Alpha Tren Review – Mystery Ingredients and WEIRD Price Issues?

Alpha Tren Reviews:

The results of reviewing Alpha Tren were fairly surprising, to say the least. Here at NewTestosterone, we dig deep for information about scientific studies, ingredients, and effects of supplements on the market today. We also pour over hundreds of user reviews and comments. This condensed review is the result of our diligence – at a glance!

What Is Alpha Tren?

Alpha Tren is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. It is supposed to boost stamina, improve strength, and maintain peak performance during workout sessions after taking 2 capsules before exercising. The ingredients are yohimbe bark extract, tribulusterrestris, pyridoxine HCL, and horny goat weed.

It came out around 2015, and is manufactured in the United States. It can only be purchased online from the product’s official website. There have been some concerns regarding this product, as well as the way the company conducts its business. In this review, we will dive into the problems-  and whether or not this product should even be purchased.

Apha Tren Reviews – Complaints about Obscene Pricing? 

One of the biggest problem consumers are experiencing with Alpha Tren isn’t even the product itself – it’s the “free trial” offer. The website advertises a “free trial offer, where they send you a bottle of Alpha Tren to try. They neglect to mention, however, that when you sign up for the trial, you are automatically subscribing to a monthly shipment of Alpha Tren. This can end up costing between $70 and$100 per month. One customer reported paying a whopping $178.95 for just one month’s supply of Alpha Tren.

The website is very vague, and doesn’t tell customers that they have only 14 days to cancel this monthly subscription. Customers who do try the free trial have found no definitive way of cancelling the subscription.

The customers that did the free trial of Alpha Tren were charged, most times unknowingly, for something that was supposed to be free. Sometimes customers had to cancel their credit cards to make sure they would not continue to be charged for an ineffective product. All of this indicates that Alpha Tren is likely a scam.

But maybe the product actually works?

Results and Testimonials – doe they regret buying this stuff? 

We researched to see how customers feel, but they aren’t really saying anything good.

Customers on several different platforms stated that Alpha Tren has not improved their workout in any shape or form. One customer said, “…Been taking Alpha Tren regularly before my work outs hoping to see some results, but have seen nothing.”

The whole point of taking a testosterone booster is to see results, not to pay over $100 for a bottle of pills that won’t do anything. While some aren’t seeing any results, others are having adverse reactions.

“Made me dizzy and nauseated. Made my heart race too,” reported one consumer.

Another said, “This stuff does not agree with me. I wonder if it has some hidden ingredients.”

While we have seen some research on the individual ingredients on this list, we have not seen any definitive research showing the benefits of taking Alpha Tren. When there isn’t any credible science on a product that is meant for human consumption, it raises a red flag.

Ingredients – are there Side Effects and Dangers? 

We don’t want to go too in depth on the ingredient list, but we also don’t want to assume everyone knows the functions of things like tribulus terrestris.

We’ll start with pyridoxine HCL, more commonly known as vitamin B6.It’sa recommended nutrient for body builders, as it helps keep blood cells healthy and contributes to blood flow. Another ingredient is yohimbe bark extract, which has fat burning and blood circulation benefits. Horny goat weed is a commonly used ingredient in testosterone products to increase sexual health. Finally, we have tribulus terrestris.This herb is also found in a lot of testosterone boosting supplements, but scientists have yet to prove it to be effective.

Still- its not likely this formula is very dangerous, just not useful…

Verdict – The Bottom Line

Will Alpha Tren boost your testosterone? Will it boost your stamina and peak performance during your workout? Will it help you perform better in bed?

Bottom line: Alpha Tren will do none of those things.  The most obvious result is that company will likely try to take all your money. The research and reviews have not been positive, and while we all would like to see a product that effectively increases testosterone without harmful side effects…This simply isn’t it.

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