Alpha Advanced Review- This is Why Many Trial Offers are Scams

Alpha Advanced Testoterone Booster Review:

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Alpha Advanced is a fairly new testosterone booster –  Unfortunately, it seems plagued by some unfortunate problems…

Most ingredients don’t seem very reliable, and it uses a scammy trial offer tactic. It may seem that doing research on Alpha Advanced will be a form of trial in itself! (Click to skip to the better boosters on the market)

What is Alpha Advanced?

Alpha Advanced is a supplement, and it’s designed to boost your testosterone levels. It does this by using ingredients known to encourage the body to produce more testosterone naturally. Naturally produced testosterone is great, and it’s actually designed to work with the human body. That’s a stark contrast to synthetic types of testosterone, which we also know as anabolic steroids.

Alpha Advanced ingredients are mostly natural. It contains horny goat weed, Tribulus Terrestris, and yohimbe. Problem is- most of these are ones proven not to work- or to only offer short term libido solutions.

Also; the company seems to change its list of ingredients from time to time… No one really knows the official website of this thing, so there’s no official ingredients list we can check!!

Part of the difficulty in checking for details is that different reviews have different names for this supplement. At least we know that it’s different from Alpha Monster Advanced Other reviews, however refer to Alpha Advanced as X Alpha Advanced. Others refer to it as X Alpha Muscle. We know that these reviews are all referring to the same thing, because they use the same product packaging pictures on their site.

On Amazon, it’s also named as the X Alpha Muscle testosterone booster. Yet in the product description, it’s referred to as the Alpha Advanced testosterone booster. Sorry to say, the page doesn’t offer any more information. It only promises that its proprietary blend will help in packing on muscle, fighting fatigue, speeding up fat loss, and improving sexual health.

Reviews -Do You Really Want To buy Alpha Advanced?


There are few authentic positive results to report on. Sure, you can check the Amazon page, and there are only 2 reviews so far.

“Really good.” – Amazon Customer, verified purchase.

“Works exactly as advertised! I feel 20 years younger!” – Amazon Customer.

Other online reviews are savage for the most part. They provide a striking counterpoint to the glowing review on the main article.

“This company are big scam artist.” – Steve T.

“Been taking it for a month and haven’t got any results. And I’m very disappointed.” John Hubbard.

“SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! This is a complete RIP OFF.”

When you call within the 14 day trial period, you may get a huge discount.

“I did get charged the 89.95. But they gave me a 67.00 discount so I kept the membership.” – Anthony Fonseca

“After I declined a second time for his sales pitch, he then offered a lifetime discount of $22 bucks a bottle per month and free shipping!” – Gerard V.

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Results – Mmm does this work?

The reviews of Alpha Advanced all have differing opinions. That’s not so strange, considering that they all report different ingredients contained in the supplement. They can’t even all argue on the delivery system, since one review said that it’s in powder form and it has to be mixed with water first. All the other reviews say that you take capsules. Then of course there’s the confusion about the name too. (which calls its X Alpha Advanced): ” it contains maca root as well as L-arginine HCL along with the horny goat weed, Tribulus Terrestris, and yohimbe mentioned “This review bemoans the inclusion of the yohimbe as a possible cause of harmful side effects. It does say that the other ingredients are effective.

Supplementpolice reviews like read more like advertising copy It doesn’t even bother to mention any negative details. It didn’t even say anything bad about the trial offer. However, the real authentic reviews are in the comments section at the bottom. There you’ll read about various complaints about the scammy sales tactics and there are also lots of reports saying that it doesn’t work.

On, it’s also largely positive and there are no comments at the bottom at all. It seems too positive that it’s likely not a review but an ad. It even exhorts readers to hurry up and buy it, because “someone may be buying the last one left in stock. It even calls the supplement “a huge success”. Here, the ingredients list replaces maca root with fenugreek.

Finally there’s a review on This is the most skeptical, and here the ingredient list includes horny goat weed, Tribulus, yohimbe bark, and fenugreek. There’s no L-arginine and no maca root. But it contains vitamins B6, B12, and D3.


Most of the ingredients mentioned by the various reviewers are well-known, although only very few of them are backed by actual scientific data. Since it’s a proprietary blend, you’re not even sure how much of these ingredients are contained in Alpha Advanced. So its effects are pretty much unknown.

How Can You Buy Alpha Advanced?

This isn’t as easy as you might think. There are several sites online (,, that promotes Alpha Advanced, but when you click to buy you’re taken to an entirely different supplement. It’s infuriating.
Amazon isn’t much help either. It’s available there under the name X Alpha Muscle Testosterone Booster, but it’s often unavailable and there’s no info regarding when it will be available.
However, right now it’s still available at There’s no price stated because it’s supposed to be “free”, but you’ll be charged for the auto shipments afterwards unless you’re able to quit the program successfully before 14 days are up.

Final Verdict

What is known is that many are surprised and aghast at the trial offer sales pitch and resulting auto shipments. With this kind of a mess, it’s hard to justify gambling your money to buy this. You should just try another T-booster instead.

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