12 Foods That Kill Testosterone and Sex Drive – The Dirty Dozen

So Why do Some Foods Lower Testosterone and Sex Drive? 

There s an epidemic of low testosterone affecting men in most major cities now: so whether you are younger or older, you should read the surprising food list below.

If you’re pushing 40 or 50, you may actually be accelerating the aging process and rate of testosterone loss with a diet that includes several known food items that can reduce your testosterone levels even further. Lowering Testosterone

And if you’re a younger guy, you may want to see what little known testosterone killers might be sneaking up in your diet! This has less to do with age, and much to do with unhealthy modern materials and substances surrounding us today.
So if you’re determined to fight the effects of lower testosterone, you may want to avoid the following food ingredients…

1. Trans Fats

There’s a lot of typically junk stuff; that includes fast food from burger and chicken joints, potato chips, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, and cookies. These are the food items that use “partially hydrogenated” vegetable oils. They can cause lower T and even reduce your sperm count.

One of the main reasons why nutritionists hate fast food and processed food is because they contain lots of trans fat. On labels, you may find them listed as partially hydrogenated oils. Regardless of the nameburger-trans-fat it comes by, it was discovered back in the 1990s that it raises the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as type-2 diabetes. Now more recent studies show that it’s also very bad for your sex drive.

2. Mints

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling minty freshness in their mouth? We use mint flavors (like spearmint and peppermint) for breath mints, for toothpastes, and for lots of drinks such as tea. But a decade-old study involving lab rats showed that reduced testosterone levels, and another lab rat study demonstrated that spearmint suppresses natural testosterone production.

There haven’t been any significant studies involving human males, however. Still, will you risk it? It’s not really recommended for your testosterone levels, since a 2009 study involving women showed that those who drank spearmint tea over a month-long period had their T levels considerably reduced. Good luck finding toothpaste without the minty flavor, but at least you don’t swallow the mint, right? So basically you can just stop drinking mint teas instead.

3. Alcohol

Every guy who drinks knows that it can often make a guy frisky for sex, but it can hamper performance. So it’s not really surprising when scientists found out that it can affect T levels. But it all depends on the amount you drink.
Dont Drink if You Want To Have High T Levels
Actually, if you drink moderately you can even raise your T levels somewhat, while drinking moderate amounts (like a glass or two of wine) doesn’t reduce the T levels all that much. There’s even a study that indicated that drinking half a glass of vodka after lifting weights can boost your T levels. But this was a Finnish study, and there’s always the underlying suspicion that it’s all about promoting vodka from Finland.

4. Flaxseed

Some nutritionists highly recommend flaxseed because it contains lots of omega-3 fats, which is considered a superfood. It can help reduce inflammation and prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. It even helps with constipation.

But if you’re a guy, all these benefits don’t matter much because they contain lignans. These are compounds that are extremely estrogenic, and too much estrogen in your system can really mess you up. They also reduce your testosterone levels. A study that had 40 men taking 2 tablespoons (30g) of flaxseed a day had their testosterone levels reduced by 10%.
Danger For Your T Levels
In fact, there was this case of a woman whose T levels were so high that she had too much hair on her face. She was told to eat 30 g of flaxseed a day for 4 months. And it worked—her total testosterone levels dropped by 70% and her free testosterone levels were reduced by an amazing 89%. That’s great for women, but for men the flaxseed isn’t really a good idea, is it?

5. High-PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty-Acid) Vegetable Oils

You’d think that a vegetable oil would be great for people to use for cooking, since it’s refined from plant sources. Unfortunately, a 1997 study showed definitive proof that PUFAs are terrible for your T levels. You can use cooking oil from olive, avocado, coconut, and palm oil, and that’s it. All the rest of the vegetable oils are pretty much dangerous for your libido.

Oil From Vegetables Keep T Levels Low

6. Licorice

Licorice is used a lot in Western Europe, where you can find it in chewing gums, sweets, teas, and as a preparatory paste for chewing and smoking tobacco. But there are licorice sticks in the US, and you can also find licorice syrup, powder, and extract. But it’s probably a wiser choice not to go look for it at all.

While some studies have shown that it can offer some health benefits, the problem is that it can block T levels. In fact, it’s recommended as a possible treatment for excessive facial hair growth in women.

7. Soy Beans

Soy beans can be a problem for your T levels in so many ways. Firstly, it contains lots of isoflavones that are phyto-estrogenic. The isoflavones have been shown to down-regulate the androgen receptors and activate the estrogen receptors.

It also disrupts the production of thyroid hormones, and thyroid hormone deficiency can alter the function of your gonads. Then in some cases, your gut bacteria can metabolize the isoflavone to produce an anti-androgenic compound (called equol).
Lower Your T Levels
Various studies have indicated that soy protein powder can reduce T levels in men, and while other studies offer conflicting conclusions, you don’t want to risk it. So while soy offers protein to vegetarians, it’s not really proven safe for your T levels. (In fact, a vegetarian diet isn’t really good for your T levelsat all, which tends to explain a lot.)

8. Low Grade Meat

Just because you eat meat doesn’t mean your T levels are higher than a vegetarian’s. It’s a problem if you keep consuming packaged meats. These processed meats tend to contain lots of preservatives so they don’t spoil easily. They also have added hormones, plus antibiotics. What all these added ingredients do is mess up your hormonal levels, so you have a hormonal imbalance that can lead to a reduced sex drive. So choose unprocessed cuts instead.

9. Plastic-Wrapped Deli Meats

Let’s say you buy deli meats that you were told didn’t have a lot of preservatives. The problem is that if you buy them and they’re wrapped in plastic, then the plastic can be the cause of the problem. The plastic is usually PVC, and it can leach into the meat and cause hormonal imbalances in your system.

So if you’ve got a hankering for meat—go to a butcher instead. Hunting or raising your own meat works too.

10. Coffee

Drinking coffee is actually a great way to boost your libido. It wakes you up and gets you ready for between the sheets fun. In fact, drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day can even lower the chance of erectile dysfunction, so you can drink coffee so you won’t need those blue pills.
Testosterone Killer
But if you’re sensitive to caffeine or drink too much coffee, you may have a problem. That’s because coffee can make you anxious, and anxiety is a well-known libido killer. The real problem here is the caffeine, so when you drink tea or soda too frequently, you’ll be too jittery to get your sexual motor to rev up properly.

11. Diet Soda

You’d think that diet soda is a better alternative to regular soda, right? Regular soda is blamed for lots of bad health conditions including obesity, and they’re not good for your teeth either. Bad teeth plus too much excess fat equal low romantic prospects, and that certainly can affect the romance department. So surely diet soda is the better choice, right?
Bad for Your Weight And Libido

But that’s not really true. Maybe you can just say goodbye to soda instead. That’s because they often use aspartame as a low-cal sweetener. But the problem is that aspartame is an “excitotoxin”, and it can lower testosterone production. Plus there’s the fact that it can affect your brain so that you’re more likely to suffer from panic symptoms and increase the risk of cancer, and it’s pretty much a no-no.

12. Fruits With Edible Skins

In the US, most of the local produce with edible skins tends to contain scandalous amounts of pesticides that mimic estrogen. It’s a particular problem with berries, so strawberries may be a problem even though Mickey Rourke does great things with it in your favorite Kim Basinger movie. This type of pesticide can also be found in kale, cherries, apples and peaches.

One of Fruits That Are Bad For Your Testosterone

So what should you do instead? If you’re raring to recreate that strawberry scene with your lady, check that you get the organic version so you don’t get the problem with pesticides.


All of the food items here may reduce your T levels:  Eliminate these food items from your menu or else you may even find yourself with too little testosterone and too much estrogen. You may even have a great need to watch the Twilight movies…

Yeah we’re a killjoy; but You’ve been warned! For most, your life will certainly improve if you increase testosterone levels.

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