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High Testosterone Benefits – 13 Strangely Awesome Facts…

Little Known Benefits of High Testosterone in Men

More and more guys are becoming aware of the bad things that can happen whenever you start having lower amounts of testosterone. That happens right around middle age, and then each year you start producing less and less testosterone. Then unless you get T shots, you start having problems building muscle, you get lethargic and depressed, and you have problems with your libido and your sexual performance.

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 On the other hand, it’s actually rather nice when you have a lot of natural testosterone (as opposed to synthetic, aka steroids) coursing around your body. It offers a lot of benefits, and very few know all of these benefits. In fact, new scientific studies come up with new benefits on a regular basis.

So to clear the confusion, here are some benefits of high testosterone that you may—or may not—have heard of before:

1. You Don’t Get Fat in The Face.

Moonface isn’t going to be a problem for you if you have lots of T. Your facial muscles become more prominent and then you get chiseled cheeks that can cut glass. Part of this effect is because T keeps subcutaneous fat from forming in your face. Testosterone gives you greater facial muscles and less facial fat, which leads to strong and defined facial structure.

2. You Can Develop a Sexy Beard.

This is also the reason why you don’t want women having too much testosterone. But have you seen Kit Harrington (aka Jon Snow), without a beard? That actually happened back in the early episodes of season 1 in Game of Thrones. Then he joined the Night’s Watch and grew a beard, and his appeal to women grew all over the world. And if you don’t think a beard can’t make you look good, that’s just because you know nothing.

3. Your Voice Becomes Deeper.

Remember when your voice changed during puberty? That’s because of the testosterone in your body. The T was responsible for all those changes, including a sudden need to shave and weird discharges from where you just used to pee.
And a deeper voice is also manlier and usually more attractive for women. Why do you think Barry White is so popular? Ask your female friends which voice they find sexier—Barry’s or Michael Jackson’s (or the Bee Gees). Chances are, Barry wins.

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4. Even Your Scent Becomes Alluring to Women.

If you’re manly enough with all that testosterone, you don’t need no stinking cologne. Somehow, women sense the presence of your testosterone cache, and they gravitate towards you. This is especially true when they’re ovulating.

This was indicated in a study which had women at their most fertile stage in their menstrual cycles sniffing worn shirts of men with different testosterone levels. These women showed a marked preference for the scent of the men with high testosterone.

5. You Become More of a “Bad Boy”.

Lots of ladies are attracted to bad boys. In general, more women prefer bad boys who are more aggressive than wimps who back down every time. And guess what—that aggression is from all that testosterone. Natural testosterone can help you become aggressive, and that takes the form of trying to be more in control of things around you. It’s not like the roid rage you get from steroids. And women like men who are that confident in themselves.

6. You Maintain Your Libido.

Researchers have found out that aging isn’t actually directly related to the reduction of libido. It’s actually the decrease in testosterone levels that’s responsible for that problem. So if you can manage to maintain your T levels even when you get older, you won’t have any noticeable lack of sexual desire.

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That’s always a good thing when you have lots of T, since you’re attracting women left and right.

7. You’re Less Likely to Become Obese.

Some guys can literally eat high calorie stuff and not gain a pound. These are often the guys with high T levels. You can see them eating fast food and junk, and yet they’re not among the 67% overweight in the US.
This happens because testosterone helps prevent your body from forming fat cells. So you don’t get as much fat as other people do when you have lots of T in your system. And even when you do have some fat to burn off, your body can help out even when you’re exercising all that much. Your basal metabolic rate really increases due to the high T levels.
In fact, high T levels help with muscle building too, and that’s why steroids (synthetic testosterone) are so popular. And of course, women find it more attractive if you’re in shape!

8. Your Cholesterol Levels Drop.

As you get older through the years, you tend become more concerned about your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels tend to increase the risk of stroke and heart disease, so your doctor will have to get you on statins and a low fat diet. High cholesterol levels are also associated with low T levels.

But when you have high T, your cholesterol levels can go down. It’s very simple really—your body (more specifically your testes), converts the cholesterol into testosterone. This is one shining example of turning a liability into an asset.

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9. You’re a Lot More Cheerful.

Sure, life can be hard. If you put your mind to it, you can find lots of things to whine about—your boss, your job, lack of money, various politicians, etc. For men with low T, complaining constantly can be very evident.
But men with high testosterone are generally much more upbeat. They’re less likely to be depressed, and they’re more motivated in life. Of course, they may be cheerful because of all the women they attract, too.

10. You’re More Energetic.

You’re a lot livelier when you have lots of testosterone in your body. Scientists are still trying to find out exactly why, but the most probable reason for this is that with more testosterone the oxygen distribution in your body becomes more effective.
First, testosterone boosts the production of red blood cells. The main task of these red blood cells is to carry the oxygen to the rest of your body. So with more red blood cells, you also have more oxygen carriers.
This job is made easier because testosterone also boosts nitric oxide production (NO). The NO molecule relaxes and widens your arteries and blood vessels, so the RBCs can curse through your body more effectively. All these means that you don’t get tired that easily, you can work out more effectively, and you need a shorter recovery time after your workouts. Your heart also becomes stronger, since the widening of the arteries result in greater blood flow to the heart.

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11. Your Sleep Quality Becomes Much Better.

You’d think that with more energy during the day because of your high T level, you’d find it harder to sleep at night. That’s not true at all. It’s not like having lots of testosterone is the same as consuming too much caffeine. In fact, having more T means you can sleep better at night. Those who can’t get enough sleep regularly tend to have lower T levels.
When you have low T, it’s more likely that you don’t get enough sleep, the quality of your sleep isn’t as good, and you frequently wake up in the middle of your sleep. But with high T, you’re more like to get better sleep.

12. You Get Stronger Bones.

You know how old men tend to have brittle bones? They can slip and fall and break a bone, while younger guys can shrug off that kind of accident. That’s often because these old guys have lower testosterone levels. Maintaining good bone density requires estrogen. If you have lots of testosterone, your body can convert some of that testosterone into estrogen so your bones don’t get brittle. But if you don’t have enough T, there’s no testosterone to convert so your bones can lose density.

13. Basically, You Can Live Longer.

Take note of how many health benefits you get from higher testosterone levels. Your heart becomes stronger, every part of your body improves because of the more efficient circulation, and you’re less likely to suffer a stroke or heart disease. All these things will improve your longevity. You’re also less likely to suffer from depression, and that makes you a less likely candidate for suicide.

portrait of a happy old man

And not only do you live longer, but you also live a life in which lots of women are attracted to you. And you’re attracted to them (assuming you’re hetero, of course) because you maintain your libido. You’re more cheerful too.


So all in all, having high testosterone is a good thing. Even when you get older, the minor reduction in your T levels won’t result in serious symptoms, since you have lots of testosterone to begin with. Having lots of T makes it more likely that you’ll have a good life!

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