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Sport Strap Medical ID Bracelet

These popular Sport Strap Medical ID Bracelets include adjustable nylon and polyester bracelet bands with slide-on stainless steel plaques that does not touch the skin, with velcro clasp. Select a engravable plaque, and then choose from twenty-one styles of interchangeable straps to create a medical bracelet that's just right for you or your child. Custom engraving is available for any plaque, with or without the red worldwide recognized "Star of Life" medical caduceus symbol. This particular strap design is intended for the active adult or child who enjoys running, biking, skiing, or participating in many other athletic activities with reflective thread sown into the strap to enhance night visibility. Available in several brite and cool colors. For young children we recommend that you request engraving only on the back of the plaque, where medical id sports plaque is protected from scratching. Though not waterproof, the polyester sport strap is water and mildew resistant. Ships in 3 Days (M-F).

Medical ID Sport Strap Bracelets
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