4 Gauge Pre Workout- Will Buying Make You Stronger AND Smarter?

4 Gauge Review & Buying Guide:

4 Gauge may appear to be just another pre-workout in a world of too-many. But we took a closer look, and believe that there’s a good case 4 Gauge will rise above most others…

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What is 4 Gauge? 

4 Gauge comes from Roar Ambition, the same group that produces other very popular supplements like Testofuel. But does 4 Gauge meet the challenge of boosting energy and strength under pressure… or are these shotgun shells really blanks?

Yeah it’s got that Too-Cool attitude;  “We don’t play by the other guys rules!!”, but also a quality mix of uncommon, almost-organic natural ingredients- which may also turn out to be surprisingly strong. 

How Good is 4 Gauge- Does it work?

4 Gauge claims to:

  • Boost Stamina/endurance- more intense or longer workouts
  • Help build muscle in a better way
  • Smart formula:  Keep you focused on your workouts, so you can grind those reps without getting distractions
  • More Natural:  Less side effects and energy crashes.
  • Tastes great, no artificial sweeteners

How effective is 4 Gauge? Does this Pre workout work fast?

Some of the most active ingredients in it can last 2-4 hours, giving you ample time to get the best workout in possible. You can take 4 Gauge anywhere from 15-45 minutes before your workout, it just depends on which works best for you, and which effects best help you grind out those extra reps.

You will begin to feel the effects of 4 Gauge after about 15 minutes though, since it dissolves in liquid it gets to the body that much faster.

How do you take this? 

This  supplement is one you take in powder form. A single serving is 2 scoops, and you take this between 20 and 30 minutes before your workout. 4 Gauge is sold as helping you get those massive reps in with a strength boost, and you will be able to go longer than ever before, because of the again all natural stamina boost.

This is basically meant as a super charger for your workouts, while trying to cut back on chemicals and proprietary blends (concealed undisclosed formulas) that other manufacturers are pushing.

In our research, additive sweeteners are something that can really ruin a pre workout supplement, but without them the taste is awful. 4 Gauge has an all natural sweetener that actually tastes pretty decent.  It only comes in one flavor, “Fruit Blast”, but thankfully its not too exotic, and versatile in tropical punch taste.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: 

It is worth noting the 4 Gauge Facebook page looks popular and credible, with hundreds of comments and activity from real people, and some good testimonials as well. The staff is there every day to answer questions too.

Other sites like The Sport Review says this about 4 Gauge’s natural ingredients “Not only do 4 Gauge’s ingredients stand out, but we believe the doses make a big difference. We like that you can take two servings at once when you need an even bigger ‘kick’ – something that’s advertised on 4 Gauge’s label. We didn’t experience any unwanted side effects from doing this, but you should probably start with the normal serving first to stay on the safe side.”

Supplement Tester also praises 4 Gauge: “This is the best pre-workout we’ve seen on the market. It’s safe for most people to use, depending on allergies or sensitivities, and has been shown to deliver results. The nutrient profile is perfect, providing you with everything that you need (and more) in a pre-workout. With other products, you’ll see that the high caffeine content inhibits you from increasing the serving size.”

With 4 Gauge being new and only on the market for a limited time, customer testimonials are not as numerous as some, but we did find people who had this to say:

Scott Johnstone, Canada, Age 35 “I’ve tried quite a few pre-workouts but they always seem to leave me energized but without focus. I often feel too irritable to workout properly.

I tried 4 Gauge as a last attempt to find an effective supplement to improve the quality of my sessions and was really pleased with the outcome. It provided just enough of a stimulus to make me alert and full of energy, but without the jittery side effects.

Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to boost their productivity in the gym.”

Rob Wright, United Kingdom, Age 40 “I had tried pre-workouts in the past and find them to be frankly awful.

4 Gauge I find totally different. I started using it before my boxing training, I was going straight from the office into an intense 30 minute session and I needed to get fired up fast.

I love 4 Gauge, I now use it for all my normal gym sessions too, I get a real boost of energy and focus from it and there’s no nasty crash at the end. Great product, highly recommended.”

One quote about the caffeine stack found in 4 Gauge: “Here’s what we found: L-Theanine enhances the benefits of Caffeine without the unwanted effects of a high Caffeine dose. This is why the dosage of Caffeine is lower than in other pre workouts, but is actually more effective – but personally, we liked the lower dose of Caffeine anyway, as we experienced some side effects in other pre workouts that contained large doses of it.”

All Natural Ingredients – 4 Real?

The all natural ingredients in 4 Gauge look to be high quality, and the company has a reputation for quality control. One great thing about this is NO proprietary blends. This means you are getting exactly what is on the bottle with no fillers or short-changing cheap ingredients, and is a sign of a transparent product.

4 Gauge Ingredient #1: Caffeine. 4 Gauge, like many pre workout boosters, includes caffeine to help keep your energy up and give you that boost in your workout. Caffeine is a very common booster.

Compared to other powerful formulas on the market like Cellucor and Pre Jym, the caffeine dosage here is actually lower – but still enough to be effective, especially combined with L Theanine….

Ingredient #2: L-Theanine. This is a supplement that helps to relieve stress and increases relaxation. This is the second half of the “stack” and works along with the caffeine, giving you the boost but keeping you from being jittery or having too much energy. We really like this as it is a good replacement for over-loading with stimulants, and even acts as a nootropic. Source.

Ingredient #3: L-Citrulline. This is support for your circulatory system, helping to expand the walls of the veins and arteries, allowing more blood and oxygen to run through your blood. Citrulline is probably the most effective stamina, recovery and single “pump” ingredient on the market, and 4 Gauge features a big 6g dosage. Source.

Ingredient #4: Creatine. Creatine has been proven as not only a muscle building tool, but also as a calorie burning tool. Very important to have as an ingredient in a pre workout booster.

Ingredient #5: L-Carnitine. Carnitine is an amino acid that helps produce energy, and also helps boost the metabolic system. Source. In this form it also acts as a stamina enhancer and mild nootropic for alertness.

Ingredient #6: Coconut Water Powder. Coconut water powder is something of a newish ingredient to see in a pre workout booster, but this is a highly efficient way to stay hydrated, the amount in 4 Gauge equaling approximately 1 glass of water.

Ingredient #7: Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea is an herbal extract that is used to help increase energy, focus, stamina, and strength. There are also reports out there that it can help combat depression and help burn fat. Rhodiola is well studied and good for athletics and mood.

Ingredient #8: Red Beet Root Extract. This is particularly for the cardio boost and is popular with runners and giving them stamina. Source.

How much of 4 Gauge should I take? 

The suggested dose of 4 Gauge is 2 scoops in a glass of water 20-30 minutes before working out.

For those who want a more intense workout, you can actually take a double dose- which is very strong! But still safe. If you have a sensitivity to caffeine you can do one scoop before your workout and move up or down from there. Because the company designed this to be natural and versatile, you have the options of adjusting dosing easily to fit exactly what you need.

Is 4 Gauge safe? Are there any side effects?

Any side effects that could happen from 4 Gauge are likely going to be caused by the caffeine that has been added in, although the caffeine should be offset by the L-Theanine. If you have a sensitivity to caffeine, you will know how it affects you and you can dose differently. The caffeine amount is only 150 mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent to a cup of coffee. Top reported side effects were jitters, anxiety, increased blood pressure, and the energy crash from caffeine, but these are rare.

Should I use 4 Gauge for cardio or for cutting phases? 

The benefits to using 4 Gauge in cardio workouts are the increase in energy and stamina that’s pretty “smooth” – and no it will NOT make your heart race and explode.

For cutting phases, reviewers reported 4 Gauge being very helpful for energy, which offsets the fatigue that tends to set in due to eating less calories, and working harder.

Can I stack 4 Gauge with other supplements?

Because of the safe dosages, 4 Gauge is quite easy to combine with other supplements. For an extra edge for strength and lean muscle/fat loss, we recommend using a good testosterone booster. But do note that test boosters are better as long term fitness and health enhancers, rather than a “steroid replacement”.

Where can I buy 4 Gauge? 

This may be a major drawback for some, but 4 Gauge can only be purchased from the official 4 Gauge website. So for you bargain shoppers out there, you won’t be finding any Amazon deals or coupons through other low cost supplement sites.

But this is part of the quality assurance. Roar Ambition is the only one who sells the product, so they know that promotions meet the standards of the company.

How much does 4 Gauge Cost?

t $45 dollars a “round” or container (20 servings), 4 Gauge is noticeably more pricey than many other pre workouts. However, discerning buyers may feel that the quality and investment is worth it, for what you take into your body. Also, there is no auto-rebill fine print/crap where they keep charging your credit card without prior notice.

2 containers of 4 Gauge is $90 and that also includes free shipping to the US & the UK.

If you pick the best value package, known as the “Ultimate Ammo Crate” you get your third container for half price, for $112 – which works out to $38/ bottle- as well as free shipping worldwide, so that helps.

Is there a refund policy? 

4 Gauge offers a refund for unused items. But if you are claiming that the product does not work for whatever reason, you probably have some explaining to do, and there may not be a guarantee on that. From what we have read though, complaints about effectiveness are a rare occurrence.

4 Gauge reviewed: Final Verdict


For now, we really like 4 Gauge, as it seems to be really versatile. Few pre-workouts are this strong – and yet safe or easy for “beginners” and most people to use without side effects. We also find it cool that you can use this as a nootropic or brain supplement.

If we had one issue with this it is the higher pricing, though people may also enjoy the premium or quality controls. Apart from that, this product has little weaknesses, and we give this the highest recommendation for pre workout formulas for now.

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