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New Male Contraceptive Gel – On The Horizon?

Male Contraceptive Gels – Better Birth Control Options for Men Condoms and vasectomies may have a new male contraceptive competitor — in the form of a gel. Yes, gel. Researchers are testing a male

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4 Gauge Pre Workout- Will Buying Make You Stronger AND Smarter?

4 Gauge Review & Buying Guide: 4 Gauge may appear to be just another pre-workout in a world of too-many. But we took a closer look, and believe that there’s a good case 4 Gauge will rise above most

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Does Low Testosterone Make You FAT? – what Men and Women should know

Learn why low T levels lead to weight gain, and how changing your diet and lifestyle works wonders Scientists have known for a while now that weight gain and obesity mean bad news for your testosterone

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How to Get a Ripped Body after 40 – Fast

For lots of teens and young adults, 40 years old seems really old. It’s like your life goes downhill after hitting that particular milestone. Muscles disappear, and excess fat come in their place. It

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Home Testosterone Test Kits – How to determine T levels without a blood test?

Measure your own Testosterone levels – conveniently and for low cost?  For men, maintaining proper testosterone levels is always important. Testosterone is a crucial ingredient in determining your

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