Ageless Male Review- Powerful or Spineless Results?

Ageless Male Reviews

As men get older, it is inevitable that the testosterone production in our bodies will slow down. This presents a lot of unwelcome issues for some men, and most will jump at any product that promises to help boost testosterone and make them feel young again. This is part of the reason why Ageless Male, a supplement from New Vitality, has garnered a lot of attention lately.

Ageless Male promises to boost healthy testosterone levels, which will in turn increase sexual drive and performance as well as promote energy, strength and metabolism. If Ageless Male can actually provide all of these benefits, it would be a great product for any man over 30. However, it may not actually be able to come through on all of its lofty promises.

Lawsuits Are Ageless and Eternal…

There are additional reasons why Ageless Male has gotten a lot of attention as of late, but it is not necessarily the right kind of attention. The positive focus on the product has mostly come from successful marketing campaigns (especially the popular radio ads), but other media focus has come from class action lawsuits dealing with some of the key ingredients in Ageless Male.

But what is most important in the world of supplements are the results. If it works, it works, and that is what we set out to find. We have done some extensive research, focusing on customer reviews and product results, to find whether or not Ageless Male can actually help to boost testosterone production in men. We then compiled all of our results into this article to help you decide whether or not Ageless Male would be the right product for you.

Ageless Male Reviews- Do they regret buying this stuff? 

In the world of supplements, the results are really all that matter,” says our Chief Reviewer. “Aside from trying it for yourself, the best way to find out if a supplement produces results is to listen to those who have taken it.”

As is the case with most supplements on the market, the reviews are mixed when it comes to Ageless Male. Unfortunately, most of the positive reviews seem to be from third parties or too vague to know how the product helps.

My husband loves this stuff,” says one Amazon reviewer. “It really helps his mood and his energy.

These worked great for my dad,” says Eva Sidera.

There are a few reviews of “Great stuff” and “This really works” and the like, but few that tell specifically how it benefited them. On the other the other hand, it clearly isn’t great stuff in everyone’s opinion.

I haven’t noticed any beneficial effects or changes from using this supplement,” says Kenny G (seriously).

Save your money,” says another customer on Amazon. “This did nothing for me. Total waste of money. I wish I could give a minus star.

I purchased this product anticipating that it would help me feel better and loose [sic] weight,” says Chris B. “It did none of those things. Very disappointed and not worth the money.

Ageless Male – The Side Effects

Although the makers of Ageless Male claim that it is all natural and has no known side effects, there have been some troubling reviews that say otherwise.

“The NEGATIVE effects were complete loss of affection, irritability, sex drive was gone, massive headaches, stomach bloat, minor weight gain and elevated blood pressure,” says one Amazon reviewer.

While these effects could be coincidental and have nothing to do with Ageless Male, there were some complaints dealing with loss of smell that are troubling.

“I smell the same odor in different situations and without some visual indicator, could not tell you what the source of the odor is,” says one. “I hope I get my smell and taste senses back, I really miss drinking coffee. Has anyone else experienced this?”

It should be noted that there have been some changes to the formula for Ageless Male in the past year, and it is unclear whether these side effects happened with the old formula or the new one.

Ageless Male – The Science

Some of the ingredients in Ageless Male have shown to have beneficial results for men including Vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc. These are all ingredients commonly found in other testosterone boosting supplements and could be helpful in the right doses. But the key ingredient in the updated formula of Ageless Male is Testofen, which is simply the manufacturer’s name for a fenugreek extract.
Fenugreek does have the potential to help boost a man’s testosterone production, and there have been studies to back this up. In a 2011 study men who received fenugreek extract reported greater feelings of sexual arousal, orgasm, libido, well-being, energy and muscular strength.

While fenugreek can produce positive results, Ageless Male lacks any other form of key testosterone boosting ingredient. It does contain zinc oxide and magnesium oxide, but not in levels high enough to boost testosterone production fast and strong. This makes it less beneficial than other supplements currently available.

Ageless Male – The Verdict 

Editor’s Rating: 2 Stars

The key ingredient in Ageless Male has been shown to help testosterone production, and it is one of the more affordable testosterone boosting supplements available. Unfortunately it lacks other natural ingredients that boost testosterone that are found in similar products. This combined with many bad reviews and the troubling reports of side effects mean that it is not one of the best products out there when it comes to boosting testosterone naturally.

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