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  What to Engrave on a Medical ID that's Important for Parametics?

We receive a lot of questions on what should I put on a medical alert bracelet or necklace pendant? What Should I write on Medical ID? What should medical Id say? Should be used at diagnosis of medical condition.

Yes, Parametics do look for Medical ID Bracelets, etc.! Do I Need a Medical ID? What Should my Medical ID say?

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Advice on the importance of medical alert bracelets and what specific types of medical IDs are recommended by a Hospital ER Nurse.



Emergency Information You Put On a Medical Alert ID Regardless of Medical Condition!

  • Your Name - Speeds treatment by helping first responders communicate with you in case of an emergency.

  • Medical Condition - The most important item to engrave on your Medical ID Jewelry is your underlying medical condition/s, if you have Seizures, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, etc. This speaks on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Engrave the condition, i.e., Brain Aneurysm, Diabetic, Taking Blood Thinners, Allergic to Insect Stings, etc. Keep your ID wallet card up to date regarding meds or other info regarding the condition.

  • Allergies - This includes severe allergic reactions that cause anaphylactic shock such as food allergies or insect stings to drug allergies. This will keep EMTs from administering a medication that could make your condition worse.

  • Medications - This is extremely important if you take a high risk medication like Blood Thinners, these should be noted on the ID. Note medicine's change quite often. Good idea to keep an up-to-date wallet card with current list of prescription medicines and engrave "SEE WALLET CARD" on bracelet or necklace. .

  • Contact Phone Numbers - Another source of information for medical professionals as well as personal support for you.


  • Almost all of our medical bracelets, dog tags, necklaces, pendants and watch straps can be custom engraved on the FRONT and on the BACK SIDES!

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    Medical alert jewelry can save your life in an emergency situation. Medical alert jewelry comes in a very traditional silver color, stainless steel as well as other medals. These items should have a medical "star of life", the internationally known and recognized in case of emergency ( I.C.E. ) symbol on the front, usually in red and have important medical alerts engraved on the inside of bracelet. This engraving will inform first responders about the reason the person is wearing the bracelet. Some common reasons for wearing medical alert jewelry are that the person is diabetic or epileptic or that he or she has a severe allergy to common medications, or have medical implants.


    The alert Id, bracelet or necklace tag, will let others know of the medications to which you are allergic and your condition.

    The medical alert jewelry available comes in many varieties other than the older unfashionable silver bracelets. Many people prefer to wear Id necklaces because they do not get in the way and more discreet. Other choices are preferable by young people, especially kids and teens who need to wear medical jewelry, such as medical charms in the form as a charm bracelet or the newer silicone rubber style bracelets and wristbands. Be careful in the choice of bracelets so that the "medical bracelet doesn't look like a medical bracelet". Be sure the I.C.E. logo on the Id is very noticable, and you can yet still keep the personal information less obvious until it's needed if you desire to do so in an elegant fashionable style of jewelry.

    Medications that you are currently taking can change, that is why its important to keep a Up to date Medical Emergency Wallet ID Card and the medical card should be kept near your drivers license.

    There are a number of standard medical abbreviations that can be used to save room (see below). Most of these are international in scope and acceptance, but not all. Pay close attention to the use of upper and lower case letters in the abbreviation. Extraneous words should be left out if possible. For example, it's not necessary to engrave 'Taking Coumadin'. Just the word 'Coumadin' is sufficient. And, rather than engraving 'Allergic to Penicillin', just say 'No Penicillin'. The same is true for food allergies. If you're allergic to nuts, just say 'No Nuts'. If you want to say that the patient has no allergies whatsoever, that can be abbreviated 'NKA'. 'No procedures in left arm' can be abbreviated as 'No Proc's L Arm'.

    Some medical bracelets are pre-engraved with the Medical Condition on the front, and custom information is added to the back side as follows.

    Front side:

    Back side:
    I.C.E. 318.555.2355

    Custom personalization medical information is added to both the front and back of the bracelet as follows, depending on your preference and the amount of information you feel is needed.

    Front side:
    - OVER-

    Back side:
    I.C.E. 318.555.2355

      All items feature personalized engraving. This means you can select whatever style you want for any medical condition, allergy, taking certain medications, etc., and engrave the details that work best for you, your parent or child!

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    The Importance of Medical ID Bracelets

    A medical identification bracelet is a voice, speaking on behalf of an individual when he or she is incapable of speech

    Wearing medical alert jewelry can speed the assessments made by first responders, and healthcare professionals agree that early identification of a medical condition or allergy can save lives. 

    Harmful medical errors can be avoided by simply wearing a brief description of a medical condition engraved on a Medical ID bracelet or necklace.  Guided by this important information, emergency teams can immediately recognize a person’s health condition and provide appropriate and time sensitive care.  Emergency first responders are trained to look for a Medical ID when coming in contact with an individual. 

    Who should wear Medical ID jewelry?  Anyone living with a chronic or rare medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition; a person who is allergic to certain foods, drugs or insects; and people who take multiple medications or blood thinners.  For all of these conditions as well as others, medical alert jewelry is a vital accessory.


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