Andro400 Reviews(vs Andro400 Max)- Does that LongJack Really Work?

Andro400 Reviews:

The Good:  Some decent results. Good buying options.

The Bad: Mainly includes a strong dose of Longjack/Tongkat Ali, and 2 other slightly under-dosed ingredients that actually duplicate each other. And that’s the “Max” version. Note: the original Andro400 is basically only Longjack in an okay dose.

Andro 400Max Rating:
3 star out of 5

“Fight Back!” – There seem to be a BIG number of radio advertising campaigns recently about Andro400.  They sound catchy, but there are reasons we have a problem with this …

Testosterone boosters are all the rage now. From gym goers to middle-age guys and pro athletes, everyone is praising their benefits. For many men, it could make a big difference (which is partly why we started this site.)

In just a few days, you might feel more energetic and alive, have a greater libido, and sleep better at night. The hardest part is choosing a testosterone booster that actually works.Check out the original ad here:

Sounds like the 2nd coming  ;p  A bit too miraculous: users say they are able to lose weight, gain energy, libido  – and even cure back pain. Wow.

So What is Andro400?

Natural Health Concepts has created this testosterone formula. Specifically; Andro400 is a “natural testosterone booster” – stimulating your body’s own ability to produce testosterone, with natural herbs or minerals.

What’s the difference between Andro400 and Testosterone replacement therapy?

Andro400 is NOT testosterone replacement therapy – which actually changes your body’s biochemistry in a big way, sometimes permanently, and often with big side effects.

Is Andro400 a steroid?

Actually “steroid” is just a scientific term for a type of molecule – your body’s own natural testosterone, as well as women’s estrogen, is also a “steroid”  : )  The riskier, stronger stuff is actually a sports/cultural term, and refers to “synthetic steroids” or “anabolic steroids”.

So no: Andro400 and 400Max are not synthetic steroids. We love “natural test boosters”, but we have a slight problem with this one…

* The only ingredient in this formula is the herb Tongkat Ali or Long jack – its a decent testosterone supplement, but actually better known as a libido enhancer in asia.

You get 2 options: The Max Version – Andro400 Max – is basically Andro400 with additional Longjack, + Arginine and Citrulline, “Nitric Oxide” supplements that can help recovery and stamina – but the dosages leave much to be desired…

Hype: This claims to be The #1 Natural Testosterone Booster?? You should take a look at some of the best T boosters here: they are usually not only stronger, but have more ingredients in much balanced formulas which all work in synergy together.

What’s in Andro400? Ingredients…

What on earth  is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is also known as Longjack (scientific name Eurycoma Longifolia) a herbal extract that’s a staple in male enhancement formulas, test boosters, and pre-workouts. Also known in Malaysia as “Ali’s Walking Stick” – a reference to 1. aging, and 2. your cock  : )  Its aphrodisiac effects are well-documented (click here)

Andro400 delivers 300mg of Longjack per serving : 2 capsules of 150 mg each, in a 1:100 concentration. This is considered fairly concentrated – but actually the Andro400 daily dosage would be considered on the low side. The Andro400Max would be just about “okay” – and sometimes athletes are encouraged to much take stronger doses.


There has been NO evidence to say that Longjack works as a fat burner!!

The herb is likely to be a good testosterone booster though there is some debate – trials so far look promising but there have only been about 2-3 good ones.

There is a bit of debate, but Longjack seems to affect many related T functions (study here, and here). It is also known as a stress and mood reliever and a stamina booster.

Quality control for Longjack: The product is made in an FDA inspected nutraceutical facility which tests them for content, purity and quality. But this is only for the basic ingredients and facilities themselves…

As the company themselves note: Products compounded from natural herbs such as Andro400, are classified as “dietary supplements.” Unlike drugs, dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA – so actually the Andro400 formula and effectiveness is NOT subject to FDA review and approval–  just the basic production facilities. 

Now to be fair it is very difficult to scrutinize most herbal supplements for specific quality controls – as this needs to much specialized knowledge for most agencies and inspectors.

If you are really dead set on trying high quality Tongkat Ali, as a contrast, the best quality we currently know is the Pasak Bumi brand, distributed by Barlowe’s herbals. You can view this on Amazon: click here

As an example of quality controls that Andro400 could have done better – Barlowe’s Herbal elixirs are checked for no fillers (100% plant fibre capsules) and stearate – free . Stearates can have big reductions in absorption for the supplement, as well as cause digestive problems in more sensitive people.

But note that is still not the best complete test booster we know of (click here)


Note Andro400 (basic) does not include this…  Andro400 MAX includes 500 mg of arginine per serving.

This amino acid elevates nitric oxide levels in the body, which helps expand blood vessels and improve circulation. Basically, your blood will flow through more freely, leading to stronger erections, and enhanced stamina and recovery, plus other health benefits related to circulation.

This is somewhat under-dosed – you probably want 3-9 GRAMS of arginine a day.

And the weird part is that you might as well just include a big dose of citrulline, which does a better version of the same thing as arginine…


Andro400 MAX also delivers 500 mg of l-citrulline per serving.

Citrulline actually performs similar functions and benefits with Arginine- except that it is even more effective. So we have to wonder why Andro400 Max did not just include a bigger serving of Citrulline in the first place.

This nutrient actually supports arginine production and helps increase growth hormone levels. It also boosts nitric oxide levels, helping your arteries relax.

Research indicates that citrulline may decrease high blood pressure and relieve the symptoms of mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction.

Again:  The daily recommended intake is 3 to 9 grams, so the small amount of citrulline in Andro400 Max is likely to be somewhat ineffective.

Ingredients Effectiveness? 

Now we like Longjack’s effects in general, but see that there are dozens of better formulas on the market – you get a whole combination of other ingredients And we’re not just talking about “Jack of all trades”, Master of none- most other products have BETTER ingredients combinations as well.

These are stronger- and also likely to work with synergies – even better in combination.

What happened when we tried Andro400 Max?

We tried some of the Max version, and did not bother with the basic. To be honest, we only tried this for a week, as we already take better versions of similar test boosters as well as pre workout formulas (which tend to feature doses of citrulline as more common place for that product niche)

So we cleared our system of supplements for a few days before; what we felt were the obvious benefits was a slight boost for libido, as well as for energy/stamina. Maybe about 5-10% more , not bad considering the short amount of time, but like we said, we have tried much better.

Frankly we didn’t really expect much from this one due to under dosing. Some other test boosters tend to have quicker stronger results, even in just a few days. though these too are actually meant for long term benefits , not short term boners.funny-herb

Longjack or Tongkat Ali can have many good results over time, just that we prefer this as a supporting ingredient rather than as a main one. 

Are there problems with Andro400? What are Side Effects and risks?

Due to its arginine/citrulline content, Andro400 MAX should be used with caution by people who take blood pressure lowering medications or blood thinners as well as those with pre existing cardiovascular problems.

However risk is low. Do note that these are common ingredients in pre workout formulas, and only a tiny minority of people suffer side effects . though beginners taking high doses (round 6 GRAMS plus daily) may get stomach upset, and should gradually acclimatize to bigger doses.

BUT: risk is also low because there is very little argninine/citrulline in Andro400Max  in the first place! A bit too low to be good for stamina and recovery.

Are there Complaints about Andro400?

The website was a bit old fashioned and hard selling – and full of glowing testimonials.

We actually do believe that this stuff has some benefits, but think the ones that paint a picture of Andro400 being able to melt pounds of fat fast are total BS…

“Belly Fat Gone for 73 Yr. Old Diabetic

I haven’t been losing a lot of actual weight because I work out and replace what goes away with a little muscle mass. Not a lot – at age 73 you don’t have a lot, but I’ve found that it’s made my pants and everything fit better. All that belly fat went away! I’m diabetic and it’s helped me a lot on maintaining my balance of protein and carbohydrates. And I’ve noticed a little more energy.”

** If that’s the truth, its possible the formula helped some underlying hormonal problems – but its impossible for Longjack, arginine and citruline to burn fat directly! Unless his bottle was spiked with something  : )

We saw a number of weird reviews or complaints on  (click here):

But actually we think its no big deal …

That “review site” looks badly organized in the first place. And its hard to tell what kind of overall picture is painted of the product- there are only 2 main listed reviews, and 1 of them seems good. Though there are dozens of other “comments” which range from the nonsensical to the self righteous.

You get sarcastic/ironic stuff like: “Yeh! Been using the product for about two months now. Have so much energy that I only sleep 3 to 4 hours a night, I just turned 50 and the wife has to lock herself up to keep me out, and even when she let me in she see the effects a d has begun growing a mustache now. I in the center group now and the customer service reps call me for answers.”

Which distracts you when you try to figure if it’s actually good or bad.


You get answers which are probably where the support staff “Ron Jensen” are hard pressed, trying to defend the product, and we don’t blame them in a way, because it’s easier to critique or to destroy, rather than create or build.

We just think the truth is somewhere in between –  the product is not that great, but its not thaaaat bad either.

Who sells Andro400? Where to Buy or find this?

Andro400 and Andro400 MAX can only be purchased through the manufacturer’s website (click here). Amazon and GNC are out, sorry.

The price depends on the number of bottles ordered. One bottle of Andro400 costs $34.95, while one bottle of Andro400 MAX is $39.95. Customers can sign up for the auto-ship service to receive one bottle every month at discounted rates.

The bulk orders are actually pretty attractive, working out to around $30 or less per bottle. Those who order six or more bottles benefit from free shipping. Both supplements are backed up by a 90-day money back guarantee.

We heard some criticism about the Auto ship option being a scam. Where your credit card is automatically re billed without you knowing it. But at least the company seems fairly transparent about this, making it easy to unsubscribe. But still you should take note of the terms:

Frankly if you are on a tight budget – you might as well get Testogen, which is more effective AND has about the same prices for bulk orders

If you have an eye for quality, the best test booster we know currently is Prime Male, which has the best results and quality control overall (click here)

Our Verdict

So Andro400 was originally marketed at younger men in their 20s and 30s (but it can be used by women too for various energy and stamina benefits) Andro400 Max, a stronger version, is designed for men over 40. We think there’s not much difference: in fact the Arginine and Citrulline benefit young guys for stamina and recovery as well, and are common ingredients in athletic pre workout formulas…

If anything Andro400 is a bit weak so if you’re a young fit guy into intensive sports, you might as well max out on the Andro400 Max. These supplements look promising at first sight, but they’re actually either underdosed, or could be a stronger in our opinion.

If your T levels are low, you may notice a slight improvement. However, there are many better products available on the market, so research your options thoroughly.

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