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Diabetic Necklaces & Medical Charms

Our supplier provides diabetes medical alert necklace pendants in a wide variety id jewelry collection of diabetic charms, leather bracelets, dog tag necklaces, charm bracelets and diabetes watches. Our interchangeable sport strap bracelets with slide on diabetes alert tags are loved by both children and adults. All of our diabetes tags and plaques, heart, flower and oval shaped plaques, offer additional engraving on the back side if more identification is required.


Featured Diabetic Necklace Pendants Diabetic Necklaces, Diabetes Medical Charm Jewelry - Men Women Children

Diabetes Medical Alert Stainless Steel Pendant 1 x 3/4 inch

Diabetes Black Plated Pendant with Red Medical Symbol

Diabetes Medical Alert Stainless Steel Heart Pendant or Charm

Diabetes Black Plated Pendant with White Medical Alert Symbol

Diabetes Medical Bracelet Sport Strap Bands

Diabetes Alert Velcro Sport Strap Bracelets - Kids of all ages

Diabetes pendants, dog tag necklaces, charm bracelets, leather bracelets and watches.

A FREE Medical ID Alert Wallet Card is available with each medical jewelry item you purchase. If you would like to print your own wallet card click go to the following link; Print Free DIABETIC Medical ID Alert Wallet Card. We recommend engraving ''See Wallet Card'' on your medical ID, then keep your card up to date. (Current Medications, Medical Conditions, Emergency Contacts, etc.)

View over 50 Diabetic ID's - Ships Worldwide

Included is a collection of medical jewelry specifically for people with diabetes. These Diabetes pendants are designed to help patients and the people around them. A common practice is to have the phone number of an emergency contact engraved on the medical jewelry along with the person's name and condition. Added suggestion: Include the words, "SEE WALLET CARD" (Note below)

Diabetes Two-way Medical Identification Alert System Medical ID Necklace with ID Wallet Card!

A free, blank medical ID card, that you complete by hand is available with all diabetic ID jewelry orders.

  • We recommend using our following Free Medical ID Wallet Card generator because you complete the card on your computer keyboard, the Emergency Medical ID Card is legible, easy to read, easy to update and accommodates sufficient personal medical information.
  • Some pendants are laser engraved on back with the word "Diabetes".

    Diabetes medical ID necklases include the following styles.
    Surgical stainless steel round, heart, plated necklace, diabetes alert charm, for men, women, and children.

      Also available, Make Your Own Designer Diabetic Medical ID Bracelet!

    Diabetic Bracelets Here

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    Recommend and our free emergency wallet cards, health log resources to your family, friends and health care providers! Medic Alert Jewelry
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