Alpha GX7 Buying Guide: Does It Deserve So Much Praise?

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When you do online consumer research before you buy something, you know for a fact that marketing and advertising materials are prone to hyperbole and exaggeration. That’s true for just about everything, so it must also be true of Alpha GX7. Yet on sites like, it has received almost 600 reviews and it has managed to get an average rating of 4.6 stars. So it must be really good, right?

Well, not quite. Yes, in many ways it’s not bad at all, but there are some issues you need to consider.

What’s Alpha GX7?

Alpha GX7 is a preworkout supplement in powder form. It’s available in either watermelon or blue raspberry flavor, and then you mix it with water about 30 minutes or so before you work out.

If you’ve read the advertising materials, you’ll notice that it’s described in rather superlative terms. It’s not just strong, but it’s the “most powerful preworkout powder”. You won’t just experience strength gains, but it will also “give you amazing drive and focus”. They say that all their ingredients are researched-back, and it doesn’t contain “junk”. With the two available flavors, they even contend that this is “the best tasting pre workout supplement powder you’ll ever try.”

So it’s the most powerful and best-tasting of all preworkout supplements? Hardly.


You only need to read several reviews to realize that it’s not the most powerful of preworkout supplements, nor is it the best-tasting of them all. One of these reviews is posted at the Supp With That website, where it not exactly enthusiastically recommended. Each of the ingredients was examined closely, and it was noted that at least the dosages were clearly displayed on the label.

On the other hand, there’s something wrong with the dosages—they’re too low for many of the ingredients. Of course, the quick solution is to just increase the amount you take, but then again that will increase your expenses. Also, this contains stimulants and multiple servings at one time may lead to jitters.

The review at the Cheap Strength website notes the same thing about the ingredients. It is true that they’ve included ingredients known to help with greater energy, strength, and endurance. But the amounts contained here fall short of the amounts that were used in the studies that show they’re effective. That’s why the reviewer confessed that he didn’t really feel like they got the bigger “pump” that this is supposed to provide.

At the same time, the reviewer did admit that he didn’t tire as quickly when he took this preworkout supplement. There was also no “burned out” feeling that’s common after a few heavy lifts.

As for the flavor, he thought that the blue raspberry was “above average”, while the watermelon taste was a bit bland for him. One problem is that it doesn’t always mix well.

The conclusion is that it’s not really a bad preworkout supplement. The price is also very reasonable. It’s just there’s really no huge increase in energy when you follow the recommended dosages.


On to see product and reviews), it has received an average rating of 4.6 stars, and that’s with more than 560 reviews.

Here are samples of some of the rave reviews:

“I been looking for a pre work out that would work for both me and my girlfriend. I have been taking using preworkouts for a while so I have built quite a tolerance but she is new to them. Gx7 has been great because not only does it give me the energy to kill my workouts but it also doesn’t give her the jitters. We both get nice clean energy and great focus. Also it doesn’t hurt that both flavors taste awesome.” –Gabriel Mendoza, verified purchase,

“Overall, I’d definitely recommend getting this pre-workout, and I plan on buying more when I run out.” Ben P, verified purchase,

“Definitely one of the best pre workouts on the market especially for the price. Very clean energy and keep you going for the whole workouts.” –Amazon Customer, verified purchase,

However, there are some issues, especially about the taste, mixability, and a few side effects:

“The energy is there but, man, this stuff tastes pretty awful at the end.” –Jody Fellows, verified purchase,

“The negative aspect is that it never fully dissolves and leaved small chunks of very bitter particles.” –Kris Lanham, verified purchase,

“All this product did for me was make my face tingle a bit.”


The ingredients contained are very familiar for those who are used to buying other preworkout formulas. It’s just that the dosages may not be enough, but the caffeine may be too much for some. It also may not mix very well with water either.

Where to Buy

You can buy it at the manufacturer website at The Original Alpha, but it’s also available for (click here to see buying options on Amazon) shoppers. The pricing online tends to be about average to low cost i.e., $29.99, compared to others.


It does seem like a good buy, though it’s a hit or miss proposition. Is it good? Yes, for many it surely is. Are there better options? Yes, there may be some superior alternatives as well.

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