Alpha Monster Advanced Review: Hugely Good or Horrible?

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You have to admit, it’s a great brand name: Alpha Monster Advanced. It uses 3 recognizable terms in the T-booster industry. You’ll find lots of supplements with the Alpha name, and lots of them claim to be an advanced formula.

This one even includes the monster term, so it’s not merely a testosterone booster for older gents. It’s marketed towards younger men aiming for bigger—or even monstrous—muscles.

What is Alpha Monster Advanced?

AMA (sorry, got tired writing the whole thing out!)is a dietary supplement. It boosts testosterone levels, and it doesn’t just try to compensate for reduced T-levels that are normal for men as they get older.

It’s also a muscle-building supplement. It boosts your T levels so that you get greater strength and endurance. What’s more, it also includes other ingredients that help make for more effective workouts. What’s notably absent here is caffeine, so there’s no risk of the jitters that caffeine is notorious for causing.

Checking on the various reviews online can lead to some confusion about its ingredients, however. In the review, it lists 6 ingredients: horny goat weed, wild yam extract, orchid extract, sarsaparilla extract, saw palmetto extract, and nettle extract.

However, in the review, a different ingredients list is mentioned. It also mentions saw palmetto, horny goat weed, sarsaparilla, and nettle root extract. But it doesn’t have wild yam and orchid. Instead, it adds tongkat ali, muira puama, maca root, ginseng blend, various antioxidants, and Hyaluronic acid.

Finally, there’s the review, and this time you have a completely different set of ingredients. This time, you have vitamins C and B9, calcium, L-citrulline, Lovage root and rhizome, Lovage Levisticum Officinale powder, Ubidecarenone (also known Coenzyme Q10), L-Taurine, L-Norvaline, and beet nitrate.

So what the heck is going on? Are there different versions made by the same company? Do different manufacturers use the same brand name for their T-boosters? Are reviewers making stuff up? We checked the website (it’s supposed to be the manufacturer) and it’s not listed on the site at all.

Who’s to say what’s going on? What seems to be in common with all these reviews is that:

  1. It doesn’t use caffeine.
  2. It uses natural herbal extracts.
  3. It helps boost testosterone levels.
  4. It enhances your strength and endurance, so that you improve the quality of your workouts.

Examining how it works is impossible at this point, since there’s no certainty that ingredients are really contained in the damned thing.

Reviews – Do You Really Wanna Buy This Stuff? 

The various reviews all have different things to say about Alpha Monster Reviews. In the review, it reads like an advert. As in it seems to consider every claim by AMA as fact. It supposedly builds muscles and doubles stamina, it boosts T-levels, and it confirms that it uses 100% natural ingredients.

What’s hard to believe is that the review even says that “It expands the size of penis to achieving a higher level of satisfaction.” That’s a direct quote, by the way. For most of us in the real world (and not in some fantasy land), that’s just a huge pile of crap. No way is this a serious review.

The same level of positivity is evident on the review. The review even quotes several testimonials (from God knows where) that recommend and hail the supplement. The review attests to the effectiveness of the product.

It does, however, mention that it uses the “free trial” auto shipment tactic. You’re given a month’s supply, but you can try it for free as long as you cancel this in 10 days. You just need to pay the shipping and handling.

Obviously, a period of 10 days is not enough time to know if it’ll work for you. You’ll then be charged a hefty $89.74 bill for each month until you’re able to cancel the subscription. We all know how this works—trying to cancel will be a very frustrating experience.


There aren’t really any credible reports regarding this product’s effectiveness. Sure, there aren’t any dangerous ingredients (regardless of which review and ingredients list you believe). That means no side effects. But that’s the extent of it.


Again, not knowing the precise ingredients hampers our investigation as to how effective this really is. It’s either frustrating or frightening.

How Can You Buy Alpha Monster Advanced?

Nobody really knows the real ingredients of Alpha Monster Advanced because it’s like the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster. Quite a few have heard of it, but it seems no one has really found it. You can’t find its official website online.

You may find some sites that purport to sell it, but then when you click to get the free trial the site pulls a switch on you and offers something else like the Nitric Max Muscle.

But that’s probably not such a bad thing when you think about it. Even as a free trial, it’s a bad deal. That’s because free trials tend to ensnare you into paying up about $90 a month for the supplement when you fail to cancel your trial. It’s a problem because often there’s really no easy way of cancelling the trial at all.

In all likelihood, this supplement has already been withdrawn from the market, so that’s that.

Final verdict

How do you recommend something that provides a confusing picture regarding its ingredients list? You simply don’t know what’s in Alpha Monster Advanced. It sure has an impressive name, but the confusion over the ingredients is hardly impressive. You may want to find another supplement that offers a clearer picture of what it really is.

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