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Affordable Medical ID Alert Bracelets & Necklace Charm Jewelry

Many times buying a cheap medi alert id bracelet will be something a person will end up NOT WEARING.


This statement is based on actual on-line product reviews from customers that bought really inexpensive Ids. Good idea to take a look at product reviews before purchasing an item. Also check the S&H cost, on some sites this charge is as much or more than the Id.



This medical id shopping page is to provide you with recommended and affordable price options Listed in various price ranges of the medical identification item type.

If PRICE is one of your considerations, Silicone medical alert band Wristbands identification bracelets are ideal.


Trendy Rubber Band Bracelets are Popular Among Kids. The trends in kids outfits and accessories are ever changing.


Perhaps you are just looking to be creative and create your own design? You complete flexibility - create your own custom medical ID wristbands! You can choose from 2 different styles: Wristbands with DEBOSSED writing or COLOR-INFILL writing. DEBOSSED wristbands have recessed writing that is cut right into the wristband silicone. COLOR-INFILL wristbands also have recessed writing, but the recessed section is painted with a color of your choice.


  Silicone Wristband Information Here.

Compartment Bracelets & Pendant Tags

The compartment bracelet and pendant tags are very popular, easy to update and available in many bright and bold colors. Medical and Personal (NON Medical) Compartment Tags are available!

  Compartment Bracelet & Necklace - Shoe Tags - Zipper Pull - Pet ID Tag Information Here


Engraved Medical Condition Bracelets in Stainless Steel

This bracelet features a medical ID plaque centerpiece
that comes engraved with your choice of ailment.

  Engraved Medical Condition Bracelets


Women                   Men                   Kids                            Teens

Engraveable on both sides of ID - Large Heavy Link Stainless Bracelets - Personalized medical alert bracelets
  Find Your Medical ID Here


Sale on Medical ID Alert Bracelets & Personalized Engraved Jewelry

We have included Clearance items, liquidation sale, great deals on discount jewelry! Everything from bracelets and pendants, to luggage tags and personal jewelry items. Many items are simply older designs that we've had remade with a few design modifications and all of these items are priced way below their original retail price. Take advantage of these prices before we're sold out!

Watch Strap Medical ID
Sale: Great prices on Medical ID Alert Bracelets!

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