well-disciplined. You may be able to do so with a daily rubbing using a beard brush or a comb. It will work in wrangling stubborn hairs and training them well to grow downward.
  • Unless you want to go for a chinstrap, growing your beard can also mean growing your mustache. In order to make sure that it stays neat, you can trim the area below the nose, using a pair of scissors for grooming, keeping it sculpted naturally using medium-hold wax.
  • Keep in mind that your facial hair is composed of fat and protein. Still, it is heavily dependent on Vitamins B3, B5 and B9. This only means that you also have to take good care of your diet in order make your beard look healthy. This can include adding leafy greens, milk, yolks, eggs and nuts to your diet. If you are extremely committed to it, you may also want to take some supplements that add lushness to your beard by improving hormonal balance and health

Some men may recommend that beard trimming only be done by professionals. On the other hand, others will not let anybody touch their beards.

If you are planning to trim your beard by yourself, you will definitely need the right tools. This also means taking into consideration whether you will use a pair of scissors or an actual beard trimmer.

Most often, a cordless, rechargeable model can turn out to be a better choice. Make sure that you do not trim your beard if it is still wet. This is because wet hair tends to be longer so you might find yourself trimming too much.

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